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WDC290- Our Creator’s Urantian Birth

2000-08-21.  Our Creator’s Urantian Birth

Woods Cross #290

Topic: Our Creator’s Urantian Birth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. I count myself blessed to learn so much from your discussions. I am touched by your sincerity and willingness to be honest with yourselves, as well as one another. It is a true show of courage when you can admit your shortcomings and a request to Father for help when you desire to become better. I am happy to give you to EMULAN.

EMULAN: Greetings friends. I do also enjoy these lessons along with you. I see where I have need for improvement and I feel relief at those things I have overcome. On this appropriate day of celebration for our Creator’s Urantian birth I should like to say a few words.


The Master began in this life as any mortal does. He learned. He experienced. He grew. He had gains and losses. He  knew victory and defeat. He experienced those heightened senses of mortal joy and the darkest hours of despair. He knew love and He understood hate. He experienced prejudice and unsolicited adoration. He complained not. The Master questioned not His Father for the reason He experienced what He had. He dwelled with the serenity that Father had His reasons and it was the Master’s fondest desire to follow Father.

The Master did not seek credit for going about doing good, nor did He find it necessary to inform others of His good  works for them. He found it unnecessary to accept any praise from others, just as He found it unnecessary to accept their criticism. On this world He was indebted to no man. He could not be bought, nor owned by anyone. He knew that everything came from Father and everything must go back to Father.

The love and closeness the Master experienced with Father was not to be compared to the love and acceptance of  any mortal. Granted, He loved His followers, but He did not need their love. He did however need Fathers. He lived, moved and had his being in the love of the Father. The Master was passionate about certain issues, but He did not use emotionalism to further His cause. He used a balanced mixture of love, logic and practical life application. The beauty of God shone in His face and that was what attracted people’s attention.

He was not a salesman with a product to sell, but a lamp to shine unto those who would have Him. He lived not to convince others that He was right and in charge of all destiny, no. He lived to see the joy of knowing God on the faces of people He ministered to. He was not a missionary, nor a preacher, or some authority who would set everyone straight. He was a friend to man, but more so He was a minister to their soul, a Brother, Caretaker, Nurturer, and Teacher. He is so that you may become more.


Ponder upon His excellent balance of spirituality, logic and passion. This balance is also yours to have by and  through understanding the Master and having a close personal relationship with Him. Emotions may drive the ego, but care and passion drives the soul.

We think of our beloved Creator/Brother/Father on this day and celebrate our salvation, our salvation from selfishness, and the animal side. This week we ask you again to think about what you are ready to lay down and ponder perhaps what attributes of the Master’s you would be ready to take up. Tonight I suggest we use one emotion in celebration in our Brother/Father—be joyful. Until next time, my friends, farewell.

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