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WDC289- Use Logic to Diffuse Emotionalism

2000-08-14.  Use Logic to Diffuse Emotionalism

Woods Cross #289

Topic: Use Logic to Diffuse Emotionalism

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, my friends. I am always looking forward to this night when we can meet.  Your discussions are expanding personal growth as well as universal growth. I am always in gratitude to Father for my position in His family of Kingdom believers. I look not to how I can improve upon His plan because love and logic tell me there is no better way than His way.

In my mortal life I had learned that emotions speak loudly and I learned to be emotional to get my point across to others. My emotional ways were a form of control. Emotions and the ego go hand-in-hand. This is definitely part of mortal life. This is understood and in time–if balanced–can cause you more life creativity instead of chaos.


Your emotions are a part of who you are. As a child they spring forth naturally. As you grow you learn to put these emotions to work for you. Some emotionalism cannot be helped because of the powerful meaning in which the emotions spring forth from. Some individuals are quite passionate and driven on certain issues, and  when balanced with logic and faith in Father, can become quite powerful tools.

Emotions that spring from ego-needs are closely related to the animal side of people. The ego has needs, wants and  cravings to be noticed. Righteous indignation is an emotion springing forth from the ego side. The ego seeks to control, manipulate and tends to believe it knows better than Father. The divine side allows, expands and has faith that our Supreme Caretakers are all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-loving.

Our beloved Mother Spirit has endowed you with mind and intelligence, and it is through logic that the emotions can be balanced. When a problem arises, one needs to perceive it through the eyes of the Spirit. What is the problem? Is it  compacted with past painful experiences? If so, how can you relate now with those experiences and the value therein. Natural emotions may arise during certain problems, but you can use your logic to see the lesson in it. Will emotions serve the Divine in solving the problem or will it serve the ego? Will emotions inflate the problem or deflate it?

Emotions are understood on this mortal world. You, no doubt, will have them, but we must not forget our gift of  the mind, logic, which balances out emotions and aids in solving problems, not complicating them. Stillness and study help us to be well balanced in mind. Clarity in mind helps our logic to diffuse emotionalism. To handle matters through spiritual methods is more productive than handled through emotions.

On this world, in particular, people have used their emotions to attain what they would like. A loud voice or flailing of the arms is always a cause for attention. This emotionalism is a negative energy, which goes out to those we have come in contact with and so on, from our contacts to others. What an expansion of negativity! It is said, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” and along with that creates negative waves of energy and allows others to act from a darker side as  well. Emotions used as a form of control is extending beyond falsehood to the beginning of evil.

As we learn to lay down the childish toy of being controlling we would do well to watch our emotional behaviors. Forget not that Father is all intelligence and would most definitely think your use of logic to be very practical, as well  as spiritual. This is divine power. To integrate logic into your emotions creates stability and allows a positive outgoing of energy, a natural flow of divine energy, as opposed to a forced, unwanted push of negative energy that occurs more often on only the emotion side. Many of the world’s decisions and policies are constructed only on simple emotionalism. They are forgetting to integrate logic and that creates further difficulties or further in debt.


This week still continue in your practice of worship and gratitude. This is an excellent transformer of attitude. To be grateful for Father’s abundance, be it good or bad, is showing you have trust in Father’s all-knowingness and all- powerfulness that He can do all things. Ponder upon your levels of emotionalism. How can you learn to be more balanced with logic? How can you go about in your daily living as a show of faith in our Father? Also journal this week on those childish things you have already laid down and those things you are ready to receive as an adult. My love grows for you more each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.

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