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WDC268- Be Ready for His Light

2000-01-09. Be Ready for His Light

Woods Cross #268

Topic: Be Ready For His Light

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Welcome, my friends. I am so eternally grateful for Father and His continuing abundance. He looks after even the smallest things and treats it with high priority. What a gift we have in His Son, our Brother\Father Michael! I ask at times who are we that we are deserving of such love and watchcare? Michael, our elder Brother, is always at hand to make all that we are, do, and have, better.


It has become a familiar pattern to some that their relationship with Michael is close and well tended to, when somehow things get in the way and the relationship slips. The closeness is not there like it was. Michael is the Spirit of Truth, and where He is, there is truth. He seeks to uplift each individual, thereby uplifting the whole. Individuals may choose to postpone receiving Michael’s light, but this also puts a wedge in-between the relationship you would have with Him.

How do you know for sure what truths Michael may be revealing for your consideration for action, truths that may reveal stumbling blocks, things that cause you mental anguish time after time? When His light is shown upon these dark patches He is helping you to face reality. Michael is helping you to choose a new and better way. He is helping you to quit repeating old techniques that only serve to continue  to cycle around again and again.

A friend I am assisting at this time is attempting to change a behavior pattern of being chronically shy. This shyness is keeping her from being her true self. This shyness makes her avoid people and situations, and she is not gaining her full mortal experience. At first my friend did not wish to acknowledge this character defect. This defect affected her life directly in a negative manner. At first she denied the defect, not wanting to be burdened by anything else that says she is not good or less than she should be.

This woman grew weary of her shortcoming and realized the negative affects it had on her and those she loved. Is shyness a sin, no, but most definitely something she wanted to be free from. She laid her dilemma at the feet of her Master. The Master then proceeded to enlighten her with the details of why she had this character defect and where it may have originated from.

My friend had memories of feeling inferior, not as good as everyone else. Her peers had reinforced her ideas that she was less then them. She remembered situations that happened that made her hide or go within and keep her eyes to the floor. She felt ashamed and thought it best not to bother others with who she really was.

Michael then worked with her to restructure her way of thinking. He stood ever nearby and continuously whispered to her, “You are a child of the living God. You are acknowledged as His daughter. You have a purpose and destiny to fulfill. You have much to give and so much to live in this mortal life. You need to set your eyes upon me. No longer will you look down and feel less than others. Keep me in your sights and know your place in the Kingdom is secured.”

Slowly she became aware of Michael’s presence and began to believe in Him and His words. She was on her way toward healing. Michael and other personalities had set her up in situations which would give her practice. This is where I come in. I stood by her and  reinforced Michael’s ideas to her and gave her tips on various actions she could take.

My friend does well. She moves about life with a bit more freedom these days. Is her shyness gone? No. Is it better? Yes. Is it the stumbling block it once was? No. Everyday she becomes more free to be who she was meant to be. Michael bestows liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. [1]

This week continue in your efforts to become closer to the Master. Be not afraid of His truth. Recognize those stumbling blocks that you need to have Michael look into. What do you find in your lives that cause you to separate from love and those things that are from a divine source. What causes you to quarrel with your fellows? What keeps you in a continuous cycle of non-liberty? Keep you eyes on Him. Be ready for His light. Journal some, talk with one another some, pray some. I would take only a few questions.


HARRISON: Abraham, I have been thinking of writing regarding my grandmother and mother. Is it possible for me to know either one’s or both of their spiritual names? My grandmother has passed away.

ABRAHAM: One moment. I am not able to find your grandmother’s spiritual name, but your mother’s name is Annaley.

Harrison:  Thank you Abraham.

ABRAHAM:  Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I asked Calvin to meet with me this week and you to talk about some health issues. Would that be all right with you?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am available. Yes.

Miriam:  Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Another question?

CAROL: Abraham, I have a question regarding one of my sisters, who has involved me in a possible writing of her story, and how it might effect her family–whether this would be a good thing if she was to do this? I am not sure. I wonder if you know anything about it?

ABRAHAM: I am aware that there could be much self healing for her, yes, very therapeutic, but also these words could help others who have had the same experience. These are touchy situations and tact is very important. Gentleness of words and non-biased attitude speaks volumes. If the individual is ready the Spirit will guide. You can help keep the focus by remembering to allow the spiritual helpers to aid in the writing. Does this help?

Carol:  Thank you very much. It does indeed.

ABRAHAM: You’re welcome. One more question.

CALVIN: Abraham, this last week you ask me to look at something way back-that if I could come to terms with would solve or would come half way to correct this problem. Did I touch that nerve or did I miss the nerve? You know what I mean.

ABRAHAM: I am aware that you have accepted a revelation of sorts from Father. Your willingness to receive these hard lessons is  commendable. You have touched upon the issue, and yet it is only the beginning. Not to worry though, your open attitude makes it easy for Michael to teach you, but you could do well by slowing down a bit, maintaining a balance, really absorbing the Master’s understanding. My overall view on this though is you are learning to trust in Michael, and with that comes His lessons, which may be difficult but most definitely worth it. That is all.

Calvin:  Thank you very much.


ABRAHAM:  I am as always touched by each one of your sweet fragrances of personalities. You are always my reason to smile. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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