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WDC288- Mature Tool of Divine Power

2000-08-07.  Mature Tool of Divine Power

Woods Cross #288

Topic: Mature Tool of Divine Power

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham. Emulan

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your discussion on this topic is branching out with numerous shoots of new possibilities. I am uplifted by your comments and willingness to learn. As we learn to embrace the adventure we find ourselves with new energy to stay the course. Working together as a group enlarges our capacity to receive  divine information, create new ideas and balance our thinking, yes. Well done.


Control, Power

When I first began teaching I found myself becoming concerned over my students abilities to learn. I worried that I was an unfit teacher. Progress seemed slow and my enthusiasm craved immediate results. I learned that in time my  students eventually understood lessons and that it was not part of my duties to see to their advancement. My duty was to lay out the banquet before them and it was the students responsibility to partake of what looked appetizing.

In learning the difference between exhausting your human resources and being controlling we sometimes must define our duties. As a parent, what are your duties? As an employee, what are your duties? As a child of God, what are your duties? What is within your control? Times may arise when you need to contemplate your roles as a citizen  of Urantia and as a child of the Kingdom. When you have felt you have performed your duties to the best of your abilities there is only one task left, and that is in the releasing of any outcome and acceptance of Father’s will.

This week you were to ponder the meaning of relinquishing control for divine power. In laying down that childish toy of control we will take up the mature tool of divine power. Many individuals move from a feeling of being Spirit-led,  although they are unsure of the exact feeling, they are with the best intentions.

Abundance, Gratitude

EMULAN: I am EMULAN. Greetings friends. There are many examples of divine powers when one can lay down the need  for control. Those that have not want nor need find the reception for divine information wide-open. They have a universe of possibilities before them. One who relies upon the will of God seeks not for themselves, but for the glory of God. Those that need to control have need to fulfill certain desires. They spend their lives looking to fulfill these desires.

To have want and need is to make effort to see to it that those things are fulfilled. Those who perceive their lives are  in abundance have gratitude, and have not so much desire to have wants or desires to keep what they have, but to spend time in gratitude. It’s all training of the mind, my friends. It’s how you perceive life going on around you.

One who has been in a serious car accident may fear driving again. They may take more precautions, and perhaps buckle their seat belts, or avoid driving at night, or perhaps avoid driving altogether. Another individual may use  those logical precautions while driving, but feel gratitude for having survived the accident. In this mode of gratitude they look deeper into the eyes of their loved ones. They notice the bright and beautiful color of the sky more. Perhaps they hear the songs of the birds more clear. Therein is your value and meaning, there is logic, gratitude and abundance–there is an ear open to God.

Your experiences may shape who you are now, but your reliance upon God will broaden the vision of who you  are becoming. He coordinates meanings and values to aid you in your adventure. He has so much to show you. With your need to control He is limited in what He can give you. Allowing natural evolution is an open door to new beginnings.

How does what you need and want dominate your life? How does that keep you reaching for that  true feeling of abundance, that satisfying feeling of, “yes, God is with me!” How do we begin to trust that Father knows very well what we need and want? How will gratitude keep us from being controlling? Thank you, my friends, I give you back to ABRAHAM.

ABRAHAM We thank you, my friend, for your insightful words. Every day we should find some time to look to our Father and realize what He has done for us. It would be to our own benefit to give thanks and find some time for worship.

Our Father, we know that you have rallied each one of us to participate in this epochal upliftment in time and space. You have dared to shine a beautiful light upon a darkened planet. We know it is only for the love you have for us, your  children, you tend to us personally, as if we were your only child. We are made to lay down those petty things when we realize your love and hand in our lives. You are kind and merciful–yet powerful and corrective. We find we can do all things through you, and that makes us ask ourselves, “what more could we want?”

While you know all things, you have been patient with us in our blindness. While you are the origin of all knowledge, you are patient with our ignorance. While you are everywhere, you have fragmented yourself that we may know you. We are with great love and gratitude in you. We commit ourselves to trusting you and glorifying your works. Your perfection gives us a goal to work towards. We are with excitement that you are our destination. We will continue to strive to find you and your abundance. Amen.


This week, my friends, take time to answer Emulan’s questions and continue to contemplate the possibilities of  divine power. Find a few moments each day to worship. That is all. My love is ever with you. Until next week, shalom.

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