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WDC325- View One Another As The Master Does

2001-08-13.  View One Another As The Master Does

Woods Cross #325

Topic: View One Another As the Master Does

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. I am your friend/teacher. Greetings. How wonderful it is to behold the beauty of your fellowship. There are many  different individuals here this evening with varying backgrounds and belief/faith systems. It is beautiful to see the acceptance of each soul as a loved child of God without the burden of trying to change one another’s beliefs.


You can only speak from what you know. There is liberty to accept or reject ideas, but how wonderful it is to see the fellowship and the joy that springs from gathering together, yes. We all have differing personality makeup that makes us each unique and often times we find the differences to be too much. It would be ideal if we could all view one another as the Master does, but in your short years in the flesh that seems to be an unreachable goal.

The Master viewed individuals at soul level or at their ‘child of God’ status. He allowed others to show themselves just as they really were. He bound them with not assumptions or labels. Like the unfolding of a blossom, He did not coax them into becoming something other than what they truly were. He pressured them not into becoming the very best that they could be.

The Master made not judgments against His fellows for even He was unqualified to do so. There are so many factors that make up  the personality that build character, that add soul growth. The Master desired to learn who each unique individual really was without imposing judgments or assumptions. By your own experience of meeting new people you can find distinct personality types, but really all the factors do not align to make solid judgments about who they really are.

Environment, culture, media and current fads unfortunately do put pressure upon you to become what they believe is right and acceptable. The youth of this generation suffer confusion and are forced to bloom when they are not ready mentally or spiritually. The peer pressure is brutal in that you need to measure up to certain standards to be accepted. Every mortal, every living thing, desires to be loved and accepted as they are.

This world is quite bound in spirit and practically stunted in growth. In marriage you find a great deal of criticism that binds you from acting as you normally would. A partner/friend/spouse may feel no liberty to take personal initiative for fear of criticism. One may feel as though they must be what the partner finds acceptable and right or lose their love. A person begins to be lost and become untrue to themselves and to Father.

You cannot force a flower to bloom or impose your own standards of beauty upon it, no. Most individuals want to grow and become better with time. When there is the imposition of all these standards the concepts of growth are confused and there is not liberty to find the way. Many of the more mature adults will scoff at their youth, as if they were already born with all the experience that has brought them where they are today. They forget about the daily lessons, the pain, the confusion, the long road it took to gain experience.

Look not to others as if you must force them to bloom with your own ideals of beauty. You can perhaps only offer some light, some encouraging drops of nutrients, some fresh air and room to grow, yes. The Master was intrigued with the varying human personalities, minds, egos and each individual story that shaped them into who they were at the present time, yes.

Many times in a marriage the soul feels buried and the ego seeks exaltation. One friend/partner/spouse will compete in fields  of knowledge to gain their loved ones attention, respect and love. This competition is unhealthy and the loved one is made to feel inferior. In a healthy marriage individuals want a partner, a teammate–not a parent, a judge or a superior, no.


This week I ask you to contemplate allowing freedom for yourselves, for others. Find time to journal how you feel pressured into being something you are not. Write down how you impose this pressure on others. Ponder this freedom of growth, my friends. We will have questions next week. Until then, know that my love grows for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.

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