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TRD5- Urantia, Part 2

1998-03-22-Urantia, Part 2
Trinidad #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Urantia, Part 2
o 1.2 Group: Trinidad TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tenare
o 2.2 TR: Anthony Porzio
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Urantia, Part 2
Group: Trinidad TeaM
Teacher: Tenare
TR: Anthony Porzio

TENARE: As you live in the world, you know that you have many choices before you. There will always be a choice; there will always be a decision to make; there will always be a moral issue; and there will always be a value to choose. And, as you make the choices that bring you pain, in your pain you are humbled, your pride is broken, and your heart is opened up. As you age and reach the level of full maturity, you can view yourself as a ship that has borne many storms, that has borne many scars, that has entered many dangerous, reef-ridden harbors…and has survived. This is encouraging, for you can take great comfort in the fact that you can survive. Survival is your goal, survival in this world and survival beyond this world. This is the task. For, when the ship arrives at the journey’s end, the passengers will depart and further their journey in a new land and find a new vehicle for their travel.

Take care of your vehicle. Your vehicle has taken you far. It has carried you a long way. It is not to be despised, neither is it to be glorified. Just see it for what it is. A way of moving through time and space. And, when you do reach your destination, you will have acquired the treasures that you have found along the way in the ports that you have docked, and in the time you have spent gathering and searching. You ship needs fuel, the sails need wind for movement. Without wind there is no movement, without wind there is no direction. Without direction, there is no hope. And, we urge you to look, hopefully, for that wind which will move and guide you to the next port, richer by experience, wiser by achievement, and happier by the amount of love that you have learned to share and are now capable of receiving.

In this atmosphere there is energy, there is love-energy in this room circulating because each of you is giving from your heart-center, just as you are receiving. Our energies are one, there is no telling the difference of one from another. And, the force circulates through and around and within each, making us at this moment a new organism in itself. This my friends, is only but a tiny and little taste of what it means to be at one with the universe, to be in communication with all creation. For, as you are little children at this time, reaching and groping with your hands for guidance, for your parents to lead you, the time will come for each of you who have availed yourself to this experience, to be leaders, guides, and teachers in your own way.

For, no one can open themselves up to the forces of divine reality and not be uplifted. And, that uplifted soul cannot help but to uplift others around. So, you are to be inspired, not by words so much, but the spirit-vibration that is associated with the sounds, the sounds which keep your minds focused, while your souls and bodies enjoy this immersion with spirit-force that comes from within as well as from without. This is a peaceful experience; this will give you peace. But, in order for this to be a lasting peace, you must diligently seek within your own selves, within your own heart-centers, to be recharged, revitalized, and restored to the joy of the “youth of your soul,” which has never aged.

I speak to you of a power that is available to you, to affect the world around you everywhere you go. If you are tuned into your center, your heart-center, if you are so centered in this way, you will be amazed at how much the world will be transformed around you. For, you are connecting at this moment to the higher circuits, to the unseen Infinite. It is experience, this kind of experience, this comforting experience, that is our purpose as teachers to foster, in culminating these atmospheres of spiritual awareness, of soul expansion, and character transformation. Each of you is a precious creation and we are dedicated to serving you according to the Father’s will.

This service entails facilitating personal contact within your innermost being, to introduce you to the feast of soul-satisfying and mind-stimulating spiritual inspiration. As you seek. you will find. And, because you seek, you are already found. How can I express for you the love that God has for each and every soul? It is to be experienced! We can share with you the love that we know, and you will share the love that you know, and that which you will come to know in much greater terms as you continue to seek the highest good within in that sincere and humble spirit. You are blessed, you are beautiful, and you are good.

You have taken steps, you have followed guidance, and the reward is there for you, not just in this room. Keep yourselves open, do not cease in your seeking. For, we and others will come to you at times of your need. Truly, there is an angelic army here to watch and care for you, to guide even those who know not that they seek. The harvest is truly great, and from wherever you start, for each of you, that is your beginning. What is important to know is that you have begun. The joy that visits you, that meets your faith-demand is all the proof that you will ever need to know that God is real; that God is moving upon the face of the earth; that God is gathering; that God is feeding; and you will never doubt ever again that God is! You have a new light.

Believe in it, trust in it, as it will dispel the darkness. That will be your joy to share in a very gentle way. In your smile, in your knowing about the experience that no one can deny you or refute, that you are not alone and neither are you forsaken.

You must practice this presence in order for it to increase your awareness. We cannot urge you enough to spend some time each day to focus into your heart-center, as you are doing now. I promise you that you will be answered; you will be visited; you will be rewarded; and, you will come to value that which comes to you in those moments as the REAL life that you are beginning to live. Your heart will be lighter and you’ll walk upon the face of the earth with a lighter step. Your life will be changed as it is changing this very moment.

Thank you, all for your attention; for your willingness to hear and your eagerness to see. As you may experience this moment, the words are nothing compared with the reality of the personal experience that is shared and communicated.

Group: Many thanks for your positive appreciation for our Northern California Coast TeaM teachers, Anaston and Tenare,

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