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WDC347- Service

2002-02-17.  Service

Woods Cross #347

Topic: Service

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It always feels like home no matter where we meet because we are together. I want to express my gratitude to you that remain devoted to our Brother/Father Michael’s cause. I believe at times as mortals it is difficult to really appreciate the participation we are involved with and know how grand this adventure really is.

For these past weeks we have been discussing apostleship and how we can best fill that position. We have spoke of attachments and learning the true nature of our Father and Michael. We have discussed worship being a wonderful tool in that it helps us to stand aside from our limited thinking, to be open to grand divine possibilities. Tonight we will discuss another tool that brings us closer to the divine realm and also discover who we are really meant to be.


Down through history man has viewed service as something that is performed by the lower levels of humankind. As time passed man has thought service to be a worthy sacrifice that helped them to gain favor with the gods. With evolution service is gaining a new definition. What is it to serve your fellows? Some still believe it does in some ways detract from the server. Serving can take time, money, energy and hard work.

Our greatest benefit from being of service to our fellows is a closer personal relationship to Father and the divine realm. To serve out of a love for God literally takes us from an ego mind-set to a mind-set quite like the Master Himself possessed. With evolution we have learned that we do not have to be of service–we need to. We need to be a part of the inner workings of the wheel of life. Serving takes us from focus on self to something greater, something so much more than what we are.

Anyone who has ever seen the satisfaction on the face of a child, who has been thanked for performing a selfless act of service, knows that there is definitely a living energy, a gateway to balanced self-esteem, an opening to belief in a divine realm. Of course, the child craves the praise, but praise alone will not encourage them to keep serving, no. A belief in that they are useful, needed beings among the whole of society teaches them cosmic responsibility. Selfless serving teaches a child that they are not the center of the universe, but most definitely an equal part of it, along with all their fellows.

When we view some of the elderly in your society, they are without value because they are no longer needed or considered a productive part of the whole. If the people of Urantia knew how detrimental this was to their seniors, they would most definitely implement a new plan to put these valuable citizens back into productive positions. We can understand how some of the elderly become bitter in mind, frail in body and hopeless in attitude. Can you imaging the self-worth of these downcast individuals?

Alzheimer’s disease is not merely a physical aliment within the brain, but almost an escape for those who no longer feel needed and productive. On the other end of that spectrum, the seniors, who are still employed or volunteering or taking part in their family life, act with more energy than many of our young people today. They are at the end of life and still they are with a beautiful countenance, a lively radiance and a smile that goes on forever.

We need not to serve out of spiritual obligation, no. We need to serve because that is the energy that moves life. Service is the act and love is the consequence. We become more humbled in true service, not exalted because we show ourselves to be good and highly worthy of our fellows praise. Service becomes an honor–not a duty. It becomes a feeling that you stand side-by-side working with Father.

How shall I serve? You will know. It will seem completely natural and unextraordinary. It will seem quite simple. True service does not deplete the energy of heart and mind; it may physically certainly, but you know if your intentions are true by the spiritual elation and closeness to Father that you feel. We need to serve. Through service we are given balanced mental and emotional stability on many levels, yes. We go beyond the self, material mortal that seems real, to a spiritual morontia level that gives you a taste of what is to come, yes.

I would suggest that you look for opportunities to be of service this week and also allow your fellows to serve you. Remember we all need to serve out of feeling universe connection, not human obligation. Move away from focus on attachments to a new focus on new goals. Continue with a few moments of daily worship when you find opportunity, yes. A few questions.


ANGIE: Abraham, I have a question about finding a way to exist in peace with my parents and family, who don’t agree with me and my daughter not going to church. How can I resolve the tension there?

ABRAHAM: This will possibly always be a difficulty in your life, but it can become better by showing them an example of who you are and who you are becoming. They have their set rules and doctrines, and they feel it would be safer for you to follow this, but your show of spiritual and mental well-being will set their hearts at ease. You are a free will individual and even God allows that. Your parents must at the very least respect that. You are an adult with every right to explore and discover what you can. No one has the right to take this from you. Explain to your parents there are many paths to God. They need not worry for at least you are one a path, even though it is not their path. You are with faith that God is truly loving and is every step leading you to Him.

Every free will creature has the right to decide which path they will take, even your own child. Tell your parents to please respect that you are her parent, and when the child is ready she will make her own decisions. You do not want her bombarded with their specific rules and regulations anymore than you want her to be bombarded with difficult concepts in the Urantia Book. She is a child and should be allowed to grow in the ways of simplicity and a family that puts love first. Show them the verse in the Bible. I believe it is in the Book of Timothy, (Correction-?-Corinthians 1, 13:7.) where is says love bears all things, etc. Is this helping? (Yes. Thanks very much.) You’re welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Thanks for staying with us through our childishness, our humanness and definitely as an example of how we should be with each other, more patient, more loving, all the things you have taught us. I just want to say thanks for all of that you have displayed to us. You have never got on us for our misdeeds, laziness, slothfulness. Any words you might have for my present needs right now would be welcome.

ABRAHAM: I appreciate the kind words of faith you have in me. Know that I would not make it my place to chastise, nor judge you–any of you. I have lived the mortal life. I almost completely understand your experience. I would recommend a private meeting when possible. Is this acceptable?

Calvin:  Very. Thanks.

ABRAHAM: Another question?

CALVIN: How is the Olympic experience on the celestial end going–all eyes on the hub of Urantia right here, as you told us? How is it looking from your side?

ABRAHAM: It is beautiful. We are amazed at the masses who chose support over fear, who  chose brotherhood over isolation and unity over separation. All lines of separation are being erased through these events. The mass lessons are being felt across the universe. There are those who look for personal gain and profit financially. There are those who have first looked for these Olympic games to gain prestige and recognition and now they are humbled and honored to serve in any capacity. It will be the hope of many that this goodwill will be felt throughout the coming years. Certainly is this collective lesson in Utah changing the somewhat introverted attitudes of the people. Yes. One more question.

LUKE: Thanks for your lessons on service. You said not to strive on how to serve, but that we would understand how to serve.  I struggle with that. How do we know that we are not going overboard, serving to get? How can we know when it is more profound? (Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: Understood. Having been mortal I realize the temptation to wonder if God is watching at the particular time I am serving, as if I am earning spiritual points. I realize the temptation to take credit for good deeds done, as if one was more naturally selfless. When  serving, if you can immediately commit to serving Father, not particularly the one you are helping, but God our Father, then this helps focus you on Him and away from the temptation to turn this good intention into ego fulfillment. With practice you will find the ego is less and less involved and your intention is more pure. You begin to realize that you receive also from serving. You are not just giving but also receiving. When the giving feels empty or off balance then it is time to reevaluate.

If your service to another enables them to be further dysfunctional or enables them to lay down before their troubles, then no, no, service will not work here. It is acceptable to trust your inner feelings when serving. If you feel a sense of honor and humility, then you can trust it is acceptable. It is all right to feel a positive self-esteem. Do not mistake my words. I mean it is acceptable to feel good about the individual you are becoming through service, perfectly fine, yes. It is the loss of focus on God that imbalance creeps in and the intention is spoiled. If you are speaking of being taken advantage of by serving, then by all means stop. This is not right either and needs to be further evaluated. Does this answer? (Yes. Thanks.)


When I speak with you weekly, or even in stillness, it does not seem to me to be an assignment or duty, no. I am honored for Father allowing me to be with you and energized by your discussions and personal learning. I am filled with hope at the direction Urantia is going. Know that my love is ever and always growing for you each. Until next week, shalom

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