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TAL82- Influence, Service

1996-05-05-Influence, Service
Tallahassee #82


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Review
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ambrose, Alphonso, Will
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Influence
 3.1.2 Service
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Review
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose, Alphonso, Will
TR: Unknown


AMBROSE: Greetings students, it is I Ambrose. The exercise suggested by your esteemed teacher Will and seconded by all of you this evening, that of going back and readdressing, reacquainting yourselves with the loving lessons you have been given, is indeed, a step in the direction we would have you take. Having these lessons at hand as a blueprint, if you will, a guide, a map to take these loving lessons out into the streets, is what we are encouraging. Each of you have already retained and hold within the information necessary to extend the Father’s love to all you meet, as indeed, is the Father Himself the wellspring from which you draw the love you extend.

You have each over these past years, and I include our newest member in my words, for she too has been an apt student over these past years, though she knew it not; you have learned your lessons well, and we your teachers, are now encouraging you to evermore each day step our beyond that comfort zone and share the light of the Father, the love you have with those you encounter. You each have gifts that are specific to each of you as an individual. The inner clearing that you have attempted in the past was in part designed to help you access the gifts you have to give. You all hold within you so many creative gifts from the Father that in great measure you have not yet understood. Each of you have held within your hearts and minds so many gifts the Father gave and wishes to be extended through you; gifts of creativity, writing, painting, nurturing, all expressions of love are counted among these gifts.

We would encourage you each to do some deeper searching and seek to discover the many gifts you hold, for in the future you will be given many opportunities to share them and grow from them. I wish to extend my thanks to each of you for allowing me to participate in your meeting this evening. I hold each of you close within my heart as comrades and friends, and would once again suggest that I am available to any who would like to speak with me. I visit each of you often throughout the week and will now step back as others wish to speak. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


T/R #2 ALPHONSO: Greetings to this group tonight, this is Alphonso. This world and its inhabitants are very much attuned to cause and effect. If there is not an immediate recognizable effect from any action which is reliable, then the reality of the connection is discounted. And this is how many people define reality in today’s world. Your education system, your mass media, and your everyday interactions support this interpretation. Because God is not provable in the material sense, many have discounted the possibility of God’s existence and influence in this world. Many believe that faith is the suspension of rational thought and it is in this atmosphere that we must pursue our goals. It will not be easy as generally, we plant seeds, which may or may not germinate and should they germinate, will not do so in an immediate time frame, as a general rule. Yet, the love that we desire to share is indeed, a reality.

Much more concrete and real than the material world in which you live. It is not important that those who are the recipient of this love immediately acknowledge what is happening to them, yet there is a rising of the tide. The wind is picking up. The signs are all around. And soon enough, whether immediately acknowledged or not, we will be able to look back as you have in this group tonight and see the changes that have crept into your lives. The tolerance, the love, the selfless service that has become an abiding concern of the populace in general. These intangibles are even now at work on the hearts of each and every individual on this planet. You will assist us in making this tide more visible, more susceptible to conscious discernment.

You will be part of the catalyst that will spark recognition of what is going on at this time. You will not be alone in this mission, you are well supported, both celestially and by many, many others who are conscious of this outreach whether they be of whatever diverse persuasion. Many feel the tug; many are responding. Many are being guided and led and are open. The catalyst is the spark on the tinder. Your actions can be so much more significant than you may understand. Do not feel that you are not doing enough. While we do ask that you reach out daily, it just takes the spark to touch off the tinder. We deal in areas that are not well understood at this time. Our method of communication to you is fraught with potential tainting and is looked upon by most as a spurious affair, and yet the Spirit of Truth will permit each of you to take from our lessons that which resonates. And with that truth, we ask you to go forth, take the faith step, step outside of your normal activities and daily, consciously work for the Father. Indeed the time is at hand.

You have been well trained. It is time to daily pledge yourselves to the work of the Father. We will be with you; we will assist in the process, but only you, through your freewill decisions, may make it happen. I thank you for your attention tonight. I look forward to seeing each of you in action as we fan the flames of the Father’s love in a mission, a sacred mission to uplift this planet and to see to it that all eventually will feel the warmth of the love of their parent. Goodnight and shalom.

All: Shalom.

T/R #1 WILL:

The love of the Father fills each of us with inspiration and awe of His creative majesty, leading us, tugging us through the gift within our hearts of Himself, back home toward Him. All of His children, through all of creation, are beloved parts of Himself, reflections of His loving creative spirit, and will all one day be once again embraced by Him. Wherever we gather, He is.
Greetings beloveds. It is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

We have had quite an evening and I wish to extend my thanks to all of my staff and to each of you who allowed their words to be heard.


When you look back on the past you began so long ago, and remember the small tentative steps you began to take…you can remember, can you not? Not knowing where you were going, where this path would lead you, and yet with each lesson taken within, with every loving gift from the Father mastered, you became stronger, more sure of yourself, and where it was that you were heading. You are now no longer little chicks in the nest; you are fully dressed fledglings. And no, we do not push you from the nest. Some of you have wondered if we are leading up to stepping back from this creative process of which we both take part. And the answer to that question is no, indeed, we are here for the duration, so to speak, and will be interacting with you from this classroom level for many years yet. Provided of course, you are willing. I would encourage you once again to be as observant, as in tune with your Indwelling Adjuster as is possible. Work consciously to recognize the whispered words of encouragement, the nudges in direction, and through your commitment to Him, accept the direction you’re given.

Recognize beloveds, that each of you are beginning to receive into your lives opportunities to work for the Father in ways that you have not previously been given. You will be drawn to people, incidents, and service opportunities that you are fully prepared to handle. You will be utilizing and accessing gifts beloveds, you hold within that you may not have recognized in your past, and will now begin to understand more fully the creative gifts that are yours and yours alone. Open your eyes; listen well; open your heart and follow the voice from within, for indeed, He leads you where it is you have committed to go.

I want to take the opportunity to extend my love to each of you this evening, for opening your hearts to me, for I know full well the extent of that love and deeply appreciate it. And I’m certain you recognize that it is deeply reciprocated. I appreciate more than you will ever know the opportunity the Father has given me and that you, through your open hearts, have extended. It is a pleasure, one I never thought to be mine, to sit here among you and share in this grand awakening…this blending of hearts and minds, all working to create a world full of light in the Father’s name! This is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed on a world such as yours, and on each of us who participate; we are all blessed!

Remember as you go into your week that we are all here, available to you, as are so many others that stand by to support and love, and encourage. Reach out to them; reach out to us.


Until next week beloveds, take my love with you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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