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WDC342- Group Fellowship

2002-01-20. Group Fellowship

Woods Cross #342

Topic: Group Fellowship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. It is such a wonderful feeling to be together each week. In the busyness of everyday living we tend to become somewhat lost or disconnected from Spirit. Your fellowship is a tool for rallying each ones personal faith, and becoming strengthened for the week ahead. Your willingness to share experience always helps somebody. To be open and honest about life’s realities aids those who hear you, and helps us all to feel a part of the Kingdom.


You each have gifts that tend to the wellness of the whole.

Perhaps one of you is a good listener and shows compassion, and yet does not enable one to be weak, but  become strengthened and inspired to carry on. Perhaps one of you may be quite skilled in the knowledge of the Urantia Book and is able to give references to aid in life circumstances. There are those of you who have a heightened sense of justice and can bring about group solution in a non-biased manner. There are those of you in this group who emanate a peace and calm that is contagious to those around you. In this peaceful example you help others to find their own God within.

There are those of you in this group who are wonderful organizers and instigators of new projects. You help to bring our celestial mission to a human useable level. There are those of you with the gift of speech and often do well as a group spokesman. There are those of you in this group who are deep thinkers and always have a wonderful perspective to share, that guides towards logic and practicality, straying away from mysticism and perhaps self-deceit or denial.

When you add up these gifts just in this room there is definitely a great deal of power and influence in this Correcting Time. There is so much good that can come from just one group. You are each strengthened by one another and your dedication to gathering  weekly confirms your faith and strengthens your collective foundation.

You heal one another.

You inspire one another.

You minister to each other with Spirit guidance. That is spiritual power. That is intentional living. That is growth promoting and creating hopeful feeling that you are really living this mortal life, not being dragged through it.

The group is your tool–just as the Book is. You have a great deal to gain from one another here–not to say that there is not much to gain from outside the group, no. I am speaking of where there is something lacking you can find fulfillment here. Those that have not known a loving parent may perhaps meet such a role model here in the group. Where one has not been a parent, there is experience to be gained from those in the group. Where there is lack there is fulfillment here. One who has not known a true friend will most likely find one here. One that does not know how to be a true friend will most likely find a wonderful example of one here.

My friends, most of you have not experienced a typical childhood and have a great many issues to be healed. Through your willingness to share, heal and be healed, there will be fulfillment and satisfaction; there will be experience to be gained from one another; there will be tools to be shared in experiencing everyday life. There is such power in fellowship. There is such feelings of confidence being part of a family unit. Where one may be imbalanced in spiritual thinking, there is balance to be gained from the group. Where there is low self-esteem, there is acceptance and love to be found within the group. Where there is pain, there is consolation. Where there is depression, there is light. Where there is doubt, there is faith, all within your weekly meeting. You sleep when you are tired. You eat when you  are hungry. You communicate with your brethren when you feel empty. There is powerful wisdom to be gained in your unity. It is most likely here in this group that your gifts will be fostered to use in everyday living.

If you can compare the Teaching Mission to other church organizations, you find that all feel equal with one another in the Mission, wherein an average church setting there is hierarchy. In the average religions there appears to be some closer to God than others. In the Mission we know all have ability to be equally close with Father. Our message is positive and uplifting, not guilt promoting and  teaching atonement for being your natural selves. Our message is tying spiritual and mortal life together in harmony, not having one or the other to prove your worthiness to enter into Heaven.

We teach the power of Michael’s Spirit of Truth, shedding light on those dark places, discussing it, learning from it and finding solutions, not covering over with so-called spiritual ecstasy that can be found in some religions.

You, the people, make up this Teaching Mission. It is by your will that we are here, that we are moving forward. There are many  good qualities about today’s churches, but there is so much for people to learn. One of those things is that God is a fair and loving Nurturer, not a stern and angry, jealous Parent. It would be quite beautiful to behold when the churches can teach that experience is valuable, not to believe it is a smile or a frown from Heaven. We are always in a state of growth and very much loved beyond our own comprehension.

This week it would be beneficial to study the gifts and duties of the apostles of old. How were each ones contributions helping to promote the wellness of the whole? Make time to communicate with one another. Reach out to your family members here in this group.


No questions this evening. Know that I am always inspired by your steps to make sure I am welcomed here each week. I appreciate  your devotion and effort. Know that always my love is ever growing for you each. Until next week, shalom.

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