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WDC270- Self Mastery Is The Key

2000-01-23.  Self Mastery Is The Key

Woods Cross #270

Topic: Self Mastery is the Key

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. My greetings to you, friends. I so much enjoy your conversation and the sharing of your experiences. It has proven true how valuable your mortal experience really is. You cannot make spiritual understanding out of just existing. No. It is necessary to live these experiences and take what you can from them.



I understand that some experienced difficulty with the emotional aspects of these experiences. I have had my emotional days in the flesh also. I can however console your mind with the decrease in emotional flare ups when you have become more spiritized in mind.

Michael’s Spirit of Truth is a compass that points the planet into the direction of Light and Life. The betterment of one becomes the  betterment of all. Self-mastery is the key. The exposure of character flaws leads you to find healing and liberty from them, correction, if you will.

It is difficult to know where to begin when making effort towards improving upon self-mastery. The mortal experience is priceless in learning to exercise self-mastery. Though these shortcomings may be difficult to bear, they are helping to bring Urantia into a new and better age. Self-discipline is difficult in a world of self-indulgence. So many seemingly empty souls indulge daily in things that would appear to bring fulfillment.

In the days of old self-discipline was somewhat forced, but with technology the minds of men and women have become ease seeking and put their faith in things material. Mortals find it difficult to go without when their neighbor waves their good fortune in their face. Self-indulgence has been looked upon as normal, as the popular thing to do.

In the early days of our Mission the minds of mortals were ego centered and without much spiritual foundation. Spirituality proved to be with self-denial and too many rules. A child who is always carried does not learn to walk. A child who is always indulged expects the world to owe him, to cater to him. A child who is taught ‘no’ early on learns that he needs to be responsible as a citizen in society and do his share–minister and be ministered to.

I do not speak here of self-denial, but self-discipline–being able to master the self and strengthen the divine connection. The Master could go a great length of time without food or water. He took no note of an emptiness in His bodily system. His mind was quite full and centered upon God. You can say when the soul is nourished the body, or things material, becomes secondary.

Does not the mature adult learn to save his fortune for the better quality things in life? You know that today’s self-gratification does not secure tomorrow’s bread. Today’s self-gratification does not secure the good of the whole. What is self-discipline but a redirecting of focus. Where is your focus? Can you nurture the soul and know that the material emptiness is just temporary? Yes.

The Master could be found from time to time dashing the hopes of His fellow apostles with the reality of the Kingdom. The apostles hung their hats upon a material hook and the Master would chastise them, and even though His words were seemingly harsh, this chastisement spoke to their souls–it redirected their focus.

Is self-chastisement acceptable? Certainly, to a point. Self-chastisement serves when your focus is redirected back towards the spiritual Kingdom. It is not self-punishment or self-denial. It is not causing a well of hunger for other things. It is a closeness with Father and  a trust that said, “I will wait upon the word of the Lord.” Many can say, “I am too weak to practice self-discipline. I am only made more desirous of material things. I am only further separated from my God.” This is old thinking.

The new way should focus on the participation in leading Urantia further into the stages of Light and Life. “I can have self-discipline for it serves the world. It brings the reality of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God into focus.” Is refraining from flying  into emotional upheaval self-discipline? Yes. Is being observant and staying clam, while waiting on the word of the Lord, self-mastery? Yes.

I know these things are difficult when in the flesh. I have lived it, but I can promise you as you begin these practices the logic and practicality will become apparent. It will become as if there were no other way. This week define self-discipline and self-denial. What is the difference? What is self-chastisement? Note your self-indulgence versus self-discipline. Does the nurturing of the soul minister to your material needs? A few questions.



HARRISON: Abraham, we would like to introduce you to Mark. It has been a pleasure having him here with us.

ABRAHAM: Greetings Mark. Welcome.

MARK: I have a technological question that is about our spirit name. How do you realize it? Where and how and when is it generated?

ABRAHAM: I receive the spiritual names from the personal Father Fragments. The names are now given upon spiritual realization of each person. The names used to be given upon fusion with the Thought Adjuster. Now we find the early receiving of these names creates a greater spiritual connection and allows each individual to know their place in the spiritual Kingdom is secured. I am quite fortunate to be witness to this new age of enlightenment, and it is certainly touching for me to see the Father Fragment speak the name of His beloved child, in whom He accompanies. Is this answering Mark?

Mark:  Somewhat. Thank you.

ABRAHAM:  Another question?

CAROL: Inaudible. If it will bring me closer spiritually I would like to know my spiritual name.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. One moment. I am informed they know you On High as Sarauna. Yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, that was most interesting. That is the name that came to me while you were saying that to her. That is the first time that has happened to me. I have a question. It seems like my mortal experiences that are hard to take happen way more often than I would like. Is that foolishness that allows that to happen or is it foolishness not to expect it. I think you know my question there. It seems like they are way too much for comfort.

ABRAHAM: I understand that question is best answered by the feelings you have afterward, or the fruits produced therefrom, or the spiritual poisons that arise. I understand your enthusiasm to seek these out and have correction. It is not  that simple. Time and experience play a role in learning spiritual values and meanings. If there is not learning or fruits produced, then there is not value in the experience. There needs to be time allotted for lesson absorption. You know you cannot demand immediate answers and have value therein. Life is an unfolding, not watching over your shoulder for the next big event to hit. It would serve you each to allow for natural unfolding, natural evolution. Father cannot be forced into hurrying these lessons. He is not waiting until you are not looking to drop one on you. His universe workings are calculated for the best overall value and understanding to occur within as many of His children that are open to it. The stillness is ideal for energy recharge to tackle these mortal experiences. A time in quiet reflection is aligning your will with Father’s, an alignment is peace in mind and heart. A complete trust in Father is relaxing that part of you which worries that you are not keeping up. Is this answering?

CALVIN: Very, very helpful. Thank you. I would love to voice that Angie is here. You know her from the Pocatello group.

ABRAHAM: Welcome. Have you a question?

ANGIE: I don’t think so. I find it depressing to be moved again in a new area. I am ready to go back to Pocatello. This has been hard.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Any mortal changes are difficult and it is common to long for the ways of old. It is important that you find comfort in your surroundings. Too much depression may cause you to become a bit separated from things divine. Lose not hope, my daughter. Your Father looks after your best interests and seeks your happiness.

This is for Dorinda: Have not worry, nor be anxious. You cannot act with your spiritual knowledge in these feelings. There will always be times that your spiritual feelings are out of sorts. Even beyond this world there is not always feelings of comfort. Know that in these times you must reach up for Father because He is reaching down for you. That is all.


I am with honor and love to know you each, and I carry you in my thoughts all week. I am with love for you. Until next week, shalom.

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