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WDC324- The Marriage Begins

2001-07-23.  The Marriage Begins

Woods Cross #324

Topic: The Marriage Begins

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am glad for the early start to tonight’s meeting for we have much to cover. Beginning the second phase of the Correcting Time, it is wise for us to cover some of those tried and true techniques that have carried us this far.


We have discussed The Urantia Book as a measuring tool for all our incoming spiritual information. We have discussed the importance of the relationship to our Indwelling Adjusters. We touched on the importance of awareness on who we serve, and the realities of our Paradise Father. I will say a few words on the technique that brought you this Correcting Time Teaching Mission, yes.


The stillness practice is a time of quiet openness that is specifically for you. It is for you and Father to keep your relationship fresh and growing. The stillness practice is an antidote for stress and mental and emotional confusion. The stillness is not about  uprooting mystical happenings that proves God is real, no. It is not about showing yourself to be a dedicated child of God. It is not about paying your dues to show you are worthy of “child of God” status.

The stillness practice is balance for your mind and a cleansing of spiritual poisons. The stillness is reconnecting to Father, that all-knowing Parent, who sees you for who you really are and loves and encourages you without end. The stillness or meditation is an equalizer between the divine and the human–a balancer of the ego, a line drawn between self-loathing and self-love.

Stillness was not designed to add to your guilt because you do not practice it, no, but it is a safeguard for you to become balanced  in spirit, mind and body. A sound connection with Father leads to clean and clear thinking, which receives incoming divine information that produces overall benefits for the mind and body. The human body cannot repel ailments if the mind is in turmoil. It all begins with stillness, my friends.

The Teachers

The second thing I would like to cover is teacher purpose and position. The teachers have come to you out of the state of emergency for the planet as a whole. We have come to you in this Mission to assist Urantia back into the fold of Nebadon. We are to assist you  in becoming acquatinted with the new spiritual re-incircuitment. We have come to help uplift and create calm in these new changes.

My associates and I have come to help you each make sound contact with the beloved Adjusters. We are not about mysticism or coming to a chosen people, no. We are not about proving God’s existence or ours for that matter. I am personally here out of my love for this world’s people, and I find it my highest honor to serve Michael in this wonderful epic adventure. Yes, it is momentous, and yet we must each remain small and usable to God. The teachers and other spiritual assistants are not here for your mortal amusement, nor a sideline hobby. We are about change and real spiritual work. We are not to smooth over bruised egos or poor self-esteem, no. Those are matters for you and Father.

Correcting Time, Marriage

In this Correcting Time the age of courting is over–now the marriage begins. Most of you understand the complexity of the marital union. There are so many new things to become accustomed to. There are habits and behaviors your partner has that you cannot possibly  comprehend as to why. A true marriage takes continuous maintenance, communication, and a willingness to see one’s own mistakes. A healthy marriage does not point out one another’s faults, but stands in commitment to assisting a spouse with understanding and honesty, heartfelt genuine honesty, not as a superior individual who knows more but one who is willing to be open to new possibilities.

My friends, we have each entered this marriage with expectations and there is no doubt we have faced great disappointment, but also has there been tremendous growth and lasting bonds of friendship. There is a particular joy you can only receive from a committed,  healthful marriage. There is the promise that you are not alone in the world to face everyday harsh realities. You have a place where you feel safe to be who you really are and to know you are very much loved. In a good marriage you are allowed mistakes. You are allowed to grow from them. You have the support of one another instead of the ridicule you might find in other relationships.

The time of courting is over. The non-reality that you show a prospective spouse to win their affections is phasing out and the reality of seeing who your partner really is will come in. Now our real work begins. Now we will see who is in this marriage for the long run. We will see if devotion and love can overcome trivial habits.

A good marriage, of course, always puts Father first and tries to view every situation through spiritual eyes. This is not to say there will not be disagreements or even arguments, hurt feelings, etc. We must be firstly committed to Father before we can commit to one another, yes. With any healthy marriage there is sacrifice, there is a giving and receiving, compromise.

Among the Brotherhood of Urantia there will be those difficulties that arise and many will not be able to endure. Many have not  the faith nor commitment to stay the course. This is to be expected. Realize though the benefits from compromising, giving and receiving and sacrifice are required to show forth any fruit.

In this union of ours, what sacrifices are you willing to make? What are the costs of the Correcting Time? How much are you willing to release so you can receive? A marriage is centered around the entire family, not just one person–all are considered–all are taken care of. What is your role in this union? Father does not ask you to give all that you have, but more perhaps asks–give all that you are. Be willing to lose self for His sake so that He may make you more than you are. Yes.


No questions this evening. I do want to express to you each my love and dedication goes with you. I am honored to be entered into this union with you. Until next week, shalom.

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