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CRC020329- With Jaquetta-Helena

2002-03-29.  With Jaquetta-Helena

Costa Rica #80

Topic: With Jaquetta-Helena

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : This is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana. We have a new guest, Jaquetta-Helena by name.

Alana : Thank you. Yes, the soft vibrations of one whose goal in life has been to achieve and give back to life the tranquillity of a deep stream that, even as it courses through and carves out its life bed, its path, would welcome the landslides and boulders that must fall, eroded away into the soft living waters of the love that is the source of her tranquility, the love of God, our Father, our Mother, once received, gladly given away. And so, I welcome her, this friend.


Yes, you will enjoy with me, the creation of and participation in the heart room. Yes? You would bring to me, into the center of the heart room, those thoughts and concerns, those questions, those fears and doubts, that cause you to wonder if you have failed in some way to observe, or attend to the full expression of the love that you would have be known by every one. Thus, I welcome you to step into my heart room and allow, allow me to embrace you, to wrap around you the cloak of love that is the tapestry being woven by so many in this teaching mission to bring an understanding of the joy that is within you as a gift of the Father’s abundant love and the Mother’s great care for each one of you. And to blow upon you the love that I would have you breathe with me in the center of this heart room, which is given to you as a place to come whether in the stillness practice with this group, or in the stillness of your own practice, alone. A place to learn how to love. A place where your minds and hearts may be refreshed, your thoughts cleansed by the living waters of love, your habit patterns of thinking and being may be shifted by the perspective of love that allows a new understanding and thus prepares the way for new patterns of thinking and new pathways for your footsteps to follow. The creation of a newness, a change, that is welcomed with love, as I welcome you now, with love. For the heart room welcomes all change with love.

The heart room takes all negativity and shifts your focus upon the hurts and grievances of life so that you see them not as chiseled in stone that weighs you down and burdens you with the constant groans of suffering and grindings of bitterness, but rather reveals to you that with one breath of love we, in the heart room, may blow those troubles away, that negative perspective as if written in sand, and the new planes become open to the reflections of light and you, choosing to love, choosing to see through the eyes of love, choosing to bring every thing into the stillness of the heart room, you discover the choice to love is always now, here, in the stillness of the center of the heart of love where you write newly with hands shaped by the breath of God’s love. You begin to speak words newly with a tongue wrapped with the caress of God’s love. You begin to think newly your thoughts having been given the creative inspiration of the breath of love joined to the imagination with the goal being to learn to share, fairly, the genuine truth of love, as it is given by God to you to give away as shared family love among brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of our Father’s love, our Mother’s embrace.

So I ask you, now, to open your hearts, open your minds, surrender to the heart room, allow, allow, allow my love to flow into you, saturate you, through the openings at the center of your foreheads, the center of your throats, the center of your chests at your heart’s center, the center of your bellies at your solar plexis, the center of your pelvises. Open. Open your hearts. Open the holes in your bodies. At the center of your knees, the bottoms of your feet. Open the tops of your heads. Allow God’s love and light to pour down into you, out through the walls of your bodies, to the center of the heart room. Out through the holes in your bodies to the ones across from you. Down through the sides of your bodies, allowing God’s love, God’s light, to flow through you out to the ones on either side of you. Open the holes in the backs of your bodies, the back of your head, the back of your neck, at each spot of your spinal column, down your back. Open the holes and allow me, allow Legion, to blow love through the backs of your bodies, through the holes in the front of your bodies, blowing love, into the heart room, filling the heart room with this love. I ask you, allow yourself now, my friend, to step into the heart room, into the center of the heart room, where I hold you, and I blow love upon you. Thank you.

Is there any one else you would bring into our heart room now? to blow love upon them?


Alana : Yes.

David : I would

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