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WDC269- One Step Closer To Him

2000-01-16.  One Step Closer To Him

Woods Cross #269

Topic: One Step Closer To Him

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. You are a wonderful reason for me to be glad each week we can meet. I am in gratitude to Father for He oversees my every need. He combines my experiences to produce divine meanings and values so that I may advance and take one step closer to Him, yes.


In my days in the flesh I viewed life as a battle, and that I must continually gird myself with weapons for defense. I knew not that each one of my experiences taught me how to move one step closer to who I was to be, and to my divine caretakers, who planned my destiny. With the  help of my mentor and friend, Machiventa, I was able to see my experiences were valuable, and I had to understand life’s contrasts to move up in spiritual levels of understanding.

One who is prejudiced cannot understand the pain of it unless they have been the recipient of prejudice. To advance in spiritual understanding you need to experience the full spectrum of mortal living. Your experience is shaping who you are becoming. It is moving you one step at a  time closer to your Father.

Do you struggle with those character flaws that place obstacles on your divine path? If you are gaining value from this then the struggle  is good. Can you be close to Michael, and yet shun His light upon personal unpleasantries? No. He shows you these things so that you may take yet another step closer to Father and become who you were really meant to be.

Should you choose to forgo these experiences–then certainly must you know they will continue in the life after this one. Expect experience; know these things will occur; know that these things will move you closer to Father. One cannot be devoted to drinking the cup, and  then complain about mortal experiences. All will experience certain events that will either bring light and growth or bitterness and darkness.

In humility you are teachable. In despair you are giving up on your own understanding. It is not necessary to fly into emotional upheaval during experiences, for you know Father is at work and your advancement is forthcoming. Does emotional upheaval serve? No. It may be a natural instinct, but with the practice of self-mastery you can gain control over your emotional state, and remain calm to  receiving divine instructions.

I have a friend\student who from the time he was a child thought himself to be above everyone else. He thought he was superior as far as mortals went. Events would happen to him that would make him believe that God was indeed cursing him. He could not understand why such injustices would befall such a superior mortal as himself.

Was God unjust in allowing this experience to occur to this child of His? No. He was allowing natural evolutionary procedures to unfold to teach this child how to go one step closer to Him. This mans pride and ego was the lesson to be unfolded, not the unjust laws of the universe. The character flaw was the enemy to this mans life. Not necessarily a sin, but valuable experience to wade through, understand it, and work it out.

Did Father and Michael aid in his humility? Yes, to a point where the light of truth exposed his character flaw. Each mortal will  know feelings of superiority and inferiority, envy and kindness, cruelty and love, justice and injustice. These experiences are a gift that helps you to become a responsible universe citizen. Is my friend\student changed by the light of Michael’s truth? Yes he is.

Michael revealed to him the origin of his character flaw of superiority, and that Father was not knocking him down, but pointing him upward, getting his attention, so to speak. My friend now understands his early childhood training had led him to believe that he was above others. His character flaw presented obstacles on his mortal path where he could not maintain friendships or relationships or even parent correctly.

Experience brought him to the understanding that a change was needed. An imprisonment such as this was not worth the maintenance. His children took the focus off himself long enough to ask for Michael’s light and liberty to show his children a new and better way.

Michael asks that you do not punish yourself for the realization of these shortcomings. That is indeed a waste of time–instead focus your eyes upon Him and allow Him to take you through the experience in His gentle manner. Receive the most from these experiences by remaining observant of your surroundings. Do not fly into emotional upheavals. Concentrate on the value to be produced from  mortal experiences. Humility is not punishment or belittling from the divine care-takers, no. It is an open ear, a receiving mind, an understanding heart, yes.

This week I ask you to ask yourselves: If I have committed myself to Michael can I complain of the cup put before me? Can I relax in  His watchcare and be observant of things to unfold? Does self-belittling serve? Does a humble heart serve?


I am sorry–no questions this evening. I am scheduled to be elsewhere, but know that I am available to you each during the week. Plan  for quiet time to connect with those divine sources. As always my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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