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TRD4- Urantia, Part 1

1998-03-22-Urantia, Part 1
Trinidad #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Urantia, Part 1
o 1.2 Group: Trinidad TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tenare
o 2.2 TR: Anthony Porzio
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson

Topic: Urantia, Part 1
Group: Trinidad TeaM
Teacher: Tenare
TR: Anthony Porzio

TENARE: Greeting to all of you here, gathered this evening, fellow time-travelers, I am your teacher for this time-space. I am Tenare, I am a female, and I have chosen to speak as a teacher this evening because I can sense the need for nurturing and comfort for the souls that have gathered in this room.

Your world has been a very dark place in this universe for what must seem to you as having been a very long time. We are here as teachers for the purpose of bringing awareness of your connection with an orderly universe, that your world has never lost a moment of divine watch-care and spiritual love. The problem that exists on your world, at this time, as a result of the many years of isolation and quarantine from the rest of the universe is the lack that has existed here, in the ability to perceive, in any substantial way, the heavenly realms, the divine guides, the angelic messengers, and the supernal care-givers that have endeavored, at all times, to guide you into the pleasant harbors of safety and security.

It is in situations such as this, that such an awareness may be cultivated as you focus inwardly now upon your receptor tools and utilize your awareness mechanisms as we speak to you through your sensory perceptions, we are hoping that you will learn to tune into the spirit forces that are with you on a constant and daily basis. Our work as teachers is no greater than to just help you become more attuned to that which is within you. Hopefully, by hearing with you ears things and sounds that vibrate on a frequency, much like a tuning fork, so that your own instruments may vibrate on the same frequencies as those who exist within you, yet on a divine level of reality.

So please, relax and open up your hearts to the sound vibration-realities of truth, that you may allow the spirit forces within you to resonate. And, you may be able to receive the connections that exist above the normal levels of human awareness. its very important that you learn how to tune into your inner guidance, that you may practice on a daily basis, or whenever the need for guidance, that you may have access to that which will sustain you through every difficulty that you encounter.

As Brilliant Evening Stars, we do have gifts to give that will help you in this way. We have the ability to “beam” into your being a form of light energy, something of which you have not been exposed to in your life. The purpose of this energy is to assist you in your transformational growth. That you may progress, each according to your own pace and in collaboration with the God within. the God within is the god of your soul, the God of your hopes, and effectively, the joy of your experience of spiritual reality. the God within is not only your guide, but also your goal, your destiny as well as your origin, that you may understand what it is that you are doing here on this world, experiencing your human-ness for very specific reasons.

The lessons that you must learn in this realm are essential, not only for you own personal growth, that you may transcend the levels where you are, but also for the experience that you add to the overall Grand Universe, that which you will share…all that you are and all that you experience is all that you will give. And, it will grow and it will be appreciated.

Your experience here on this world is a difficult experience. There is no one who lives on this earth without experiencing, more or less, the same types of growth struggles. Yet, they are in different forms. No one’s individual’s suffering is any greater than another, for all the lessons are the same. The great danger is in the avoidance of learning the lesson, in seeking to use the energies of the world as a means of delaying or completely avoiding the necessary growth, the necessary struggle, and the necessary achievements that it is the Father’s will, the First Source and Center of all life itself, who has ordained and predetermined that you will certainly have your hands full of a daily struggle for and in life.

And as you learn the message behind your pains, behind your grief, and your many sufferings, hopefully, you will not dwell upon finding blame and causes for these experiences. But rather, look to them as means of transcending where you are now, For, when you do rise above your anguish, your anxiety, there is a great sense of satisfaction, a personal awareness of achievement and a deeper understanding of life in the universe. Also in all of this, one is brought closer to the innermost and near presence of the highest of all divine realities…the Father-God within.

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