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WDC260- Heavenly Gifts

1999-10-31.  Heavenly Gifts

Woods Cross #260

Topic: Heavenly Gifts

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. I am with you. Greetings. How wonderful it is for us to watch your discussion blossom into a beautifying growth experience. Your efforts to communicate are well worth the minor irritations, for the most part, someone benefits by your participation. Your faith, your dedication, your many efforts contribute to the overall success of Michael’s Mission.


Your thoughts are important. Your contribution adds to the small parts that add to the whole. Your efforts made each week to meet add to the overall wellness of society. Think not our cause to be in the shadows because progress moves so slowly and you must go on faith. Our  Mission is literal and each small effort made by individuals makes connections where there were not before.

In learning strength and endurance we are not to be found slothful or fearful, no. We must certainly use all the resources within  our powers. Faith is good; trust is good, but know that action speaks loudly on a material world such as this. One cannot sit back and expect to be fed the cup, no. One must grab hold with both hands and make every effort to drink, yes.

Those willing to do those small, seemingly insignificant jobs for Father provide the energy in which larger plans are executed. We thank you for your efforts. Our Mission is not mystical, not fleeting or phenomenon, no. This, our Correcting Time, is practical, useful and necessary if we should see Urantia move into a better age, yes.

Mortal living experience teaches us that Father is indeed all knowing, all powerful. Drinking the cup boldly commits us to a life of ministry to our fellows. Our dedication and commitment to the doing of Father’s will leaves us with the desire to abandon the ego’s desires. You learn to find the ego’s techniques to be quite distasteful. This does not mean you mistrust yourself or are inadequate as a child of God.

Ego is a natural byproduct of being mortal, but as the spirituality grows in individuals you learn to recognize the manifestations of the ego more easily. In detesting the ego and embracing the divine are you granted Father’s Heavenly gifts. Father’s knowledge becomes your  knowledge. Father’s techniques are revealed to you. Father’s personality is obviously present without even your request to perceive it.

Could you call these miracles? perhaps. I know them as those Heavenly gifts that make mortal life well worth living. All  the struggle, agony and mental torment are well worth this vision of God. To know without a doubt that you stand in the presence of God is most definitely worth striving for. To know you are fueled on His very essence leaves you to drink heartily from the cup of “come what may.”

No, this is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not a dangling carrot, not even the light at the end of a long and dark mortal tunnel, no. This promise I speak of is not an enticement for you to be recruited within the family of God–most definitely not. I speak of these things Heavenly as factual effects from fearlessly drinking the cup, choosing the will, embracing your Father’s high ideals.

Learning strength and endurance and detesting the ego’s ways leads us down the eventual path of personal ministration by our Father in Heaven. How blessed are we that He simplifies what we think complex. He clarifies what we find confusing. He sustains us in our weakness. He teaches us the characteristics of a soul who radiates truth, beauty, and goodness. It is said, “we will see it when we believe it.” Those that can be so unshakably dedicated to drinking the mortal cup shall see Heaven on earth. Doubt not my words, for this message hails from Michael Himself, yes. Just a few questions please.


CALVIN: Concerning our opportunity to work with Emulan, how would you like us to schedule that–personal meetings or group interaction?

ABRAHAM: I am in understanding that he is to be viewed as a personal counselor, a spiritual therapist, so to speak. He is gifted at drawing the true individual out to the surface, and this is highly personal, but should there be a need, Emulan can surely speak in my stead. I  can assure you that he has in-depth knowledge of this group and each individual in it. He has attended many meetings and studied a great deal on the inner workings of it. There may be need for him to speak, and yes, that can be arranged. In the meantime lets continue with the personal growth meetings. Is this answering?

Calvin:  Yes. Thanks.

ABRAHAM: You’re welcome. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, can you tell us about Emulan, where he comes from, anything like that?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Emulan hails from a world that has similar strife torn experiences such as Urantia. In his mortal life he was considered successful. He experienced considerable loss of immediate family members and had bouts with mental imbalance.  His embracing the divine empowered him to seek education in the psychiatric field, materially speaking. His morontial career advancements and education furthered his natural gift in this same field. Some may think him to be hardened by his adversity, and therefore so direct and harsh with his words, but this is not the case. While his experience in the flesh made him determined, his personal love of Michael drove him to fully embracing the Spirit of Truth, and from that, his love for Truth has served him and others in his field of expertise, yes. He is direct, yes, but his encouragement allows individuals faith levels to soar, yes. Last question please.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, a lot of our great mortals we have had on this earth in the entertainment field, namely Dean Martin and Bing Crosby and a good number of the others–after they reach the mansion world do they retain all these talents that they have possessed here on this earth?

ABRAHAM: Yes. By my understanding the talent is still present, new talents are revealed. It is personal desire however if one  would progress in these talents, yes.

Rachel:  I’ll sure start at the bottom.

ABRAHAM: I say you do well, as does each one here. I know my mortal talents seemed minimal after my awakening in a new reality. The prospects are limitless, but you can acquire a slight taste of what you may be pursuing after this present reality. Yes. That is all.


I am more in love with you each with every meeting. This week consider your commitment to the drinking of the cup, the doing of the  will. Ponder upon the scale of mortal inconveniences against those Heavenly gifts. Would you even find the lessons to be worth the mental aggravation to acquiring spiritual maturity? Is there trust that the cup leads you to having unshakable strength and endurance. Can you find yourself small enough to say no to the ego and wait upon the word of the Lord?

Yes. I shall be available for those who call on me. I thank you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom

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