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CRC020401- David and Nena

2002-04-01.  David and Nena

Costa Rica #81

Topic: Welcoming Change with Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


David : I would like some help in how to speak with Richard (new member of group), whom I invited to the group. My beloved was a little more cautious than I was. I wanted to talk to you this morning. I need some comfort from you. I am anxious about him.

Alana : Yes. This is Alana.

Nena : Welcome, my love.

Alana : Thank you. So, you have difficulty welcoming change (laughter). You have difficulty welcoming change with love. Yes?

David : I think you are right on the money, Alana. I just hadn’t looked at it that way. That is a wonderful easing of the whole situation, to turn the kaleidescope in that fashion.

Alana : Yes. And, little one, I wash your heart. It is a clean heart that you wish, beloved. You seek it. You find it here, there, elsewhere, but it is the communion of love found and expressed everywhere, and in everything you do, that will bring you the sweetness of peace that you are seeking.

So, you will practice seeing, hearing, listening, dancing, breathing, smiling with the function of love. Yes? Smelling love. Tasting love.

Nena : So beautiful.


Alana : And it is when you can share this love in a balanced way with one other, that you begin the experience called The Path of Love, which must always begin at that center point within, where you know love within you, and you know God’s love, and you rest in confidence in God’s love, and, God’s love becoming you, you become God, in the sense that you give this love away. You rely only on the power of love to show you the way. As you lean to share love, with one other, two, three or more, you begin to understand God’s love is in everyone.

Nena : Difficult, but it is so.

Alana : And it is the living of God’s love that is the challenge for you. To discipline the body and the mind so as to transmit this love within and without. In transmitting love, you discover the discipline of teaching. As you expand your ability to receive and to hold God’s love with faith, and then to give it away, you become a means of transmitting God’s love. You transmit Alana, Legon, Irivina, as you. Then you seek to respond to those whose ears are open to hear me. Yes? And who are open to love God. Yes?

So, beloved Sir David, you are wounded in the heart. Yes? You would have me give you balm, yes?

David : Yes.

Alana : Beloved, step into my heart room. Lay your head upon my lap. We shall wash away the shame that wounds you. Open your eyes, my friend, and let me blow love in there so that you may see more clearly. Open your eyes, my friend, you do not need to carry all this weight upon your shoulders.

This is a group, yes? That you see? Yes? And there are many members, yes? As well as I am a member, yes? Surrender. Surrender the group, my love, to God’s love. Ask the Father, and the Mother : “Embrace this group. Our heart room. Ease beloved Sir David’s mind. Allow Sir David no shame. Pour your light into him. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Mother.” I blow love into your throat, beloved. There, do you feel better now?

David : Yes.

Alana : So, you get what you ask for, yes? Is it not true, beloved, that you wanted more men in your group?

Nena : Men?

Alana : Yes. He felt outnumbered, you know.

Nena : It is a time to help each other now.

David : I think I felt protective of you teachers, too, Alana. Particularly when Richard was speaking (in Russian) there was confusion, and I had a fear that he was setting out trap of some kind, to see if you teachers were real, or something.

I would like to let go of that fear and allow you very bright and shining individuals the confidence that you can handle your end of it. It is just that I have a great deal of humility of respect for the love that you have given me, and it kind of works its way into that other area. Perhaps you can understand what I am trying to say to you?

Alana : Yes, beloved. This is one with many practices. It was to him, quite natural to behave in such a manner.

It was strange and disturbing to you. As well the transmitter, who is learning to let go of her anxiety and expectation of herself, much like yours, to always present me/us in the most glorious light available. Yes? This is an expression of your gratitude. And beloved, it is your gratitude that welcomes me.

Beloved, we give our love to your new friend. Perhaps you will give him love, if you can forgive him his enjoyment of front and center stage. Yes?

It is well that you not fear to touch him, as the little one did, and convey the message: “Stop now,” gently. He does wish to please, as well as to be pleasured. Thank you. Is there more upon your mind?

David : Well, Nena’s here, with her beautific smile as usual. But I wanted to say, as you were answering the last question, that it is easier for me to open and reveal my inner heart to you, than with anyone in my life. I am very close to my sweetheart, but the last time I spoke with you I just tore my heart open, and I was unafraid to be real about my feelings, even if they are fearful. It is wonderful to have this kind of relationship with you in which I do not fear. Thank you.

Alana : Thank you, beloved. I would have you understand: this is the learning. Rest with No Fear With Alana. Moment by moment, allow that rest to pass through and give No Fear With David away. Do you understand? It is good, this experience with me. You have no fear of me. I have no fear of you. Yes?


And so, beloved, as you grow in your awareness of how this experience of No Fear has changed you, you will begin to reveal and give away Alana’s Love, as you. You will begin to give away Alana’s No Fear, as you.

You will discover, you see love where you did not see it before. You will discover, you had fear and do not need it any more. You will discover, there are those whose fear of you, you only see and recognize now because you have no fear. You will be able to assist them by the change in you, to change themselves. You will see No Fear within them. This is the communion of love. You share it with me. I share it with you. And we both go and give it away. Love one another, as I love you.

David : So challenging.

Alana : With gratitude. Gratitude for love. Love is there within. Love is real. You are loved. And so you love. Thank you.

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