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WDC286- Natural Evolution

2000-07-24.  Natural Evolution

Woods Cross #286

Topic: Natural Evolution

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to stop in our busy lives to take in spiritual nourishment. We spend the week using or manipulating energy to live the best way we know how. To meet together like this is a drink from  the well of well-being. At times it is good to just stop and be free from worries, pressures and the constant daily striving. When we can meet and focus on things spiritual we can go forth into the week armed with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.


How blessed are we that Father would see to our personal well-being even when we become too busy to notice. These lessons we receive help us to advance in spirituality enough to be of service to our fellows. I am certain you  have divine abilities, but your faith is what carries you.

[TR: I am telling him I can’t hear him very well–so give me a minute. Mark makes a mad dash to shut off a TV, air  conditioner, tell the cricket to go to sleep, get a yellow shirt because yellow is supposedly good for communication and shut off a clock.] Thank you, Mark.

ABRAHAM: We have some times to release our difficulties long enough to be able to receive divine information. When you have the “need” to control your environment–you are “god.” You are overseeing all that occurs around you. You are compounding your difficulties manifold when you feel the “need” to control. The pressures from this “need” bring  mindal confusion and exhaustion. Father is literally forced to stand aside until you can quiet the mind and really listen.

If you have mistrust in those people you see before your eyes–then chances are–there is mistrust of Father. This is not out of the ordinary and time will show you that Father is unlike any human you have known. He is able to see with the eyes of the past, present and future. He is not one who would tempt you with rewards of the Kingdom to force you into doing His bidding. Father is about allowing natural evolution to take place.

In allowing evolution to work there are numerous beings involved and each one gains the experience they need to further their spiritual education. In allowing natural evolution to unfold there is less pressure upon individuals and clear  incoming divine messages. Your attempts to control your surroundings block divine information, solutions and new ideas.

You can have desires; you can have needs you wish fulfilled, and with complete trust in Father, you know He knows this. You know He is able to fulfill these desires better than you can, no matter how much effort you put into trying  to control and manipulate. Father knows those empty places inside you and in each place there is a lesson. In each lesson there is experience gained by numerous beings if natural evolution is allowed to unfold as it should.

Why is there so much stress and illness in mind and body in the world today? Why would individuals spend all that they earn to fulfill those empty places inside? Why would these children of God climb upon the backs of their fellows to get ahead in life? Why would God-knowing individuals not trust that Father knows their inner desires and can fulfill them beyond their own expectations?

Control is force, pressure and strain. Natural evolution is allowing, receiving and moving. Control is frustration and  wasted energy. Natural evolution is peace and helping energy to move. Can one say to the sky “do not rain,” no, but one can bring an umbrella. How much control do you have anyway? How do you exhaust your human resources without verging upon being controlling? Of course, you must make effort in your daily lives. Of course, you must strive to do all you can, but when your mind becomes so entangled with confusion and frustration because you are not granted what you have worked so hard for, then are you in the area of controlling.

You can raise a child with values and give him all the love that you can, but you cannot force him to behave in a way you see fit. You have control over how you have loved this child, taught this child, but when this child grows up, he will do what he thinks fit. You have not control over that. You can do all that you can and the rest is up to the child and  his Indwelling God. How healthy in spirit, mind and body if we could relax and allow Father’s natural evolution to move! How many numerous beings would be affected by being allowed to gain experience from this natural evolution?

It all begins with trust in our Supreme Caretakers, my friends. Father has an adventure mapped out for you that  is perfect in every way. When you struggle to control the adventure then Father must step aside and that is where you get lost, that is where relationships are dissolved, that is where stress begins, that is where the body and mind are adversely affected.


This week think about natural evolution and how you may attempt to control it. I am in such gratitude to Father for my particular adventure. I have been places and learned things I could not have done on my own. I thank Him for His care, and I would now after having had my experiences, looked back and regretted my mistrust in Him–even this He  understands. As always I give to you, my friends, my love and appreciation. Go into this next week with peace in your hearts and clarity in your minds. Until next time, shalom.

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