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WDC335- New Supreme Reflections

2001-11-05.  New Supreme Reflections

Woods Cross #335

Topic: New Supreme Reflections

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to be able to present ideas in this safe arena. You have demonstrated a form  of divine revelation. In your discussion this evening everyone felt welcome to participate. Nobody for the most part felt fear of being ridiculed or chastised for their ideas. Everyone was reaching for higher understanding.


Sometimes the surface of concepts are not really revealing total understanding or the true nature of it, no. How blessed are we that we can build on concepts through being open to revelation and sharing understanding, yes. How wonderful it will be when we can venture out into the world with the same feeling of safety and being welcomed to share.

Many great minds could have maintained balance if they would have been open to this building of revelation with their fellows. Judas, for example, could have bridled his anxiety if he could have ignored the hurt feelings of his ego and opened up to his brethren, yes. It is a  crucial time in the history of this world for all to unify in a Brotherhood fashion–not so much in mind, but in heart, yes.

With these reflections we are receiving from our Supreme Being, we are becoming more in touch, in tune with the thoughts and feelings of one another. Yes, there is a deepening of compassion, but there is also logic to balance emotionalism. There is expanded courage and willingness to speak truthfully to aid one another.

Our daringness to be open with our fellows invites them to also be open. This leads to greater understanding, which leads to love. Along with mindal expanding revelation, the benefits coming from the God in time also includes this greater knowingness of one another, an ability to understand your fellow’s thoughts and actions.

In allowing the old to fade away we are making room for new concepts. To allow the petty things of life to go by the wayside makes room for you to be better connected to the cosmic mind. Strong connection to this cosmic mind lets you know of your responsibilities as a universe citizen. This is a quite important to this Correcting Time and further adding growth to the Supreme Being.

The ego however fills us with fearful imaginings that would have us feel separate from the universe. The ego would have us feel either special and above others, or add poor self esteem, and that would tell us we are below others and the universe is against us. We must  be aware, my friends, of the ego’s design to fill those spaces with selfish thought, closing out room for revelation, new concepts and the ability to truly understand one another.

The default of the Material Son and Daughter took from us a valuable form of mindal communication, but the Supreme Being’s  growing reflections are helping us in other ways to receive back some of what we lost. There is forward moving thought energy, and the closer you are to certain individuals, the more alive this energy becomes. You can practically feel another’s feelings. You can receive another’s thoughts. This will be especially valuable among those in the Reserve Corps, for it will help them to minister to those experiencing these new Supreme reflections.

Again, I admonish you to not add mystical overtones or become the neighborhood psychic. This is a gift, children, for you to work within the standards of the Correcting Time. Should you falter in these standards or misuse them, of course would you be released from this gift.


This week focus on really listening to your family, friends and associates. Do you receive a greater amount of information than what is spoken? Are you allowing revelation to build new ideas, concepts and solutions? Find time this week to take a few moments for stillness. This is a wonderful antidote to the ills of the ego.

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