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WDC271- Learn God

2000-04-03.  Learn God

Woods Cross #271

Topic: Learn God

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How magnificent it is to know that when we can meet–God is increased. Being in the material form we must go by faith. When you gather, your faith is upheld and increased, and Father becomes more real. What a joy to ponder–God among us–God increased–the Kingdom of Heaven, becoming an ordinary concept within your minds, natural, as if it had always been that way.


Stillness time is most definitely required to keep your relationship with Father fresh and growing, but these lessons we are learning now concern the Brotherhood. Again, I say the word Brotherhood is just a mortal term that more encompasses all men and women. Let us not feel separation from simple word terminology. When there is separation the Brotherhood is not reality.

The mortal experience requires you to learn the concept of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. Where you are gathered God is increased. He is more. I speak of this particular group at this time. Of course, there have been times where God was less or decreased due to ego interference, but this is part of our learning experience.

My friends, you have the ability to make God more wherever you go, with whomever you meet. You have a wonderful relationship with one another here now, and most of the time, the Spirit here is obvious. God is increased, yes. You also can bring Father into everyday living  situations with those you know. I mean not to say preach to your fellows from the text, or from your beliefs, so as to right their wrong thinking, no, not at all. I mean to be a living example of the Spirit, in whom we live, move and have our being.

Is it possible to put Father before you? Is it logical that He desires to be integrated with every phase of your life? Can we learn to set aside what we feel we need in favor of asking Father what does He need? “What would you wish for me to do with this situation, my Father?” Can we ask and trust that He has heard us and the answer is forthcoming? Yes, of course.

Children for the most part believe in the knowledge of their parents. A parent, or an older, wiser adult, feels confident in their knowledge, as opposed to a child, not having not much experience to relate to. A parent should know most everything a child would assume, and a parent  may find satisfaction in the faith that the child has in them.

When a parent and an older, supposedly wiser adult is mistaken, is the first thing on their mind to apologize and allow for correction? Not all the time. Some parents, or prideful adults, would rather smooth over the issue with their logic so as to not appear foolish or wrong. A good parent in the first place asks Father to go before them and make effort to be Spirit-led in all their answers to the child’s questions.

If they are somehow proven wrong, they can be honest with the younger, and supposedly less wise child, and allow for correction. The Spirit-led individual fears not correction. The good parent knows they are also always learning and growing. Correction appears not to be a blow to the ego, but a light in the darkness. There is rejoicing on the part of the parent and the child, who is learning to believe in themselves also.

A parent or adult can make effort to show themselves to also be learning and open, which gives a child freedom to be who they really are. This is increasing God. This is allowing the Spirit to teach. This is setting aside desired outcomes, or food for the ego, in favor of being nourished from the living Spirit. This is creating spiritual current between individuals.

To allow Father to go before you is giving Him freedom to work through you, to use your hands and voice, to listen with your ears and see with your eyes. This is God increased. I very much understand how individuals make it difficult for Father to be present between you and the  individual. I know that it can be difficult to have Father’s presence increased in some situations. Some people you know make it difficult to stand aside and allow Father to work and have His presence among you.

While you may not see the fruits produced from your efforts, believe me, there are always seeds planted and the goodness you show can only have good effects, even to the dismay of the other individual you are involved with. Connection with Father is detachment from  others opinions. Their harsh words are only drops of water that evaporate in the midday sun. Their words are only there for a minute, but the love of God is there for eternity.


I am sorry, no questions. I am scheduled to be elsewhere. This week I ask that you practice allowing Father to go before you in all situations. Can you bring that increased God you feel here with each other to the world out there among your fellows? Ponder upon the power you have to create a divine current between you and other individuals, and please, do not worry so much. The spiritual poisons make this exercise difficult. Worry is a spiritual poison.

Take joy, my friends, at the reality of God increased. Look at the beauty in the world and know that Father is in the midst of it. Be not prone to hopelessness of negative happenings. Allow Father to go first. I would be happy to meet with any of you in your private journaling time. I am as always with more love as each week goes by, my friends. Until next week, Shalom.

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