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WDC323- Which Master Do You Serve

2001-07-16.  Which Master Do You Serve

Woods Cross #323

Topic: Which Master Do You Serve

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. As I look around the room I am touched by Father’s faithful all gathering to once again become centered  and focused. It is apparent that you each come to learn and participate without need of any promised reward. Quite an accomplishment from when we had first begun. My message this evening simple, and yet without it we could not continue with these teachings.


Down through the ages man has always searched for answers, answers of any kind. When one man would appear to have more knowledge–then the other men would then follow him. With the ever evolving ego practices men and some women have sought a place of importance. The more followers they attained the more important they were. As the Correcting Time moves forward, and old ideas are fading away, we find that we need not a mortal hierarchy to go through to get to God.

Every individual has access to things divine. Every mortal will find for themselves that they cannot serve two masters. You cannot put your fellows on a pedestal and be beholden to them, while Father is set aside because you cannot see Him, or you cannot trust in yourself, or your connection with Him. We serve the one God, the First Source and Center, the Father of all father’s, the divine Director, the Perfection in the midst of imperfection. He is who we worship. He is who we serve.

Man has been a slave to many things–his fellows, his mortal material needs, addictions, want for power and glorification for ego. I could say most of these mortal masters all are rooted in fear, fear of loss, fear of being punished, fear of isolation. The main reasons many mortals do not ever really become close to Father is because of fear. They fear Him, His power, His all-knowingness, His fairness, His   overwhelming love. Many perceive Father as a stern commander who does not have their best interest at heart.

So many hide from Father. They will allow Father in on the Sabbath or perhaps at prayer time, maybe even meditation, but they exclude Him when they are about in their daily human dealings. Some of those dealings are not so divine. You cannot really have a part time  Father. You cannot only have God when you want Him. He is there in all your mortal undertakings. There is nothing hidden. Yes, He will show you your shortcomings, but that is out of His love for you. His main duty is to point you Paradiseward.

Father does not seek to shame you into righteousness, no. He seeks to be a loving, intimate associate who seeks to co-create your  eternal path to Him. Do not pray to Him for fear of what will happen if you don’t. Do not worship Him as if to pay off your mortal debts. Father, who carefully orchestrated all creation, is not to be tricked or manipulated, no. You cannot bargain with Father saying, “I will give you this for that,” no. He is your closest ally, your most trusted friend, your shield against mortal harsh reality, your shelter from the storm, your spirit replenisher, your way shower.

This week, my friends, ponder which master do you serve. What is your perception of the First Source and Center? Where can you bring Him into your life that you have not before? Think about how fear may lead you to leave Father out. Does Father want to be in every aspect of your life–even the most darkest? Have discussion with one another during the week on this topic. I understand there are questions and assessments. Proceed.


[How Do Allow the Father into the Places We Are Not Proud Of?]

ABRAHAM: You know you are not perfect and are in a state of becoming. Certainly Father knows that. That is indeed part of His plan.  What other mortals may deem shameful, Father sees these things as opportunities to become closer with you. He know you at your very worst and He does not love you any less, no. Once you have committed to bring Father even into your darkest areas, the levels of shame fades away and your co-creating partnership with Father excels. Many individuals cannot seem to overcome their past mistakes, and their guilt is a barricade to God. The ego loathes to see its own mistakes and seeks to cover them up with excuses, but the divine seeks Father’s guidance on how to correct or to find a better way. Yes, stillness is good. That keeps a close communion with Father, but real honesty with yourself and Father takes you to a new level of taking action towards really putting the divine way to work, yes. Father is not about atoning or even redeeming after deeds are done. He desires to be brought into every situation beforehand as if He was a partner in all your decision making. Good question.

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