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WDC264- Trust

1999-12-05.  Trust

Woods Cross #264

Topic: Trust

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I have so enjoyed your discussion this evening. Your willingness to put forth spiritual ideas opens the mind’s arena towards increased horizons. I am aware that these lessons have brought many questions into your minds, and some of our material can be confusing. I would ask your patience in allowing me to review a few simple ideas that will aid in your understanding. I am always conscious of your feelings, and your willingness to move forward is an inspiration to me, but at this time allow me to say a few words on trust.


Many mortals who strive not for the spiritized mind, or anything divine for that matter, rely upon the ego animalistic instinct to survive in life. To be weak in faith is most definitely a stumbling block in trust. For one to become balanced in all areas of living you need to have faith and trust in one who is higher than you. I am speaking of trust in our Heavenly Caregivers.

You may say, “I am willing to drink the cup,” and then avoid it, for you are going back to a place of comfort. Self-trust is good balance. Self-reliance is necessary in mortal living. Independence is admirable, but when you are desiring to become with spiritized mind, then you need to be entirely faithful and wholly trusting in our Father. You can view His hard lessons and opt for an easier way, as if you are more  knowledgeable than Father concerning your spiritual path.

You can be called to service and look at it as something trivial. “I’ve missed this opportunity. Its acceptable maybe, I’ll participate in the next.” This is not trust in Father and His limitless abilities. Most mortals rely upon what they can see with their material eyes. Those with the  spiritized mind views mortal life through the eyes of Father. If the faith aspect is weak then certainly will you pull back to relying only upon yourself. This is not progress.

You can proclaim with self assurance, “I am without a doubt most certainly willing to drink the mortal cup,” and then allow mistrust in Father to drown out your good intentions. My friends, we will not overcome unstable foundations and imbalanced minds without trust in our  Father and those who assist Him.

Ponder upon your faith\trust capacity this week. When Father calls on you–are you in favor of losing self for Father’s overall good? What of the beloved Spirit of Truth? Where is He in your life? Who is Michael in your mind? What is your concept of Him and His purpose? Is He a figure who sits On High and rules the universe from one place, or is He in motion, sweeping throughout the personal lives of  every mortal who desires to know Him? Can we not trust a Creator who through experience in seven bestowals earned His sovereignty as Creator of the universe?

Certainly Michael knows how easy a child can become mistrusting. Through mortal living there are disappointments and you learn to hold back, trust and protect the heart from further disappointment. I have said this before–Father and our Creator Son are unlike any example you have experienced. They are entirely capable and trustworthy to handle the plans of your pathway to them.

Can we view Father’s open doors and pass, and expect to become with spiritized mind? No. The Spirit of Truth can certainly assist in renewing your faith and endowing you with spiritual power from On High. He cannot bestow this upon you so that you will have faith. No. You must first have faith and trust in His all powerful abilities in order to receive.

This is quite an eventful time in Urantian history. Great changes take place everyday. The changes leave mortals tossing about on an ocean of uncertainty. The spiritized mind is your life preserver. With a spiritized mind can you go about in your life in the same manner you always have? No. Can a fellow spurn you and you take your revenge having been transformed by the spiritized mind? No. Can you constantly seek unearned attention so as to gain energy from your fellows if you are with spiritized mind? No. You do not need to. You already have it.

Your dedication to preserving your spiritual life is inevitable progression. In these changing times, my friends, we will need well balanced spiritized individuals to maintain mass balance. The upsets of mortal living create such ripples of negativity. With you, our well balanced students, we will be the calm in the storm.


This week journal on how your own personal habits have changed since your involvement with this Mission. How has your mind and  mannerisms changed? Do you have the faith\trust to seek Father’s synchronistic doors to be of service? Are you feeling prepared to assist in calming the storms in mortal living? That is all. As always, I send you with my deepest love. Next week we will have questions–until  then, shalom.

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