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WDC360- True Nature of God

2002-05-27.  True Nature of God

Woods Cross #360

Topic: True Nature of God

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a beautiful spirit we have here this evening. I am always in anticipation to view  the unfolding of life–all life, your life. I can easily see how I have become a better friend, teacher and universe citizen, just by knowing you each. I thank you. The more I understand Father the more I understand myself, and I am with more capacity to understand my fellows, and therefore I am with tremendous amounts of love.


Last week we discussed Father being the head of every successful family. This week I would find it beneficial to discuss the true nature of God. On this world God has been many things. He has been a judge, redeemer, fantasy and a reason to do  anything and everything. On the mansion worlds we find there is great need for correcting individuals perception of our First Source and Center. As it is written, the human father is the highest possible concept you can attain to knowing God. As history has shown many of the human fathers have been an example of everything God is not. Evolution is showing great improvement–true, but history has formed various concepts of the human father that are transferred into beliefs about our Supreme Overseer.

What would you really like Father to be–kind, understanding, loving, forgiving? Yes, and always assisting us in everyday living. What do you fear God to be–condemning, controlling, merciless in His teachings? There is a great span between  what individuals say they believe God is and what they really fear Him to be. On the mortal world God is who you make Him. God is who you believe Him to be. Years and years of conditioning or education can certainly cast a negative shadow over the true nature of God.

With the world’s awakening, individuals are realizing their standard, set beliefs are not enough. They are ingrained with fear, so many individuals will live their lives according to that belief. So many mortal deeds are done in secret as if they can hide from God, and then in full view out amongst their fellows they portray to live a righteous life. Many can only find small bits of life to share with Father, for they fear His input. Their beliefs in His true nature are skewed, and therefore they only allow Father limited space in their hearts and minds.

As you may have gathered from my own personal history, I have thought of God as many things. I worked to gain His favor so that I may become more powerful. I believed that if I lived my life a certain way I could be free from average mortal adversity. God would surely see to it His favored were to live a life of ease. For me at that time it was true, that was my God. With the  teachings of my friend and mentor, Machiventa, I learned a great deal seeing how he lived his live and interacted with Father. God was not to be bargained with. He did not send down the rain on His unfavored children, nor did He give any individuals relief from required experience.

I learned that Father is my closest ally, friend, co-worker and unconditionally loving Parent. He is kind beyond my ability to  find words for. He seeks not to punish me for my erring ways, no, just to guide me toward better ways. He loves be beyond my own ability to love myself or even love Him in return. He seeks not to test me to promote soul growth, no. He seeks to assist me in those test that experience naturally brings. He knows me better than I know myself and loves me regardless of my wrong deeds. Father does not view us as ignorant erring children, no. He sees us as intelligent, striving children that are of Him.

On worlds settled in Light and Life the citizens are early on introduced to a wonderful, ever-growing concept of God the Father. There is not need to exclude Him from any area of their lives, for to be without Him, to them, is death; it is unthinkable. Their lives are filled with such joy and satisfaction because of who their God is. Yes, because of their concept of Him. They know from where they have come from, and they are blessed with the certainty of where they are going and they live their lives accordingly.

The citizens have not that ego interference that would tell them to hide various deeds from Father, for He may not approve and even try to stop them. They are not burdened with the dysfunctional beliefs in fatherhood that you here on this planet are. I realize many of you have not the healthy father experience in which to draw from, but you have the Correcting Time, you have these morontia lessons, you have each other, you have me, you have a celestial Overseer that would go to any lengths to bring you to Him. You have everything.

This week I ask you to journal your concepts of who our First Source and Center really is, also list those feelings you receive when hearing the word “father.” Ponder your experience with your earthly father, or any male figures, and attempt to  find understanding or possibly even forgiveness for them, for they are not God. They are only mortal–like you. Also, as you strive to be God-like, be sure to be aware of how ego may interfere to skew your perception. God really is who you make Him. As we journey forth into these morontia lessons allow yourselves to become purified with new understanding, allow the old to fade away while the new can be reborn.


No questions this week, perhaps next. Know that you are always in my thoughts and always is there a place for you in my heart. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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