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TAL81- The Love of the Father

1996-04-28-The Love of the Father
Tallahassee #81


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Love of the Father
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alphonso, Michael, Nebadonia, Will, Ambrose
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Love of the Father
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Alphonso, Michael, Nebadonia, Will, Ambrose
TR: JoiLin


ALPHONSO: Good evening to each of you, and welcome to our newcomer. This is Alphonso and I want to speak to you tonight on the love of the Father.


For many years people on this planet have been trained to fear God. They attempted to walk the Father’s path for fear of condemnation and damnation to hell. While it was at times, effective, it was a perversion of the character of God. Indeed, as God is the parent of each mortal on this planet, He has granted you each freewill and attempts to lead you toward loving service. As we have stated previously, the enlightened understand that love is the currency of the universe. It is not only the personality of the Father to be loving to all, but it is also in your best interests, as you will soon find that a loving attitude brings to you many opportunities for service. A selfless service, not one that is performed for the purpose of self-aggrandizement, or to build up points in a celestial accounting. No. A loving attitude gives without concern for repayment.

It transforms an otherwise obligatory performance into a joyful celebration of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all who are presently sojourning on this planet. What a blessing to be able to utilize your blessings, to pass the Father’s love, on, to those you encounter! When you approach your life with an attitude of love, as opposed to an attitude of duty, you will be transformed into the light being that you each are, if you would but open your hearts. And so this mission is in part, an attempt to shift an attitude, from one of obligation, motivated by fear and the avoidance of damnation, to one of love and joy in becoming a conduit for the Father’s love. This attitude shift is even now in progress, and from your discussions tonight, it is clear to us that you understand the benefits of a loving attitude and a life of selfless service to those less fortunate than yourselves. We commend you, and we encourage you. You’re the vanguard among many.

The Father’s love rains down upon the saints and sinners of this planet, each having a fragment of the Father within them, each being led to a life of loving service. Be the catalyst, be the example, for each of you can create opportunities, can plant seeds for others who stand on the precipice of attitude change. Feel the love of the Father flowing across this land; unfurl your sails and be carried along with it. Light your lanterns so that the world will see. We are in momentous times, for love will soon replace fear as the motivating influence of the children of our loving Father. Amen, and goodnight.

All: Goodnight.

MICHAEL: The quality of mercy is not strained. It drops from heaven as a gentle rain upon the place below. It is twice blest; it blesses he that gives and he that receives. Open your hearts my beloved children and receive the gifts I will give.

Greetings dear ones, we are two, for your Mother is here as well. I am Michael, Creator Son, Father, brother, friend to all.

Each of you are lights, yet not only are you lights to your brethren, you are indeed, lights unto yourselves. You have the knowledge, you have the love, you have the tools, and indeed you have the Father himself within your very being, to light the way. All of the lessons, the tools of the trade, so to speak, that your loving teachers have given you over these past years, have served you well, in that they have been the means of your transformation as you opened yourselves and recognized the power of not allowing them to sit idle. The exercise your beloved teacher Will has encouraged you to participate in, that of keeping an open, conscious line of communication between you and your Adjuster, is one of the most vital tools you have yet been given, for in this, are you able to recognize those times that you have been given opportunities .

Continue beloveds, with this practice. Continue with this practice until that line of communication is a constant. You are indeed, surrounded by many loving helpers who do ofttimes add their energy in an attempt to help you hear, to help you recognize. Through all of the avenues open to them, do they work to help you. Look my children with your eyes wide open. Hear, beloveds, with your ears more in tune to the love to be found within the words of those you come in contact with. Hear with your heart. Connect through all of these senses with my children who are in such desperate need of the living love from the Father’s light.

The quality of mercy is indeed, not strained, for the Father is no respecter of persons. These worlds of time and space, these evolutionary planets, are designed to promote growth through much that is seen as adversities, as negatives. Do not look on your brothers and sisters with an eye to censor, or condemn. These are the things that build barriers and we are about bridging, beloveds. Use the tools you have been given, and well you know how to use them, to reach out in every arena open to you. Understand that all who come across your path in whatever manner, come across your path by design. The time for reticence is long past. The time for action is upon us. Your Mother would speak now.

NEBADONIA: Oh, my little ones! How you do shine! Open your hearts to me that I might help you… to see… to feel… to know. Within this space of time, I would touch each of you, hold you to my breast, let you feel on the deepest level you are able, our connection! Open your hearts and allow me to touch…(Ed: Long pause…)

May the love of the Father touch your hearts… lift you up….bring you peace…fill you with inspiration…give you the gift of knowledge…expand your hearts. You are my own beloved little ones, and I am always with you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

WILL: The love of the Father gives to His children in equal measure, is there to shelter, to comfort, to inspire, to literally indwell us. The power of the Father is never ending, all encompassing, embraces both the weakest and the strongest, is our foundation beyond time, throughout all eternity. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you. Welcome to our guest. We delight in your presence among us.
As each of you begin to accept these teachings that you have so diligently taken within your hearts and minds, and increasingly step out into the arenas of your individual lives, you will in greater and greater measure have access to those who are in the greatest need of Michael’s message of love. You each, now, begin to live the Father’s love in every area of your lives. You are His love, personified, living reflectors of the Father’s love. You are little power houses and reflect outward the love you receive from the Father. You will be given opportunities in your future to participate in activities from many different venues, areas. Recognize that these opportunities are just that; opportunities to serve.

For wherever you are, you do indeed, serve the Father when you consciously, actively open your heart to those around you. So pulling together the different exercises you have been given; looking at each of them to see how one leads to the other and they all fit together, may be helpful, and I would encourage you to go back over the lessons you have received in an effort to facilitate this in your own mind. Opening your hearts, making connections, turning inward to the Father, consciously, to make your connection with Him stronger, listening with all of you, listening with your heart, making a concerted effort to reach in to the Father to begin to better recognize the prompting you receive from Him, all of these put together, create within you, beloved children of the Father, a power so great that it could literally change this world in a heartbeat, were the numbers great enough. Recognize the part you play; you are a vital link in the spiritual upliftment of this world. All of the parts are necessary.

When one leaves, there is a void created, that while others may move in to fill the place, still, the loss is felt, for the place that child held can in reality be filled by none other. Continue to work at building your connections, continue to work at building the bonds between you, continue to reach out through the heart and the mind in an attempt to connect with one another and continue to recognize beloveds, the loving helpers that do surround you. Know always how loved you are and how appreciated. Go now into this new week with my love as always, and accept with a happy heart the life you live, the lessons you learn, for in this life are given opportunities and gifts the like of which can be had in no other way. Bless you dear ones. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

AMBROSE: Greetings, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. I have no lesson to share with you this evening. I would instead like very much to participate (Ed: long pause) in your closing circle. My student was afraid I was going to suggest that she open her eyes, and in fact, that was exactly what I was going to suggest! This is not a difficult task, yet it is an uncomfortable one, I recognize that it takes a great deal of faith to let go, yet recognize, each of you, when you take that faith step whether small or great, you do stretch and build your faith muscles, and prepare yourselves for greater things in your future. My student is resisting, and that is alright, it is her right always, yet in my heart, I do know my little one and know she would……..please bear with us, this is a lesson for this student and she wishes to pursue it……T/R opens eyes…..


Vincent: Y’all ready for a prayer circle?

Ed: Group stands in circle holding hands.

Vincent: Father, thank you for the many blessings that you rain down upon us of which we, for the most part, ignore. Help us to be appreciative and observant of the opportunities that you lay on our path this week.

Helen: Father thank you for the unseen hosts of heaven that help us onward, that encourage us quietly, stand by our side and give us those silent nudges. Help us to be more God conscious, to be more aware of our Thought Adjusters. Thank you.

Nathaniel: Father, help us to become as little children, children that rely on their parent for guidance and love.

Natalya: Father, help us to use the gift of your love to empower us to do your will.

AMBROSE: Oh most loving and merciful Father on high, Universal Father to all, I thank you for the opportunity of participating in this mission to this your beloved planet, to these, your beloved children. Grant us each your peace within our hearts, your faith, and a willingness to serve in your name.

Loren: Thank you for the opportunities presented to serve in your name as the weeks and months go by. Amen.

Mara: Father/Mother God, thank you for the opportunity to meet and receive these blessings and to open our hearts, (lost words) thank You.

All: Amen.

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