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CRC020402- Carrying the Understanding of Love

2002-04-02.  Carrying the Understanding of Love

Costa Rica #82

Topic: Carrying the Understanding of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaTar-al-hakimLegion

TR: S. Butterfield


Group Stillness Practice: Prayers offered, and many people are put in the heart room to blow love upon them and their circumstances.

Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

D : Welcome, Alana.


Alana : Hear. Notice. Allow the opening that is your desire, your intention, your commitment to love. Hear. Notice. Open your minds to the reality of love. It is in your giving permission for that which you do not understand, but that which you so dearly wish to bring into yourselves, the reality of love, love is the reality. By your commitment of thought to the intention to love, thus comes the listening, and the hearing, and eventually the speaking that is love’s functioning in your lives, on your world and among you.

Some of you discover the reality of love “accidentally,” as you say. By the unexpected encounter with one whose ability to receive, to absorb, and to carry love as if their body was a vehicle for that express purpose (which it is); and so you, without forethought, receive from this one that which you had been searching, that which you had been longing for, but that which you had yet to be able to express, or put into action. Filled with love, this one gives it to you, and you, beneficently surprised, look about you and your world seems changed. You feel your body and you touch it and you say, “What is this? I feel so content, so swiftly peaceful, and I have done nothing but listen to this one who has stepped into my midst.” As you see the one walking away, you think, you say, “That one has given me so much, and yet, that one does not look to be empty.”

Carrying this new understanding of love, you turn to one with whom you had so longed to experience the simple beauty of love’s flow, unhindered, unhampered by the fears and doubts and thoughts of bigger, better and more, and your love flows into that one. You are amazed to see the touch of love allow that one’s face to expand into joy, gently relax into the radiant smile of pure joy. You stand there. You wonder. You say to yourself, “But I did nothing.” Nothing except turn to that one and allow love to be given and to be received.

You turn yourself around, and you feel your body, and you sense your mind, you notice your thoughts and you feel the center of your heart, as now we have the center of the heart room, and you say to yourself, “I am full. I have given, and yet I am full! Like the one who stepped before me in my midst!” As that one walked away, I saw that one had given to me and was still full.”

And so it is with your beloved, Michael. You turn to Him, so many turn to Him, and He gives in your sorrow, in your pain, in your happiness and joy, still He gives, and still He is full.

If you can understand, our Father’s love, our Mother’s love, is always spreading down, pouring forth, filling, endlessly filling, all the way, all the many ways, all the vehicles, all the willing opportunities to bring love, the energy of love, joy, peace, to surround you. There is enough love for everyone. If you receive, do not fear to give that love away, for it is in the giving that you receive more and more and more. Fear not, you do not need to take the love I give to you, or the love you discover and know and feel and absorb in the heart room, or the love that strikes your fancy in the delight of a butterfly in the sunshine, you do not need to hold this love to you. Grabbing it and wrapping it around you, to hold it ever, ever about you. No. When you see that joy in the dancing butterfly, sing, holler, shout, shout your joy, send it across the way that another might hear the song, the sound, the gaiety of love!

When you absorb my love, here in the bowl of your heart room, and return to the home, or the place, or among the people of your daily existence, shake yourself, let all the droplets of the living waters of my love that have filled the bowl of your heart room, let them fling themselves away! That they may touch another! Another who, feeling that tiny drop, that sudden inexplicable tear drop of joy, dew drop of brilliant, prismatic light and love, they turn and say, “That one! That one gave me joy. That one left a slight touch of love upon my skin! And yet, they do not appear empty, but full!”

As small as the gesture may have been, the tiny flicker of a smile that sent the waters of my love in their direction, that one knows something different, and it is a new beginning, a new opening, an opportunity for that one to be full, and to understand the reality of love in the midst of confusion.

And so, Sir Oliver, I speak to you. Yes, your friend, in such a hell hole, as you call it, of confusion. But that little drop of love you placed upon his mind, you have thrown into his heart, and he is turning to give it away. Continue, my beloved Sir Oliver, continue to give love away. Give it away, my beloveds. This is why you are here. To receive my love and to give it away. This is why you have been connected to one another and to me. The bowl of your heart room is so strong! Yes? And so full! Yes? Dip it always into the flow of love that you have chosen to believe, into the flow of love that you have chosen to have faith will always pour into the bowl of your heart room, then to be dipped and poured over you, to take yourself out into your world and shake that love, like a puppy shakes with joy in the sunshine, to share this love wherever you may be. It is to learn how to love, and how to share love, that is my purpose of being with you, and your purpose of being with me. Yes?

D : Yes.

Oliver : Yes, Alana. You are beautiful. Beautiful.

Alana : And so, Sir John, you have met a beautiful lady who tells you, “I see them. I hear them. I speak to them and they speak to me.” And you wonder, beloved, is this the same as Alana? Is this the same as Legion? Could this be me? Me, who has asked so long? Me, who has never thought to believe so strongly in God’s love?

Beloved John, you are as a knight among men. Unafraid, yet so sure your fear is greater than any you have known. Unafraid, I say, to give the love you know. But you fear your own reservoir of fear which you have known only as a barrier to greater love. My beloved, you have only to  understand your great capacity to communicate love is hindered only by the shadow of fear you have learned, as if the bowl of the heart room were upside down and over your head. With me, and your beloved Legion at your side (to the left and behind you, as I am to the right and in front of you), we lift that bowl, raise it high above, and blow love into it from below, and as it is filled, so the lines of fear are disappeared into the great expanse that is our heart room and our love, holding you, embracing you, containing you in the peace of love, and giving you now the baptism of the spirit of truth, which is and always has been, the loyalty of your knighthood, now struck through with the understanding you are loved. Being so loved, increasingly you will understand, in the spirit of truth, how true it is that you have a great capacity to love and to give love away. Thank you.

Tar-al-hakim : This is Hakim.

D : Welcome.

Hakim : It is difficult for you to understand pain and suffering when you have known the beauty and the glory and the magnificent light of love. It is as the shadows spread upon your land by the beautiful white brilliant clouds in a blue sky; they are nothing, you can go through them, as love strikes through everything. Ill will, and the choice to do “wrong,” passes through you, among you, like an infection of thought connected to great bodies of thought that have been like the shadows from the clouds, with you and humanity for endless time. You rage. You object when pain is yours. You weep. You curse when suffering is seen on the faces of those you love, or those you call your own, by bloodline, family connection, community construction or national division. But you look then in the wrong direction. Practice being still within, so that the shadow may pass from your mind, and the light within, that you have known, and nurtured, and nourished, and been nurtured and nourished by, may fill your mind and erase dark thoughts of sorrow and rage with the light of love and contribute to human understanding, leading in the direction of love.

Do not allow the fear and doubt that has so long shaped the thinking of the human mind, but is in truth nothing but clouds, so very small when held up into the light of my observations. Do not allow these fears and doubts to convince you, to prevent you from continuing upon the path of love which you have chosen, the path that has brought light into your heart and soul. When you see the conflict of confusion, and are tempted to believe “This is it! I was wrong! Someday this will be all there is, and my faith and belief in love will be all over! Gone!” remember the heart room. Turn to the heart room. The heart room that is connected to all the spheres of light and love that surround you. Sometimes love seems but a tiny thread. Your confidence is shaken, be this confidence in yourself, confidence in your relationships, confidence in your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your wife, your husband, your sons, your daughters, but the small thread of love, as small as it may ever appear to be, is greater, is stronger than any fear and doubt. I tell you, this is so.

Hold to the thread of love. Allow that thread to wrap you as a cocoon, endlessly spinning out from the center of the center of the center of all, into each heart, waiting for you to reach in and pull it out, to give the thread of love away, connecting you, one to another, spreading your heart room as a cocoon to wrap each other and each community and each growing nation of love that is the one nation of your world. Love one another, as you are loved. Have faith, my friends, have faith in the fairness of love, even when it does not seem to be your turn. Thank you.


D : Thank you. I must say, in response to those beautiful words, that our transmitter seemed to be right on the point today with you, and allowed your lyricism to come through very clearly.

Hakim : She will experience some emotional disturbance close to sorrow. It is the waters of love, softening the hardness of the arteries, the tubes, the vocal chords, the mechanisms of transmission, that are in every one of you, and were meant to express love. She will get better. Thank you.

D : We appreciate your words today, along with Alana’s. My mind is a little stunned, at this point. I’m trying to grasp what was said to us. But that’s normal. I don’t get it completely until I read it. But I do know that J has some questions.

Legion : This is Legion. (Barely audible, J did not hear him.)

J : I was going to ask if Legion would speak today. I think Alana addressed my concerns. But I wanted to say that I feel an affinity with Legion. I feel his presence supporting me in my life, in maintaining me in the direction of love and the feeling of love. I feel it is Legion who is helping me, pushing me forward, holding me up, or something. I’d like to hear from Legion, I guess.


Legion : Yes, my friend. If she could speak what she sees (the T/R),,,good, she has settled in so as to allow me to speak what she sees.

I am your friend. I stand within your spinal column. She has difficulty saying, “Daily.” This is the ubiquity problem, you understand. But, my friend, yes, I stand with you, daily. Giving you my complete comprehension of the fear of weakness that robs you of the full expression of joy that is your “due.” And comprehension of the fear of strength, that prevents you from the full expression and realization of love.

Your life mission will be accomplished as you allow me to bring you the full understanding of the strength that was given to you long ago when first you thought to go a different way. Have no question, no doubt, but that your path is the correct one for you. I am very pleased that now, as you have begun to feel the strength of love that passes all understanding, from your path up into your feet and into your body. Accept the strength that comes to you from me, and allow me to speak to you in your moments of contemplation. Whenever you are thinking to seek for me, I will be there. You have begun to allow yourself the recognition that the strength which you feared was not yours, is there within you. It is the power of love. Love you have not known before. But love that is yours to welcome as a comfortable living chair within your heart and mind. Fashioned for you by God. Your comfort. Long awaiting your gracious decision to take the seat of love as yours, to know that this love is yours.

My friend, she (the T/R) looses the hearing, so I shall say only this: I am with you. Indeed you shall see me one day. I have accepted your welcome with great clanging of the bell of joy. With great pride of joy I am your companion. Thank you.

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