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WDC267- 1st Step In Self Mastery

2000-01-02.  1st Step In Self Mastery

Woods Cross #267

Topic: First Step in Self Mastery

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a welcoming spirit we have here this evening. The calm and steady energy makes our communications more clear. What a full week you have had. Your reception of the Master’s words were absorbed to deep mind levels. You are learning to expect Him as a daily live presence in your lives. The beauty that comes therefrom will make significant changes in your lives. Not to worry. These changes are not about discomfort, but about broadening spiritual vision, opening divine circuits within the mind.


Our Master has laid out a plan before us. His beautiful words encourage us and fill us with hope to execute His requests. To know Michael is not especially relief from mortal pressures, no, but help and understanding as to why we must experience them. A relationship with Michael is to bring all things dark out into His light, and this can be difficult. He desires to teach you how to travel through the universe career and  toward finding our Paradise Father. In the midst of darkness or untruth there is confusion concerning the route to Paradise. There is not advancement in staying in darkness.

A relationship with Michael is correcting those dark corners and endowing you with skills to advance. His ways are a clear reality which may cause you some humiliation, but from humiliation there is not reliance upon your own understanding. From humiliation there is the humbled mind in asking for divine guidance. The truth shall set you free. Even truth in its most harsh form is a light shed upon a new and better way, not a punishment, no, but a torch lit upon the spiritual path to Paradise.

Many individuals on a mortal planet live daily in the desire of only understanding surface level ideas. They see the truth as cold and brutal. Many fear the truth for they fear its power over them. Truth does have power, but only if positive results come from it. If we fear truth, and are set in our ways, we are not advancing. We are not free. Michael is complete truth, and when we fear truth, we are inclined to fear Him. We are putting walls up between us and His divine essence.

The most difficult truth to bear is self truth. Inadequacies or short comings are fuel to the ego’s fire. When we recognize something unpleasant about ourselves, it is difficult to look at that and say, “I am that. I desire understanding so that I may correct or improve.” Many mortal  responses would rather be, “I am that only because somebody made me that way.” Blaming is casting Michael’s light off of yourself and remaining in ignorance.

To become aware of an unpleasant self truth is not to cause shame, but to stir the divine energies within. To admit this shortcoming is the first step in asking for help from the divine Caretakers. Look not outside for others to take responsibility for your faults. Allow Michael’s Spirit to turn you inward and listen for divine assistance. The world will become better if only one individual at a time can improve upon a dark spot in their behavior.

To face your faults is spiritual bravery, not something to shame you into striving for personal betterment, no. To bravely face   personal defects is removal of an obstacle upon the path to Paradise. It is our Master’s job to place the truth before us, and personally speaking, He is gentle beyond my own understanding. To know Him is to have steady growth. Admitting to Him you recognize a personal fault is asking Him for a new and better way to live, asking Him to remove an obstacle upon your eternal path.

Even the citizens of worlds settled in Light and Life take the recognition of personal faults with a rejoicing attitude. They are so happy to  have awareness and be able to take action towards correction. They have not difficulty turning inward with an open mind and bravely facing what could very well be a personal flaw.

Allow the Master to guide you inward to a place of complete truth, a beautiful realm in which there is not embarrassment, nor shame, nor the knowledge that everyone will know of your faults. Let Him guide you to a place of spiritual light. Lay out your self-recognition of shortcomings and view it honestly from the Master’s perspective. Confer with Him. He is your counsel and friend–not a judge.

This honest viewing of where you fall short is the first step in self mastery. Be not anxious to correct too quickly, for these lessons need to be internally digested for a lasting effect. These personal flaws are between you and your divine Caretakers. They stand by ready to assist.  Their happiness is your success.


This week focus on the Master’s presence. Should self flaws come to mind that you believe would be helpful in removing obstacles upon  your path, then by all means, take it and go before the Master, confer with Him. Be aware of the ego’s denial, for the ego believes the path is just fine how it is. My friends, you are a continuing joy in my existence and I deeply love you. Until next week, shalom.

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