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WDC343- Conscious Playground

2002-01-27.  Conscious Playground

Woods Cross #343

Topic: Conscious Playground

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Thank you for the prayer.

What a wonderful way to become centered and unified. Lo these many years I have seen such wonderful power put into action through your fellowship. There have been hard feelings, hard lessons, yes, but always has logic and love prevailed enough to keep you making effort, effort towards the common good of the whole, yes.



What I really enjoyed about the study on the apostles is that where one was lacking, there was another to compensate. Where one was downcast, there was one to bring humor. Where one was trapped in negativity, there was always one to point out the positive. I enjoyed their team-ship, their trust in one another, their common love for the Master and an unseen Father.

It was beautiful to behold the non-rivalry of the siblings of Andrew and Peter. Where one brother was shy, the other was outspoken. Where one was disorganized, the other was quite capable at organization. Where one was apt to take rash actions, the other was standing firm in practicality. They had no envy for one another when one was better at something’s than the other. They each truly believed that even though they were not gifted at one thing, they were glad they had a brother who was.

When I think about this era of time, the Master chose certain decisions and actions because He was to set examples for the universe as a whole. He tended to the common man as well as the pride-filled man. He welcomed the educated man as well as the simple man. He incorporated the women apostles as a part of the evangelical corps as if this were not anything out of the ordinary.

He, the Master, did assign some tasks here and there, but for the most part He seen with time each ones personal gift and allowed them to take that role on as their own. The women were skilled at compassion for the sick and afflicted. They were daring to go to a darker side of life to bring light. They were unafraid to be exposed for their beliefs, and the Master needed to give them very little direction, for their natural gifts took them where they were supposed to go.

With the men apostles their varying social, religious, and financial status made up a great deal of the common life of that day and age. The Master needed representatives from every walk of life. The apostles had met with more challenge in dealing with one another than they did with the masses–just as you will.

This is your starting point, this is your conscious playground, here in these weekly meetings, so to speak. When you are gathered you are made to think of the divine lessons you have experienced over these many years. You are made to think of the Master and how He would deal with these interpersonal situations. The conference you held was a perfect example of teamwork, but still you had met with  much personality conflict and the experience was priceless and you are still here, just like true apostles, who work for the common good of the whole.

We will meet a Judas here and there, but for the most part you have proven you can ride out your difficulties to promote each  ones growth and carry on with your mission promise. Now in our studies we can all see Judas’ mistake of going for validation and understanding to those outside of his divine beliefs. My friends, you know very well who you can speak to to find divine reality instead of ego validation.

Know that this time is also being recorded and witnessed by the universe. This awesome evolution is experience for those who are  watching. We see the negative and the positive in your experience, just as we can see it in the apostles of old, but also we know this experience here on this evolutionary planet is crucial, to be allowed to play out naturally.

In this group we can see some bruised egos, some hurt feelings, some grandstanding, but also we see those that heal, those that comfort, those that accept diversity. We might witness in this group those that seem selfish, petty and closed off, but for the most part we see poets, artists, philosophers and divine leaders. Without one aspect of experience you cannot become the other.

Without experience of knowing prejudice, how can you become compassionate to those who are minorities? Without the experience  of humiliation, how can you ever tame the ego? Without the experience of darkness, how can you ever really appreciate the light? Where there is lack and loneliness, there is light and fellowship to be found in your apostolic promise to one another, to Michael, Mother and our First Source and Center.

I rarely say this, but I sincerely mean it–well done. This week continue to communicate with one another. Be not afraid to consult your fellows with your life concerns. If you share not, you receive not comfort, nor suggestions for solutions. While you may have your difficulties, the comfort you receive from fellowship far outweighs these difficulties. Find time to  have stillness and contemplate the Mother’s presence assisting you to find those gifts you need to sharpen, yes. A few questions.



Life of Bliss?

ABRAHAM: My children, while it is true that you experience the ups and downs of everyday life, there is so much value to be found. You cannot expect to pay any sort of dues to find a blissful life. Bliss is not everyday. Happiness takes effort. Life will happen. Pain will be felt, but these are nothing but challenges for growth. Do not become discouraged by these setbacks, because these are supposed to occur in life. Know that life is a balance of good and bad, happiness and despair. Be challenged to reach for higher ideals. That is all.


Communion with the Soul

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would say these moments of really feeling communion with the soul is when you are at-one with the soul. You are  the soul. You are being who you were truly meant to be. You can perceive the soul as a foundation with several things built on top of it. You have good structure such as the Thought Adjuster, the personality, the mind, but also are there temporary attachments that cover the soul that do not enhance growth, that make you feel detached from who you really are. When there is Father-centeredness then is the soul free from non-helpful attachments. You feel as if you are into the flow of your life, of really being who you are supposed to be. As for your comment I would say, well said. You are quite able to function and live a divine life outside of this group. You have had your difficulties, and yet I find one solution you use to be quite valuable, and that is the distance and time you use to allow harsh feelings to die down. You allow situations to diffuse themselves before you take a rash step in fixing things yourself. This is new for you and so beautiful to behold. There is nothing wrong with putting time and space between you and one you have difficulty with. A good rest allows for the mind to wash out the assumptions and imagination impurities, and you are correct–if all else falls away and there is only you and Father–this would more than suffice.

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