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WDC359- Successful Families

2002-05-19.  Successful Families

Woods Cross #359

Topic: Successful Families

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. With each week that passes I am ever more inspired by you each, my brothers and sisters. I am always uplifted and filled with more and more hope for the planet as a whole by watching you, this small but powerful family, yes. It is easy to see your recognition of one another, to make everyone feel a part and accepted as they are.


In this family setting you each have learned to go beyond the individual self to embrace the larger concept of the whole. This is leaning  away from ego/animal tendencies towards universal concepts of the eternal family. Why have you stayed so long with one another? Why have you continued to come back week after week, even when feelings were hurt? Why does this particular group meet with such family success? The answer is very simple really. You are for the most part committed to having Father, our First Source and Center, at the head of the family.

Successful families always recognize Father as the head of the family, and from there all other stations in the family are equal, meaning that there is not one chair higher than the next. There is not one family member more important than the next. Most family decisions are made only after conferring in prayer with Father and/or Michael. A successful group recognizes a higher power greater than themselves.

On this evolving world how blessed is the individual who has the support of the whole. Just to know you are deeply cared for and valued gives such strength to not only endure the trials of daily living, but to be triumphant and inspired to uplift others. This world  being experimental, there occurs a great many difficulties that are new to the planetary helpers. So you see, as you learn, the planetary helpers learn.

Many times we marvel at your persistence to carry on, to overcome resentments, to find forgiveness, to spread goodwill and to continue on in faith. Truly blessed is the one who has his fellows to strengthen him during the difficulties and also share in the joyful  times. Isolation and loneliness can be a slow and painful demise of mind, body, and spirit. How blessed are you that can bear the burdens with your fellows, as well as find hope and strength to carry on.

Citizens who dwell on enlightened worlds know not firsthand the experience of lack. They can only really understand through history.  These Light and Life citizens have not the fear that you evolutionary citizens know. They do not comprehend the emptiness that can be found in daily living. These enlightened people from infancy know love, acceptance, balance, justice and fulfillment. They reach not for outer stimulus. Their laughter far outweighs their tears. Their fulfillment drives them to serve and take care of their fellows.

Having lived a mortal life, I do indeed understand that fear that can come from feelings of lack or emptiness. I experienced that drive to materially find fulfillment where spirit should have been. Most of Urantian societies have something that temporarily fills that place of lack. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, food or money, there is a sign there is emptiness on some level, there is a lack or pain that needs to be attended to.

How wonderful it is you have each other to discuss these issues and find comfort from a family setting, yes, find solutions. For the most part it is because of these feelings of emptiness that mortals struggle to attain self-mastery. It is easy to go towards the animalistic  tendencies when feeling the fear of lack. Really most mortals feel lost in the unknown and seek quick temporary solutions that help them to feel secure.

Citizens on the enlightened worlds struggle not towards self-mastery, for it is completely natural to them. They feel not the emptiness. They feel not the fear. They need not make desperate attempts to find fulfillment, especially using the ego/animalistic driving force. I understand the struggle to attain self-mastery. I understand the fear of emptiness and inadequacy. It is easy to see how many of your fellows are  pushed by the fear of emptiness to find temporary fulfillment, to lean towards the ego’s solutions, yes. This is why we continue in these morontia lessons.

In this Correcting Time we are assigned to aid you in healing those places of emptiness and lack. We seek to endow you with the  spiritual tools you will need to attain self-mastery. Do you realize that Light and Life begins with the self-mastery of each and every individual? Yes. So this lesson on the family is the first of many tools you can attain to conquer your fears regarding loneliness and the pain therefrom. To know that there is a brother at hand who sincerely cares will help guide you toward a divine process in making decisions. To know there is a loving sister nearby to uplift you in faith and inspire you to carry on is also a reminder of where our focus should be.

This week ponder those places within that feel lacking or empty. Journal down those habits that lead to temporary fulfillment, but are not encompassing a divine technique. Dare to reach out for consultation with your brothers and sisters in your trying times. The individual who is closed off or private receives not. Do you see the loneliness therein? Do you see the tendency to sway toward the ego’s solutions?

Who sits at the head of your family’s table? How involved is Father in your daily living? You know quite well the choice is yours on how involved Father is. The choice is not Father’s, but yours. He is always there, always waiting for your attention, always ready  to strengthen you even in the darkest hours, always ready with wisdom to impart to you toward finding solutions, yes.


Sorry, no questions. Find time to discuss this evenings lesson amongst the group. Know that I am closer than you know and always willing to help you with anything. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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