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WDC341- Nebadonia – New World

2002-01-13.  Nebadonia – New World

Woods Cross #341

Topic: Nebadonia, New World

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Being with you is such a reason to be glad. I always learn each time we are together. I am made more and for that I thank you. You, as a group spiritually unified in heart and mind, are such a bright light in this area. The events soon to take place here will be a wonderful opportunity to put into practice all that you have learned. This area is not about a dominant religious sect, no. It is about the spiritual Kingdom as a whole, equal in all ways are its participants.



You that live intentionally will find yourselves with spiritual assignments. Awareness and flexibility should be your main focus. There is a certain joy that comes with Kingdom work. There is a closeness with Father that gives you the comfort of having knowledge, not feeling lost and alone, but comfort that there is a time and purpose for all things.

Among the apostles were two average men. Their education was basic and their awareness somewhat limited, but their desire to serve was completely real and beautiful to behold. The Alpheus twins took the greatest joy in even the smallest of tasks, while the seemingly more knowledgeable, more outspoken apostles looked for the more important tasks in the Kingdom work. The Alpheus twins were focused less on glorifying the self and becoming integrated as a team member.

They viewed all tasks as part of the Kingdom work, none more important than another. They worked out of their simple but pure love for God and their Master. They could always be found ready for any assignment. The twins were about working collectively for the  common goal ahead, without thought of their gain. These quiet, simple men did as much to promote the Kingdom growth as any of the apostles. They learned the Master’s teachings and they lived it, lived it to the fullest. The twins set a beautiful example to all that knew them, yes.

Gender, Talent

Greetings children. I am your MOTHER. What a wonderful opportunity we have here to become better acquainted and refocus on the goals ahead. When I see the earthly mothers of Urantia tending to the busyness of life I am made to smile. Many mothers are hard working, self-sacrificing and always promoting well-being, and they will also be the first to tell you that they are.

My daughters are hard working and do a great deal without recognition that promotes the well-being of family and home life. In this changing world we also view them in positions of authority and professions that mostly men have had. Women have envied men for their unlimited way with the world, and now that women are finding themselves with more opportunity, they should not seek to play a man’s role in a man’s position, but their own spiritually flavored personalities in an unlabeled position.

This is a new world, always evolving, always moving. Each one of you, my sons and daughters, have opportunity to participate in the new world. It is not a man’s world. It is not a woman’s world. It is our beloved Father’s world. The set roles that individuals play  are becoming blurred, with new vision, new insight. There is no hierarchy among men and women, among Urantian citizens. We must learn that all the roles are new and open to anyone. Is a woman’s place in the home? Yes, but so is a man’s.

The point I am making is that each individual is gifted in one way or another to fill a human role. No position is better than another and these roles are ever changing. While you may wear the hat of an employee today, you may wear a hat of a retired volunteer tomorrow. We need not stay stuck in ever repeating cycles that have already been used, been experienced.

I am not labeled by a limited feminine position, no. I am called to fulfill many varying duties for the Kingdom. I find myself always tending to one thing or another wherever I am needed. I find great joy in each task. I rejoice in the fact that our Creator Son enables me to do more, to be more, as I also enable Him.

Nothing in the mortal life ever really stays the same, but many tend to become depressed in their impatience. Their mind is clouded with past beliefs or their fearful thinking keeps them stuck in their particular situation. This world is new and you do have the training to  promote this newness, to cross roles, to minister wherever you are. Your mind is what limits your possibilities.

Living intentionally means finding freedom in limitations of the mind. How you perceive life becomes your reality. When you  can perceive life with spiritual eyes, that excitement of anticipation, then do your possibilities expand. You will find yourselves wearing many hats, playing many roles. You are all gifted in one way or another. What are those gifts and how can they work in the Kingdom? Know that those things that you are gifted at you truly enjoy doing.

With each gifted person, there is the reason we can say, “knowing you truly makes me more.” We together serve the many aspects of the Kingdom. I would like to help you each who desire to find your gifts and talents, and how you may use them to promote good in the new world. Look for me in your quiet moments. Journal your thoughts on these words and know that your Mother stands by. My love is with you.

ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. We thank you, Mother, for your upholding presence in our existence. Your duties span far and wide. We are inspired to take up your example. A few questions.


ABRAHAM: We welcome LaReen back tonight and if you would like to do the assessment for Kathy.

ABRAHAM: Greetings Ineria. We welcome you, our friend and coworker, yes. Yes, an assessment for Kathy. One moment. I am aware of you, my daughter, your struggles, your triumphs, your desires, yes. I would at this time recommend you to review your beliefs in who you really are. What is important to you? What have you sacrificed to attain these things? My understanding is that you are quite confused on what it is you really want. Your focus is on what you are lacking. Your vision is confused on what you really desire. Your ideas are confused on how to attain your desires. You have some unfinished business with the past that can be worked though to find out why your desires are staying out of reach. You need not stay stuck in repetitive patterns of the past, no. You can easily move forward when you  finally discover who you truly are and what your purpose is in the world, what your intentions are and how does this fit into the spiritual life. Ponder these words. We will talk again. That is all.

CALVIN: Abraham, do you have any words to help Nina with her neck? She won’t ask so I will ask for her.

ABRAHAM: I don’t know where to begin. There are medical factors to be investigated, yes, but Ellanor you know full well that you live behind many masks. This is not honest to Father, yourself or to those who know you. The burden of wearing the masks are physically, mentally detrimental. I would advise you to come true with the outstanding issues in your life at this time. That is all.

INERIA: Abraham, I would just like to say how grateful I am to be back here with this group for a minute and thank all the teachers and all the TR’s, transcribers and the people who host the meetings in their homes. I don’t think they are told often enough how much they  are appreciated.

ABRAHAM: True, Ineria, well said and yes, we are also grateful and we must remember all those who listen and try to live these lessons, which you are one of, my daughter. Your support is crucial to continuing these lessons to promote the changing times in the new world. We also thank you.

SARAUNA: Abraham, what do you think of the National Geographic article that you starred in last month? Thirty-nine pages.  How accurate?

TR: I swear he is laughing.

ABRAHAM: Amusing, to say the least. About fifty percent accurate. I was just an average ordinary man, who has received a great deal of credit for many of the religions today. This is such an example of how one person can affect history. You each will most likely do more than I have ever done and it will be good, but probably not newsworthy. I played a role in evolution. Evolution can be harsh and  sometimes negative, but always growth promoting. My superiors helped to create the article to promote awareness toward the Correcting Time, to create unity among the world’s people. Many of you will be councilors and guides in directing this new world toward intelligent spirituality, practicality, not mysticism and superiority. Thank you, Sarauna.

SIMON: I have seen a lot a growth in Drew and Jeremy. I wonder if you may have a message for them?

ABRAHAM: My boys, your enthusiasm and energy in this life is exhausting, and yet inspiring. While you may be disillusioned from time to time, do not lose your wonderful sense of adventure and courage to trying new things. Remember that fulfillment comes from the spiritual life first and foremost. You each do quite well. One more question.

JESSY: You have been talking about the new world. We have a friend who also channels Jesus, who I find very trustworthy and talks of the new world coming or the loss of most of our egos happening in the next ten years. I am wondering if that is true and what my spiritual name is? If it is feminine, does that mean that I am always feminine or does it change when I incarnate? Is there anything you can tell us about Kentry’s hip?

ABRAHAM: Most changes in this new world should be occurring because of loss of ego. I cannot however give a time frame, but yes, for the most part, correct. Breann is your spiritual name and that is as close as I can pronounce it using the English language. There will be a  slight difference in sound once you have gone from this world, yes. Feminine–makes no difference. Seth’s hip should be tended to by a physician, no doubt, but also I perceive there to be some vitamin and mineral deficiency. That will help if you tend to increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals.

(TR: He is saying is there other health issues or something that is a health problem also, but you don’t think it goes with your hip problem? Is there something else?)

SETH: My hands are aching and there is a bump developed in my left hand. I have had it quite a while.


ABRAHAM: Have not worry, because this will add to your burden, but if at all possible seek medical advice. Your medical difficulties can be helped by a physician. I am sorry I cannot say more. Do not have worry.

Seth:  Thank you.

ABRAHAM: You’re welcome. With that I will take my leave. Know that I am with ever growing love for you each and rejoice in our union. Find time to journal Mother’s lesson and forget not you have legions of hosts and helpers. Until next week, shalom.

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