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WDC334- Benefits from the God In Time

2001-10-29.  Benefits from the God In Time

Woods Cross #334

Topic: Benefits From the God In Time

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. This evening I feel particularly joyful because it really proves to be true that through God all things are  possible. To gather with you here this evening makes my world feel a bit more intimate with a feeling of being at home.


“Wait upon the word of the Lord” was a simple saying from the days of old, but doubt not that its meaning was quite significant. In the days of old, time seemed to be quite slowed, even though many tasks were more difficult without the technology of today. People were  more focused. They were focused in each moment, whether it was hunting for food or educating children. This focus opens many spaces in the mind for divine interjection. There was room for creativity, and time to really feel and enjoy the task at hand, no matter the significance of the task, yes.

With evolution the times of simplicity are fading away and the spaces in the mind are becoming crowded with many meaningless things. The focus is lost to a point, yes. Waiting upon the word from Father is hard to practice with such an overfilled mind. With the awareness benefits we are receiving from the Supreme Being, we are experiencing a mindal expansion, so to speak. We are finding spaces to receive new concepts about the divine way on the mortal path. New information is rapidly approaching and it is time for us once again to become focused. Allow those spaces, allow the worries, fears and non-reality thinking to fade away. Most things people fear really never happen, but to focus on these fears chokes out the new possibilities, these new benefits from our Supreme Being.

How can a mind crowded with the old receive up to date living revelation? How can a fearful or obstinate mind grow in the light of the new evolution?

What beliefs may tend to cause you to lose your focus? Why would you hold so dearly to them? This was the mistake of the apostles of old. They had their long cherished expectations and acted from that standpoint. They found it difficult to be patient and wait upon the word, wait for new revelation. Unfortunately most of their expectations fed their desire for ego fulfillment, so to speak, a seat next to the Master, yes.

These times call for those individuals who are not cemented into their old ways, but open to ever renewing and up dateable  divine revelation. Things are happening in this world now, children, that have not happened before. Yes, you were once on your way to receiving such wonderful spirit connections before the Rebellion, but now with the Supreme’s growth these connections are even greater. They are different, yes, enhanced and believe me, the universe is watching this small experimental planet that has fully entered into a Correcting Time.

Back to revelation. Yes, we have discussed receiving personal correction through revelation, and how that does benefit the whole. You may be more aware now of the various forms of revelation that you can receive. It is not only found as the small whisper of Father through the mind, but messages can be received from your fellows. With this mindal expansion, and the discarding of old in favor of being open to new, you can very well give divine messages, or receive them, from your fellows.

This does not make you a prophet or a chosen messenger of God, no. This is not to have mystical overtones or be used to inflate the ego. This is a sure way to extinguish this form of ministry. This is not cause to force your opinion, no, but to find compassion to aid your fellows, or even open yourself to receiving a simple message that would bring you solutions, yes.

This is not so much new as it is now enhanced by these returning benefits from the God in time.

The damage that occurred during the Rebellion and the Default is being corrected, and with the enhanced benefits from the Supreme, you will find yourself a new well of divine information. There are new concepts that are being discovered. There are new possibilities to bring to your consciousness. You will find yourself with gifts that you never knew about.

With this new awareness, new focus, new ability to receive revelation, the mortal senses are enhanced. Those who felt they could  not transmit/receive before will find themselves with a new gift. Remember, children, this must remain balanced and uncontaminated with old ways of thinking. You have your intellect to filter all these new things through. Be cautious with ego involvement. This could surely lead to disappointing results.

This week find time to journal your newly received concepts. There is no need to have them published. (Laughter.) Just feel that this  journaling time is between you and Father. Practice patience and waiting for the word from Father. Practice being open to receive, to minister to your fellows. Believe me, the correct words will be there for you. Be observant in receiving any messages from your fellows. Journal your thoughts on the many ways we may receive revelation and the benefits it will bring to the Correcting Time.


I am due elsewhere. I am sorry there is not time for questions, perhaps next week. In the meantime I pray you also feel the joy in pondering the fact that all things are possible through God, yes. Know that my affections are with each one of you. Until next week, shalom.

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