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WDC287- Relinquish Control

2000-07-31.  Relinquish Control

Woods Cross #287

Topic: Relinquish Control

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings friends. I do look forward each week to meeting with you. There is always something new to discuss. There is always wisdom to be gained and enlarged capacity to receive divine understanding. We are learning that our journey is not so much of a quest as it is an adventure. In allowing the unfolding we can perceive with the eyes of the Spirit and learn greater realities.


In the process of transmitting\receiving one must let go of self to be open to new ideas and concepts. In learning to put down that childish behavior of being controlling we are asking Father to make us more than we are. When we learn  to embrace our Father’s plan of natural evolution we are intrigued by the adventure, more than we are in fear of what is to come. We can trust in our Caretakers to see to our needs, for they are included in the map to Paradise.

What does force bring us? Can you force a tree to grow? No. It is accepted that nature sees to the well-being of the tree and its growth takes many years. Acceptance, my friends, is key to being able to allow for natural evolution. A training in mind helps you to find this acceptance. To contemplate, journal and have discussion with others aids in  your acceptance of natural evolution. We learn to become lost so that Father can show us our divine purpose and make us more than we are. We relinquish control for divine power.

The son of self-love highly craved control over his surroundings. He chose not to wait for natural evolution, but  to force his own desires off onto others. In his control he felt powerful and regarded as important. He took much pleasure out of taking something away from God that added to his sense of self worth. To be controlling fed his ego and put him above others.

This son was already loved beyond measure and was granted divine power when he had released any control, but he saw this as mundane and being the same as everyone else. He could not grasp the “group concept.” He could not stand side by side with his fellows and work among them. He had great desire to lord over them. He was truly individualistic.

To be controlling has many roots of origin. One may feel the need to control out of fear of the unknown. “Should I  embrace natural evolution, where will I end up?” Another reason one may be controlling is out of the need to feel important. Another controlling person may be simply ease-seeking and delegate their work to others. As we let go of our need to control, Father bestows upon us His divine power, and it is entirely much more fulfilling than holding onto this childish behavior. “As a child I had the things of a child. As an adult I put childish things away.”

A corporate executive, with many employees, thought it productive to pound his fist on the desk and demand  top performance from his workers. He thought it would be financially beneficial and give him a sense of power. The employees disliked him and were not loyal to him. They did an adequate job for the company, but most certainly not their best. The executive was constantly enraged by the low performance and the loss of customers. His mind was constantly frustrated and his health was fading.

Out of desperation he turned to God and sought a better way. He learned to become a part of the team, working side by side with his fellow employees. He gave the respect and love he so craved himself. In relinquishing control Father had made him more than he was. Father gave him more than he had. The executive found meaningful fulfillment  and satisfaction from allowing natural evolution.

He found love as a moving energy, where as an individualistic man, he had nothing. He regained the loyalty of his  employees. The employees found his kindness and trust in them to be inspiring and put their best foot forward. The company had become about people–not about money. The company had become a well-oiled machine that had doubled their production and of course, the finances reflected it.

What is this divine power in place of mortal control? In trusting Father–what is He entrusting to us? This week ponder the willingness you may have to release control, release what you think you are, what you think you have. Have you  the courage to trust Father so that He may make you more than you are? Can you allow windows of opportunity for Him to come in and see your release of control as an act of divine strength? What would divine powers entail? That is all.


As always, my love is with you and look forward to our private moments together, as well as the group setting. Until next week, shalom.

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