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WDC259- Ego

1999-10-24.  Ego

Woods Cross #259

Topic: Ego

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Welcome and my greetings to you each. I am as always looking forward to meeting with you. What a  wonderful adventure we have shared. We have experienced some of life’s tragedies, sorrows and difficulties right here within this group. There have been many harsh feelings experienced here. There have been difficulties some could not rise above, but for the most part our group adversity has taught us strength and endurance. Each time we complete a group lesson on endurance through adversity we are made stronger for the next lesson. Our friendship has become family oriented. Our joy and comfort without a doubt overpower the small discomforts we receive from disagreeing or disharmony.


Tonight, my friends, I relay to you our joy at receiving my friend \ student to this side of reality. He is overjoyed and feeling complete with  his mortal experience. His transition was peaceful, and he left a positive legacy in which quite a few generations will prosper from. His life was well spent and his final lesson has advanced him significantly in the morontial career.

My friends, you need not experience his experience to his extreme. Mortal living is quite an effort all its own. The cup we drink as mortals is spiritually propelling, yes, but the efforts to drink can take its toll on the mortal mind. We are in gratitude for Michael’s ministry and His Spirit of Truth, for He has lived what you lived and can assist us in drinking the cup with grace, yes.

I do remember my time on earth when I was quite confident in my own internal knowledge. I believed my thinking to be somewhat superior over my fellows, and I was quite obstinate toward others ideas, including that of my Gods. It wasn’t until my friend, Machiventa’s arrival, that I realized how my thinking blocked me from my Father in Heaven.

I lived this mortal life the hard way until I became conscious that my ideas and beliefs were nothing more than my ego–animal self in action. As Machiventa pointed out to me that I could find great heavenly assistance through humility that I began to be able  to endure life’s  adversities. Time after time through mortal living I softened to my old ways and made efforts to take up Machiventa’s new way.

Through believing I could receive personal assistance from the one God I could affect not only my own life, but many others and play a small part in the destiny of the world. As I died to my old ways, and was born again to the new, I felt a reliance upon my mentor Machiventa and personal revelation from Father. In my transition I began to detest my thoughts of self superiority. I was made small through adversity, and in my humiliating experiences, reached upward.

Adversity does make us small, and in our detesting the ego’s advice, we can receive clear communion from those on High. If one is so firmly rooted in their own beliefs there is a decrease in the flow of spiritual information. There is a decrease in capacity to receive information  from the Source of all knowledge. Adversity is seen simply on other worlds as a blessing, and an opportunity to become small, to be beside the ego self, to gain closeness with the Source of all love, all wisdom, all knowledge, yes.

When discomforting moments overtake you–flee not from the pain, for it is an opening for Father assistance. Adversity is an opportunity to be beside the affects of the ego self. Adversity is a two-way path in which you can choose the path of the animal self–incorporating the spirit poisons–complicating everything, or the path of the higher self–finding small opportunities to utilize the spirit fruits and ministering to the situation as well as everyone involved, yes.

This week I ask that you notice as you draw towards things spiritual how you begin to detest the ways of the ego and release those firmly planted notions, while concentrating on becoming fluid in your thinking, allow for a natural flow. You are gaining some control and self mastery during this process to find strength to endure while the mind becomes clear to receive spiritual communication.


I am sorry–no questions, but have an announcement. I am pleased to introduce an opportunity for you to meet personally with a new teacher. This teacher is skilled in the art of relationship building. He is quite direct and can be firm in his words. Have you not the strength for  complete truth–seek not his counsel. Emulan is available to assist you in your lessons on strength and endurance. He is a kind counselor and friend. I can always count on him for constructive advice. Arrangements can be made, yes. That is all.

My love goes with you. I will also seek your questions throughout the week. Until next time, shalom

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