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WDC348- Baptism of the Spirit

2002-02-25.  Baptism of the Spirit

Woods Cross #348

Topic: Baptism of the Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. My heart is full when I see how much you care for one another. I am always inspired to become more than I am. I will not settle for a lesser route to be more than I am because it is more simple, no. While I appreciate those times of comfort and  ease, I do realize I am less inclined to reach upward for help. My involvement in your lives certainly keeps me inspired to learn more, grow more and become more than I am, yes. As I make effort to serve in Michael’s Mission, I am also served and tremendously blessed. I thank you for your patience and willingness to proceed ever forward.



Over these years I have been witness to literally viewing your [personal] worlds increase incorporating those possibilities that seemed impossible before, yes. I understand as a mortal you tend to be quite harsh on your seemingly slow way of progression. It is  with experience and time that you can see you have actually expanded your mind, your personal world. There are moments in this life that seem overwhelming and you cannot possibly bear one more difficulty. I understand the feelings of inadequacy as your difficulties enfold you. I have known the fear and pain of loss in the mortal life, but I can say that these experiences are the very thing that expands your mind so you can advance spiritually.

In a short time we will celebrate the Master’s day of resurrection. It was a time of releasing the old to take up the new. It was a time of dying to the old ways and being reborn in the new. While mortal life can come with a great many complexities, we can always take comfort in the fact that everything changes, everything becomes new. I realize there is comfort to some in the mundane. It seems safe and  without surprises, but personal spiritual growth is quite slowed.

You have known individuals who live with a great amount of fear and their safety net is a life that is uneventful, unmoving and not going toward any purpose, any goal. They seem to only to exist, not really live–just exist. Those individuals who are somewhat balanced in this mortal life look forward to daily challenges, unplanned experiences and surprises. They have their safety net in the spiritual life. The spiritual life is a source of energy that keeps you wanting to strive for a personal best, moving towards a life in the Spirit, a perfected life, if you will.


We are inspired by the Master’s life, where He was born as every child is, and faces all the same daily difficulties and masters a life in the flesh. His life was quite eventful at times and He took each moment as if it were the only moment to focus on at the time. He relied on  Father and His past experiential training to move Him through events with enduring strength, unfailing love and spiritual energy. He moved through the mortal life without complaining, without being so entangled in unpleasant past experiences. He learned from the past, but He did not dwell on it. He was not so injured by it–as He was taught by it–to become who He was meant to be.

While the Master was indeed a divine being, He also knew very well what life was in the flesh. There is no doubt that Father was indeed His great strength and comfort, but I would also mention that He found much inspiration and energy among His fellows. While His divine side did find spiritual fulfillment from the Father, His mortal side found satisfaction in the love and acceptance of His fellows.

As we ponder the upcoming Easter holiday, we will definitely find strength in the life of the Master. Was He weak for seeking out His  fellows company? Was He inadequate all by Himself? No. Jesus exhausted all His human and divine resources. His fellows faith and good cheer gave Him energy and reminded Him of the reason He persevered through many trials.

It has been said that many times the Master was beside Himself. This was in fact a reconciliation of His spirit with Father’s. It was  an alignment of wills. It was setting aside personal desires for the Father to work. It was dying to the old ways to take up the new. In the seemingly overburdening mortal life you can also become as the Master was and be beside yourself, align your will with Father’s. Release the heavy burden. Realize that you are not left alone to carry on in life’s difficulties. You can lay down the old to take up the new.


As we think about the Master’s resurrection we cannot go without remembering Pentecost, when the Spirit was poured out upon all flesh and the repercussions therefrom. As we commit to laying down the old, we are asking to be reborn and rejuvenated in Spirit. This is truly a baptism of the Spirit. Your own personal faith will only allow you to go so far with this idea, but if the individual is willing, the Spirit of Truth is ready. Allow the grime of spirit poisons to be washed away by our Purifier, our Spirit of Truth, our Brother/Father, yes. Allow yourselves to be bathed in the light of truth. Allow your attitudes to become refreshed, your minds to become expanded and open to new possibilities.

This week I ask you to journal those past experiences you insist on dwelling in and how this creates blockage to the new. Study the  Master’s resurrection and the day of Pentecost. Plan time to be still and open to that baptism of the Spirit. Father does truly desire your happiness and He knows your dreams. He works to incorporate His lessons into helping you find the desires of your heart, yes. A few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome our friends, Gerdean and Angus for the record and Michele for the first time. Thank you for your lesson.

ABRAHAM:  Certainly. Welcome.

SIMON: Yes Abraham, some people talk about having a contrite spirit and a broken heart. In your second part of your assignment  I wonder if you could expand upon the baptism of the Spirit. How does that come about?

ABRAHAM: Put simply–baptism of the Spirit occurs when one is truly committed to drinking the cup of mortal life and accepts the consequences therefrom, and handles it through relying on the Spirit. You definitely feel a change in attitude and you are with  more determination to meet every challenge without complaint or feeling self-pity. Baptism of the Spirit is perhaps likened to a reconnection to the divine circuits. You can literally feel it. At times some are perhaps tempted to go a bit overboard with spreading the good news, but reality is certain to bring them back to earth. I am believing that the saying ‘a contrite spirit and a broken heart’ is off the mark here. That is more towards self-sacrificing to show Father how much you love Him. Perhaps I am mistaken, but my idea here is that the baptism of the Spirit is brush with the Spirit of Truth and the effects are awesome. Another question?


HARRISON: Abraham, can you comment about belief in the idea that Jesus had to die for our sins, the notion that we needed His blood to wash away our sins?

ABRAHAM: Is there another purpose for this explanation Harrison? (I just encountered a lot of that these last two weeks with the Christian’s that were handing things out on the corner.) Understood. I would say a few words. Those that are so locked into the atonement doctrine would probably not easily accept the ideas of the Urantia Book. The Master simply came to reveal to us the Father in Heaven and reveal to the Father His mortal children. He was not about building the spiritual life on any miracles or ideas of self-sacrifice that pays your way into Heaven. The Master was more focused on the positive aspects of the growing Kingdom, not about atoning for a broken society to become worthy. This is so difficult to explain to those who sincerely believe that the blood of Christ is their payment for their unworthiness to be received into Heaven. It would be well if you could also focus on the positive aspects of the  Master’s purpose and plans for the growing Kingdom, instead of any debate over the atonement doctrine. Is this helping.

Harrison: Yes. Thank you.

ABRAHAM:  You’re welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, when someone is so stuck on not giving into the Spirit of Truth or in our life patterns, you know us pretty well and we cling onto our old ways. It almost takes the harshness of life to beat us down to our knees, not that Father is, but our own stubbornness I think is. What would you say to us to change that attitude to not have to be beat down? It is so hard to let go of the  old patterns and trust and accept in faith that things will be okay embracing the will of God.

ABRAHAM: With the varying personalities of individuals there are different ways to accept divine help. Some will not receive until they are brought to their knees by life’s circumstance–not by Father–mind you, but by their own obstinate determination to remain in old  patterns. Angels, teachers, various helpers, all help toward bringing you those lessons you need to continue growing, but never do they inflict anything that would bring a person such humility that their last resort was to open up to Heaven. The point is that there is no hurry. There is no time limit and everyone is completely safe. Is this helping. (It sure does. Thanks.) One more question.


SETH: I hope that this is helpful for someone else that is occurring in my experience. From guidance I am told that this life journey is about shifting identity from body identification to mind of God. I am wondering if the experiences that I am having relating to the discomfort to my body is related to this shift of consciousness?

ABRAHAM: I am understanding that your spiritual maturity level is quite advanced, where you have gone beyond questioning, ‘why me, is this payment for a life I have lived, is this God teaching me?’ Excellent, my son. This idea comes from experiencing the pain in body. The mind shift is an advancement towards morontial levels. You are seeing a glimpse of the morontia life where we understand  certain inevitabilities. We are willing to be corrected and enlightened. We are forsaking the ego in favor of spiritual education. I am for the most part in understanding of your question, and yes, many others are also experiencing this, but it is not new but an outworking of a young planets spiritual evolution. Is this at all helping.

Seth:  Yes. Thank you.


I am slipping. So I will send you with my love and reassure you that you are well known and cared for, even in those times you feel alone. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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