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TMC1- Love Is The Power

2002-01-19-Love Is The Power
Temple City #1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Love is the Power
o 1.2 Group: Temple City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Andrew, Michael, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Larry, Donna
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Mind
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 1b
o 4.1 Opening
o 4.2 Dialogue
o 4.3 Closing

Topic: Love is the Power
Group: Temple City TeaM
Teacher: Andrew, Michael, Nebadonia
TR: Larry, Donna

Session 1
Prayers-Donna: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this evening and this time for Larry and I to join our hearts and minds to the doing of Your Will as much as possible. It has been quite a long time since we have been able to still ourselves with the purpose in mind of contacting Andrew, our angels, Michael, Nebadonia and any other celestials in our home. Life has been so busy. We have not meant to stray from our intention of being channels of service. Thank you for listening. Please help us to tune in and hear what you would have us hear. Amen.

Larry: Dear Father speak to us tonight in our hearts. Thank you for your Love. We are so blessed to be in your presence at all times. Allow Your Love to rule our hearts and minds. Speak to us tonight. Allow the Spirit of Truth to do its work in each of us. Let us commune here tonight with Michael and Nebadonia. Let our eyes, ears, hearts and minds be open to Your Love. Amen.

ANDREW: TR, Larry. Welcome back Donna and Larry. Happy New Year, 2002. It has been a while since we have met. It is good to be together once again. I love you Donna and Larry. I am so very happy to be your brother, friend and Teacher. Shall we get back to our project?

Larry: We love you also Andrew. Thank you for your friendship and your working with us in our classroom of two. Yes let’s get started with our work.

Donna: Andrew we still like the contents of Glenda Green’s book, Love Without End. I guess we feel stumped on how to best present the main ideas of Jesus’ conversations with her in a way that could be lessons for others and maybe even material for a study group. I began a rough outline of chapter one, but I am unsure if that is the best way to proceed. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

ANDREW: TR, Larry. Yes Donna, first go back to the beginning of this lesson and re-read what you have already done.

[[ Re-read November 24th lesson. [attached at end as Session 1b]]

ANDREW: TR, Larry. Thank you. Now that is a good beginning. Your study should be much like when you study The Urantia Book, reading and discussion of the material and concept. This study group will include celestial participation.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Thank you Donna and Larry for inviting me into your home and hearts. You are my daughter and son. I love each of you very much. You have indeed been created in the image of our Father. You are Love, Love is who you are. Allow this love to flow out from your hearts and command your minds to actions of love. I am so very proud of both of you my dear children and am honored to be a part of the Temple City Study Group. So let’s continue as we have started.

Donna: It is we who are honored Michael to have you be a guest in our home and a part of our study group.

Larry: We shall continue to put all quotes of Jesus from Glenda’s Book in italics.

JESUS:  You do not have to know in order to love, for love is the power. The mind will actively seek to compensate or to exploit the heart’s troubles, but it will never seek to remove or to cure them. For the heart’s despair is the mind’s option for power. But actually the mind can be a very good servant, if you allow it to be just that.

The mind either integrates and projects from experience, or else it develops a logical matrix to serve, to explain, and to implement the powers of the heart and the soul. The problem arises when the heart is oriented negatively in some way toward life, because when the heart gives the mind a negative impulse such as insufficiency, insecurity, fear, or anger, the mind operates with reverse logic.

Larry: Michael I can relate to your statement, ‘for love is the power’ in the fact when I do something in a loving manner it fills me with joy. I have always enjoyed my job and loved working to the point that it has never seemed like a job to me. I have always believed that if one loves his job he never works a day in his life.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry: Thank you Larry that is a very good example of love being the power. Larry you do well in living and working in the Father’s LOVE. You have allowed your heart to rule your mind and your mind has been a good servant.

Donna: I can certainly understand your statement, ‘For the heart’s despair is the mind’s option for power.’ I have seen this so clearly in many of my patients and I have experienced it personally as well. I have found the best cure for the heart’s despair to be love. I find it easy to love my patients and it is a joy to me when I can see they are being helped or cured. This love is very subtle and it has only been on reflection that I have realized its’ existence as a vital part of the therapeutic process. Larry has helped bring this to my attention.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Thank you Donna for sharing your observations and experience. It is true that you help your patients by working with them in the Father’s LOVE. You have given a good example and your understanding of this has served you and my children well. Thank you Donna, you are a good and faithful servant.

Larry: Michael is my understanding that the Gospel of Jesus is not only the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and doing our Father’s Will, but that it also calls for positive thinking and positive action. So when I read your statement, ‘The problem arises when the heart is oriented negatively in some way toward life, because when the heart gives the mind a negative impulse such as insufficiency, insecurity, fear, or anger, the mind operates with reverse logic.’ the Spirit of truth speaks to me.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Larry you have stated the gospel well.

NEBADONIA: (TR, Donna). My dear children, it warms my heart to see how well you are progressing in your studies. I am so happy you have been able to receive the love so freely given you by the Father, Michael and myself. Surely you know that such is not the case with all of my children. So continue your work of spreading the Father’s LOVE to as many of your siblings as you can. You have my blessing and assurance that I will accompany you on your missions of love. Good evening my children.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Good night my beautiful children, Nebadonia and I love you Larry, Donna and Andrew.

Donna: Good night Michael, Nebadonia and Andrew. Thank you for your help on this project. I do believe we now have a good pattern we can follow.

Larry: Thank you Michael, Nebadonia and Andrew for being here tonight with us. Donna and I love you and feel so blessed to be in your presence. Until next time, live in our Father’s LOVE.

ANDREW: TR, Larry. Goodnight Larry, Donna, Michael and Nebadonia. Until next time, live in our Father’s LOVE.

Session 1b
Subject: [tml] Temple City, November 24, 2001
Date: Sunday, February 03, 2002 2:51 PM
Temple City Teaching Mission Group
Saturday, November 24, 2001, 5:30 PM
Temple City, California

Stillness, Prayer and Meditation.
Larry: Thank you Father for blessing us with Your LOVE. Thank you Father for blessing us with Your Light.
Thank you Father for forgiving us of our imperfections, as we forgive the imperfections of our brothers and sisters. Father open our hearts, minds, eyes and ears to Your Truth, Your Light and Your LOVE. Amen.

Donna: Dear Father, I thank you for the loveliness, warmth and security that is present in my life my heart feels as open and soft as my kitty cat’s fur as she sits on my lap. Thank you for the rain today and for the cozy afternoon. Thank you for the peace and love that is here in our home. It would be my heartfelt prayer that everyone in the world could be as blessed as I feel myself to be. Please let Your Will be done continuously in our lives. I love you Father. Amen.

Larry: Good evening Andrew. Last summer at the Snowbird Teaching Mission Conference I bid on and received a print of a painting by Glenda Green titled: “The Lamb and The Lion.” This is a picture of Jesus holding a lamb. Glenda also wrote the book: “Love Without End, Jesus Speaks”. After getting home from the Conference we ordered it and Donna and I both read the book. The book is the story on how Jesus sat for Glenda and the conversations she had with Jesus as she painted his portrait in a four month period. Donna and I were both so moved by the truths we read in her book that we felt it was important to share and to discuss these truths.

ANDREW: (TR, Larry). Good evening Larry and Donna. Yes this is a good idea. Let’s get started.

Larry: Thank you Andrew I will put all quotes of Jesus from Glenda’s Book in italics.
The first quote is, Jesus: “love is who you are”.

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Yes Larry and Donna, indeed love is who you are. The Father is LOVE. You have been created in the image of God, in LOVE. You are love, be the love that you are.

Donna: Dear sweet Michael thank you for confirming the first major point of what you taught Glenda in her book. My struggle is to express the love that I am while at the same time trying to set boundaries and/or demonstrate what we call here as ‘tough love’ in some situations. I struggle with how to juggle it all. Can you help?

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Donna my dear sweet sister you do well in your understanding of the concept of being the love that you are. You just need to continue working from your heart and the love that you are. You have been very successful in applying the Father’s LOVE to your friends and to your clients in your profession of marriage and family counseling. Your difficulty has been in that application to your daughter. Donna, you try too hard with your daughter. You need to relax, pray, meditate and practice the stillness to find the solutions to your problems of communications with her. Does this help Donna?

Donna: Yes, thank you Michael. It helps somewhat. I have done so much praying, meditating and even some stillness in the past over my concerns with her. I guess I need to keep on, keeping on?

CHRIST MICHAEL: TR, Larry. Donna you need to keep on praying, meditating and doing the stillness and then leaving it in the Father’s Hands. The Father loves you and your daughter. The Father is with your daughter as He is with you. Donna you do well. Your daughter also does well. Donna be the love that you are in your relationship to her. All will work out to the Glory of God.

Donna: Thank you so much Michael. I will do as you suggest to the best of my ability with God’s help.

Larry: The second quote is much like the first:

JESUS: “you are love,”

CHRIST MICHAEL: (TR, Larry). Yes Larry and Donna you are love. The Father created us in His LOVE. He created me in His LOVE and He created you in His LOVE. Love is who you are, be the love that you are. Live your lives in the Father’s LOVE.

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