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WDC265- Draw Close To Michael

1999-12-19.  Draw Close To Michael

Woods Cross #265

Topic: Draw Close To Michael

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How honored I am to be a part of this warm and loving group. Your good thoughts and intentions are a  visible energy to me. I am feeling as a parent, who looks at his children and realize how much they have grown. Yes.

During this holiday season we find it beneficial to the planet, as well as the universe, that there is an abundant amount of focus on Christ. I feel Michael’s presence as a person in peril viewing his rescuer. The bond we have built together, Michael and I, keeps me always striving forward.

I am not burdened with hopelessness. I am not overwhelmed by spiritual tasks. I am not offended by the thoughtlessness of others. I am always a force of good. Michael is in me and I in Him. His Spirit of Truth stabilizes my feelings and thoughts. I am more because He is with me. EMULAN would speak.


EMULAN: Greetings brothers and sisters. I can say that no man goes to the Father except through Jesus. The Master is the door, His Spirit of Truth, a liberator. To be endowed with wisdom and power from On High is most definitely evidence that the Spirit of Truth frequents your everyday living.

Do you find that you can bring a positive light into every aspect of mortal living? Can you uplift a fellow mortal from negativity? Can you without effort attract the attention of your fellows without thoughts for self aggrandizement? These traits, my friends, are evidence  that Michael is a daily part of your life.

The Spirit of Truth is an ever new and fresh spiritual outlook. This Spirit speaks to the hearts of mortals allowing them to have immediate spiritual answers. Closeness with Michael shakes stagnating foundations and builds upon living truth. A personal relationship with the Master updates your consciousness to the current workings of the universe.

Religions, who have failed the people, embrace the old ideas of the Master’s short life and death on Urantia. They tend to cling to the  old writings, and therefore, limiting their capacity to receive new information from Michael’s Spirit. Many in formal religions grow bored and weary for they are not served through their leadership.

A religion(ist) that can embrace Christ as a new and ever moving consciousness will teach the masses how to live better each day. Michael is indeed the reflection of your own truth. He would show you new and better ways to live in harmony. His truth is to liberate you from those mortal pressures and old ways of thinking.

Michael is a loving Brother\Father who would seek to be a part of your everyday life. He bestows such an energy that you are feeling protected from life’s daily grind. This protection is spiritual power. The world and all its difficulties, sickness,  heartache, stress, loneliness and confusion are no match for the Spirit of Truth.

Spiritual power is asking Michael to walk before you. It is being able to walk away with peace from someone who has wronged you. Closeness with Michael is detachment from ego attachments. A personal relationship with Michael is the power to face seemingly  unbearable adversity and be about the Father’s business without hesitation.

His Spirit seeks to embrace your lives in every moment, every day. He is a force of spiritual power and universe insight. Books and  philosophies may come and go, but Michael’s Spirit is the living truth that would keep you current with the changing times. For those seeking to be with spiritized minds can do no better than to call upon the Master Himself.

Said Jesus, “follow me.” He is the door to greater spiritual realities. Allow for moments to contemplate His presence and personality daily. Ask that you be baptized in the Spirit of living water. Relay to Michael that you are committed to drinking the cup and you know He also bears that cup with you. Speak with Him as a Friend, Brother, Father, Co-worker and Counselor.

He is all pervading in Spirit and practically unlimited in power and insight. No man goes to the Father except through Jesus. Allow His Spirit to fill you with the power to ‘carry on’ and the insight to understanding ‘why’. Average everyday mortal life can be unbearable for some. For those who are familiar with the Spirit of Truth thrive on these daily challenges.


During the week note your moments of feeling empowered by the Spirit to go forth to do things you thought you had  not courage or confidence to do. Be conscious of the credit you may take in going about doing good with this power. You can become imbalanced. Note how you know things you should not. Note your fresh insight and confidence to carry out spiritual tasks.

Next week we will have a guest, the Master, Himself. We are coming into difficult times my friends. We are looking to rely on individuals who are spiritually strong and adequately balanced in mind and ego. We find it of the utmost necessity to draw ever closer to the Master. In this next week He will share a few words with us. Each week we meet I love you more. Farewell.

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