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TRD3- Future Is Now

1994-11-16-Future Is Now
Trinidad #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Future is Now
o 1.2 Group: Trinidad TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Anaston
o 2.2 TR: Anthony Porzio
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Brilliant Evening Stars, Presence
 3.2.2 Pain, Character
 3.2.3 Transformation, Liberation
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Future is Now
Group: Trinidad TeaM
Teacher: Anaston
TR: Anthony Porzio

Anthony: 1994, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA, Urantia Study Group. We are gathered here and are seeking guidance then on the spiritual level from our teacher/guides assigned for our Humboldt County area for the Melchizedek teaching mission. Both Anaston and Tenere are here with us,the Brilliant Evening Stars. Is there anything anybody wants to say? Any prayer or. . . Lynn, you usually have something nice to say.
Lynn: (laugh)

[[Anthony: to help us prepare ourselves more for this reception?]]

Lynn: Uh. Just that, just that, may all the divine presences in our life prepare us, open our hearts and clear our minds that we may be of highest service.

Anthony: The love of God surrounds us. The presence of angels protect us. Wherever we are, God is. I open myself up as a transmitter/receiver. Please allow this connection to occur at this time. (pause)

ANASTON: I am here. I am the light. I am the clear path. You are clear paths. And together we shall, now, explore the way of the spirit.

Brilliant Evening Stars, Presence
ANASTON:  As your teacher, Anaston, I am here to guide and uplift your hearts with the words that come from above. From higher wisdom and divine truth. Thank you for coming, to be here, together, to partake of our communications. It has been a long time since we’ve had a group session, although, in my time/space it has been very short. This being is being distracted at this moment by certain discomforts, however we can override this difficulty at this time with the great willingness to serve and transmit. Once again, thank you for gathering, for making your efforts to be here through the difficult weather situation.

We are most happy to share with you our wisdom, our light, our joy, and our love. I know you have many things on your minds, many things that trouble and disturb you, that for which you have come to receive guidance and our wisdom, the wisdom of Brilliant Evening Stars, the light beings. And we will uplift you, enlighten you one more step along the path. Hopefully, you will become more aware of our presence, of the presence of the spirit realm. For you have within you always wherever you go the presence that comes from the spirit realm. And we always want for you to become more attuned to that presence within. Not that you shouldn’t have these kinds of communications, but that you should always feel independent of any outside source.

So we are here to help you become more attuned to your inner guidance. And as we share collectively, as we gather in small groups, in larger groups, and also, perhaps, sometimes, in large gatherings, we can feel the oneness of God. As we also enjoy the oneness that occurs when we join our hearts, our open hearts, our open heart centers, and that we can resonate and vibrate in harmony with one another. This is always the fundamental teaching, the basics, but because of the confusion and the distortions of the human mind in this very confusing modern world, we must use our minds intellectually to gather information that will help and make further associations so that the inner experience becomes more expanded for us and the connections that take place between our intellect and our spiritual souls, your spiritual soul will bring forth those flashes of insight that will illuminate your mind, gladden your heart, and encourage you further along as you progress God–ward, heaven–ward, and towards the era of light and life.

Our words are meant to comfort you, as you take beliefs which you cherish and see them unfold before you as actualities. As you extend that belief outward now, into this circle, into this experience, those connections are expanding at this very moment. Of course, you need help to do this. We are here to do this for you, to help you.

Tenare, who is silent this evening, is not inactive. Ever so quietly, yet so efficiently, vibrationally, you have felt her working since you came in this room this evening all of you have acknowledged our presence. And we are very grateful for your sensitivity. It is a good sign of your growth success of our work. Your sensitivities will affect all around you. Everywhere you go, you will notice more and more our presence which can extend to wherever you are any time. And so,as you become more aware of us, your comforting angels and your guides, your personal guides, you extend this mission, you extend the kingdom of God into the outer reaches of your planet. You take it with you. You enhance your environments. And, although those around you may not know why or how or may not even be aware of the changes that take place because of your efforts and your sensitivities, you are. And you can see how it changes things.

This is a power that you are given, a power that you have also helped create with your willingness to search for the truth, your willingness to be guided and the humility of your hearts that open up for such spirit guidance. By and large all spirit in your experience is always as one, although the facets are many. All that matters to you and to us is that your lives improve each day, that you grasp a higher perception of divine and holy peace of mind and contentedness of heart. For not only shall you be content with your life as it is, but you shall also increase in grace and in communication. So that the desires that are awarded to your heart from above that you accept as your own, which is the will of God, shall also be satisfied and granted. And that you then will begin to relax more and more as you live your lives, according to the Father’s will that they become more normalized as it would be as if there were never any rebellion upon this world and you shall bring the kingdom of heaven in this way on earth as it is in heaven. For, you are a part of it. He won’t come without you.

So, we thank you in deepest appreciation for your efforts, though you may think they are for your own self purposes. That is all right. It is perfectly all right to be selfish for the will of God, for the grace and the gifts and the joy of God. It is entirely yours and you should be most desirous to have as much as you can. For what you get comes from a great limitless source and can only radiate as it overflows to others around you and you become much loved by your fellow mortals for your goodness, for you peace, and for the joy that you exude as you use these gifts, these powers to keep you on track in communication with all that is good, beautiful, and true.

We are with you, God is with you, and it is your training to become comfortable and at peace on your own world. Because you will do this, as you are doing it still yet, you will be the living proof that the kingdom of heaven is within and as you express your heart in your knowledge of this to others who inquire through casual conversation. They will come, perhaps a bit closer to understanding that the future is now, that God is here, and that all is well.

Pain, Character
In your attentiveness to this phenomenon that is now occurring, we thank you for your love of God, for we feel the affections of your heart as you express them, heavenly–ward. And we are so gratified, so appreciative of your willingness to share that with us. And though you have pain in your life, even while you pray, while you believe, while you feel the love of God, we ask you to bear these pains heroically, for they are for definite purposes… it is part of your restructuring.

If you would avoid the pain that accompanies the restructuring of your character, we would lose contact with you and you would then again need to search for where you left off. It is not God’s will that you should suffer pain. Rather, it is God’s will that you should triumph over your pain. But the grace that He gives you, knowing in your heart that it is only for a time, for the breakdown must occur before the restructuring begins. Perhaps not all entirely at once. You break down, you restructure, and then you have more strength to go deeper, but I assure you, this will not last forever, and you will be much strengthened by this process. For in your weakness, you feel your pain and you think you are weak because of the pain, but it takes strength for you to deal with this pain, to face it. So know that the very fact that you are experiencing this discomfort means that you have already been strengthened to go further, to go deeper, to go to the core of your being and our energies are there with you, and you will feel the joy of our presence.

You will willingly at that point understand and know why you must go through this. We will be with you and will see you through it, and you will triumph over it so that you will stand strong and firm in the full knowledge of the truth as reborn children of God. We ask you to bear it, it is your cross, if you will. We ask you to endure it with the attitude that reflects confidence and trust in God. For, it is your faith that will bring you through into the new, into the renewed individual that you are becoming. This is very important. Very few people can understand the meaning of our words when we ask you to “suffer it for righteousness sake.” For blessed you are who do suffer for righteousness sake, for you shall become righteous through and through, inwardly and outwardly.

You are doing this for the world as well as for yourself, and for many future beings to come. We are asking you to be as courageous as your Master who willingly suffered so that the will of God in His own experience would be demonstrated. Of course the Master was quite righteous in Himself. He did not need to suffer for righteousness sake. His was an act of love to show you that with God, with God’s love and energy, with his presence and the presence of His servants, with your angel guides, you can endure, you can triumph over suffering and achieve out of your own choice by an act of your own will, the greatness that you are becoming.

You shall be strong and you shall be powerful in the spirit. But as the Master said, “Greater is he who has conquered himself than he who has conquered a city”. You will progress and we will help you and it will not be easy, but you shall succeed and you shall be glad for it. (pause) This has been our teaching for this evening. We hope that it has been relevant for you. And if you care to comment or ask any questions within the context.

Lynn: Anaston, I have a question. The restructuring –– is it considered to be physical or is it reconstructing in terms of casting out old belief systems and thought systems? And secondly, I assume the pain you speak of includes emotional, psychic and physical pain.

ANASTON: Yes, Lynn, you are on the right track now. All things are connected –– body, mind, spirit, soul. In fact, that is the purpose of this transformation process, is to integrate you as complete and whole,even perfect human beings. Intellectually, you may accept new ideas for old and that will have an effect upon all phases of your existence. But your personal truth, you own inner revelations of truth are where the restructuring of your character take place and at this point of your growth you must make a decision. You must decide first and foremost if you are willing to override your fear with faith, to trust the process as it comes closer and closer to your feeling experience.

It is important for you as an individual to excavate, as it were, and expand your capacity to receive the truth, to receive the light, and to receive the joy and the love in the present state of this world whereby the majority of human beings are born and raised, the conditions that limit their ability to receive and give love in the conditions that are social, conditions that are of trauma, of the many hurts and disappointments of having to live your life in such a confused and dark world.

These all form what you call your character structure. The way you respond to the outer world and the way that you protect yourself from the outer world because you have learned that you can be hurt, that your sensitivity can be a handicap and so you grow up in this fashion, vacillating between expansion and contraction, between fear and love, looking for situations, perhaps, that you can open up your heart and express yourself, that perhaps you may let down your guard. Now, we are asking for you to have faith in God.

To trust in such a way that will let your defenses become obsolete for you. As you progress spiritually, genuinely spiritually, the less need you will have need for them, because you do not see yourself as so vulnerable anymore? Perhaps you are not so threatened by the outside world, because you feel an inner strength that makes you feel invincible! This is no delusion. It is a paradox, where you shall become both sensitive and invincible.

Transformation, Liberation
ANASTON:  But yes, the restructuring must take place both physically as well as mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually. Because your body has become trained, hardened in ways that protect your sensitivity. And some forms have actually made your sensitivity unconscious. It is a mental defense mechanism, a self–protective mechanism, a desensitizing mechanism. And with it goes the bitterness and the anger, the resentment, while not even knowing at whom to direct those feelings towards.

God is close. We ask you to become aware of that closeness, to relinquish and sacrifice the fear that has desensitized you. For when you were born, as all babies are, you were open, you were expanded, you reached beyond your limitations and you learned as you grew, to build barriers, to arm yourself with shields of protection. It is natural, the eons of generations that have passed, have transferred these protective tendencies and the condition of the planet and the world socially have reinforced the need in your mind to have these shields of protection. For you had not the access that you have now.

Yes, they were necessary. But now you are mature and you have the ability to make the choices that are necessary, to go beyond these self–imposed and society–imposed limitations, these barriers, these protection shields. For as you grow spiritually, as you expand and vibrate with the force fields that we impart to you, you will experience the joy of living without previous protective shields. That your energy is a force in itself, far more surpassing the forces of fear and darkness, the forces of attack. You will live in a way that shall free you, liberate you, from the need to see future encounters with others as potentially apprehensive experiences. You will look the others in the eyes and not flinch.

It is your striving, it is your hope, it is your reaching towards God, it is in your prayers that are heard that express this desire for strength. You want to be God–like. To be God–like is to be fearless. And so your muscles which are structured in certain manner, in such a manner as to hold back certain expressions, as to hold back energies as if the barriers and the shields were meant for your own self, that you should not expand beyond, that you should be afraid, that you should be inhibited to reach out. These patterns of inhibition are trained by memory into your muscles, into your nervous system and as fear has dominated your lives, your entire system has buckled over in fact, by holding back the energies that your hearts have desperately wanted to express.

And by withdrawing into yourselves, you have trained yourselves, you have trained your bodies to react in certain patterns. And so what would happen if you begin to let go of the thoughts and the emotions which charge these patterns and expand to where the limitations are against the contractions, against the fears, against the inhibitions of all emotional expressions including sexual experiences, sexual expressions of emotion, you will feel the barrier?

In your ignorance, without enlightenment, you have tried ways to get through the barriers, to break through the barriers, when all you really needed to do was to let go. Through your own personal revelations and your own guidance, you will let go. And as you let go, the hardness becomes softer. . . and the muscles that are held so tight, that are spasmic, that are built to protect you somehow from painful emotions, that softness must come from the hardness. And so, as your muscles begin to soften, as your nerves begin to relax, as the dullness and the desensitivity and the numbness begins to become alive, there will be pain. There are toxins there that must be released. There are minerals and sedimentations that have built up in these immobilized areas.

Yes, the Master has said “I have come, that you may have life and have it more abundantly”.
This transformation of your character is what He meant. And if you so will, you shall be free, you shall be liberated, but only through spirit identification. As you have attempted liberation the past apart from spirit-identification you have gotten yourself into trouble. You have created conditions that were not only unsuccessful on the long term, but have done damage. We are here to give you the good news that you may have liberation without damage. You may have freedom without rebellion, freedom without anger, and you may touch your innermost souls once again, you may feel the deep gratifications of your most unexpressed longings and desires. You will become as you are intended to be, as God created you, as you have been deterred from becoming, as the distortion of this world has distorted you, and the twisting of the truths of God have twisted you, you shall be restored.

It is an exciting and bold adventure and not but a few shall actually embark as compared to the vast numbers of those who choose to avoid the truth, for fear that it will be too painful. It will be painful, but it shall not be any more than you can bear. And you have passed through the portals of death as the hero that you are, your life will be renewed and you will have the joy of experiences that are so new and fresh, perceptions that shall transcend your level of capabilities, present capabilities, that you will know that you have taken the only path that leads to life.

So it is your choice along the way and you will cry out to God for help and for companionship and guidance, for comfort, and you will receive these things. So blessed are you! Blessed indeed are you who search. Blessed are you, the humble, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven and you will see the truth and you will be free.

Lynn: Well I thank you for your answer, Anaston, that certainly covered a lot of ground. It gave me a lot to think about.

ANASTON: Did it answer your question?

Lynn: Yes, very well. It did. Thank you.

ANASTON: I am glad.

Lynn: You know, I am ready and willing to be restructured.

ANASTON: Yes, you are a brave soul. And you will be doing this as you will know as you do it with God. It is your job together to do, to renew your soul. It’s a gigantic job and you are doing it for all, and all who do it shall transform this world. Sarah, dear Sarah. What is in your heart.

Sarah: Thank you very much. That was. . . That was more than helpful. That spoke very directly to what I needed to hear and more. Thank you.

ANASTON: And so we are enjoying here in this communion of hearts, minds, spirits and bodies and as you understand the nature of emotion which is Morontial, or psychic, you will understand how we communicate. For your emotions are your vibrations, your resonations, and we will see to it, if you allow us to resonate with you to the point of harmony, that you shall experience the fullness of every joyful emotion. For even the Father himself, even this universe, the grand universe, is motivated by the will of God.

What is this mysterious will of God? It is emotion. It is goodness. It is truth. It is beauty. And together they form what is greater that all of them together –– love. We want you to feel love! And we want to feel your expressions of love. We want your emotions to be liberated from fear, to be freed from the distortions of error. That they may express pure love. This is the Father’s will and this is our goal. Please, we hope that you stay with us and complete the journey.

Sarah: Thank you. . .

Lynn: I thank you also.

Sarah: for such an honorable invitation.

ANASTON: Now, maybe, perhaps, we can relax together without so much formality.

Lynn: You mean we can interrupt you?

ANASTON: Please do.

Lynn: (laugh) Does the rain clear the negative vibrations from the air, from the thoughts, the thought spheres?

ANASTON: You breathe the air as the rain cleanses, cleanses the atmosphere, washing. It’s bathing, it’s bringing new life from above to below.

Lynn: But does it affect, say, the negative thoughts, the metaphysical space?

ANASTON: You hear the rain outside, you hear the raindrops hitting things, making what you call rain sounds. And yet, when every drop that hits a surface, in every splatter there is a myriad of electro-molecular and chemical reactions that take place. The energy that you seek to expand to your innermost core comes through this water. You absorb it. Do you enjoy walking through the rain?

Lynn: Mmm. I love walking through the rain.

ANASTON: Because you breathe and you absorb the gifts of the rain as it restores the earth and the plants. Your world is called the water world for this reason. Life energies are carried through the water molecules. Although water can destroy, water brings life. A majority of your physical form is water. Yes, we are coming out of the deserts of emotion, out of the emotional deserts into the life–bearing lushness of the emotional streams of moving energy.

Lynn: Well, the time has come that I must leave. I don’t mean to interrupt this session. I can take my book and see my friends next time.

ANASTON: We will end this session now. We ask that you commune with us now for a few minutes before you leave. Just a few, as we depart in silence, in oneness, in stillness. We shall return. Farewell.

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