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WDC266- The Master’s Hand

1999-12-26.  The Master’s Hand

Woods Cross #266

Topic: The Master’s Hand

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. What a beautiful energy we have here this evening. All of you make it possible for us to find comfort and calm in our ministry to you. Your warm reception of us strengthens that connection between the spiritual and the material. Your desire to learn affects you as a universe sojourner, but your desire to love and be loved affects the whole of the universe. This evening I am particularly joyful, for the personal touch of the Master’s hand blesses us.


MICHAEL: Be joyful, my children, and exceedingly glad, for I, your Father\Brother, am among you this evening. I do appreciate all your efforts made towards furthering this Correcting Time. I know of your struggles and understand that you view the road ahead as difficult and almost impassable.

I am above that road. I am around the road. I am in the road. I know every angle you must strive from. I know the barriers of the ego that  blocks your path. I have a complete map and understand the provisions you must prepare for in order to travel. I am the road. I am your guide.

Where you are incomplete–I will complete. Where you are lacking–I will fulfill. In your loneliness–I will be there. I understand mortal desire. I understand the feelings of being limited or being oppressed. I understand feelings of inferiority and superiority, balance and imbalance.  Where you fall short–there am I. Where you are unsatisfied–I will compensate with understanding. Where you are inadequate–I will take up. Where you are weak–I will strengthen you. When you are confused–I will clarify. I seek to live in you and through you, to minister to you and to your fellows. I seek to correct your unspiritized thinking. I seek to correct through you. I will work for you. I will work through you.

I have many tasks that lie before me. I have responsibility to my universe, my Father, the God in time, and you. I find these tasks my  complete joy and satisfaction. I am ever challenged by these universe chores. I seek the darkest of the dark and find it my utmost pleasure to bring light. This is my duty as your Sovereign Creator of Nebadon. These responsibilities are what I thrive on. Would you allow me such joy to be a living presence in your lives? Would you allow me to fulfill my duties as universe Sovereign? Would you allow me to reap the pleasure I find in being at-one with you, my children?

The spiritual destiny ahead is not a secret. The spiritual life is not covered over by a mortal veil. The living truth of all things spiritual is in  plain view. You are most definitely now, and have always been, allowed to partake in the universe happenings. I have seen to it. My dear children, I would not leave you alone at any time to trudge through your mortal difficulties so they may teach you divine values, not at all. I rather would have you know that your mortal difficulties are nothing else than your divine tasks and responsibilities–likened to my own, and I am with you every moment along the way.

I would seek to strengthen you and empower you with divine understanding and insight. I would lift you, my children, above the fog of  the ego to the clear blue skies of divine purpose. I do not look down upon you and say, “be corrected, my children, for you are in error,” not at all. I hold your hand in mine and sit face to face and say, “my child, I am in understanding. I have a clear view of all there is to see. I would choose to take this particular path.”

I am your helpmate. There is nothing that can shake me or divert my attention from the purpose at hand. I am not an angry king who rules over men that can be offered bargains or self sacrifices in trade for spiritual leniency. I am your co-worker who seeks to make you more than you are. My children, I live to see you soar. Open your hearts and understand who I really am.

Allow me my work in this kingdom. Allow me my place at your table. Where you are weak and in need–I can even without effort strengthen and fulfill. Allow your burdens to be cast aside. Allow your mind to be free from worry and concern. Open yourself to receive my Spirit. Allow me to wash your incorrect thinking. Allow me to bestow love where you are empty. Allow me to refresh when you are weary.

I require a few of my children to carry on my work for the betterment of the planet, as well as the universe. You should be in top spiritual condition. I know of your thirst for the living water. I am with cup, my children. I know of your mortal hunger. Allow me to feed you with the bread of life. I am so that you would be made more. I love you. Carry on. Farewell.


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, our most thoughtful Brother\Father, for your personal touch. We will most certainly be aware of your personal touch every day. I am with grateful heart and overflowing with love and hope.

My friends, take not lightly the Master’s words, for we’ve tasks before us. Open yourselves to His nourishment, and ponder upon  your courage to accept the Master’s words. The kingdom is requiring tremendous spiritual effort. Self mastery is key. Look for the door, my friends. Call upon the Master. That is all. Until next week, shalom.

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