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WDC361- Examples of Our Father

2002-06-03.  Examples of Our Father

Woods Cross #361

Topic: Examples of Our Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I could sit here and listen to you all night. I am amazed, intrigued and filled with hope at the ever changing and growing heart of humanity. Within all this humanness–therein lies the true nature of God. I seen each of you display some beautiful aspect of our beloved First Source and Center. There was a beautifully humbled expression of truth that is not known by the ego, but by Father’s child seeker. There was compassionate understanding that desires only to serve others without thought as to what can be gained. Tonight there was displayed real wisdom that can only extend from true love. Yes, a beautiful example this evening, children, of our Father’s true nature. In your desire to do good for no reason at all, you are indeed God-like. Yes, examples of our Father.


In pondering the nature of God I often reflect back upon the life of the Master. It is written, “If you have seen the Son, surely you have seen the Father.” [1] Jesus, in all His good works, was still never really understood. He had the power of the  universe behind Him, and yet He used it not for His own benefit. He had a love for people that was rarely comprehended by the recipients. He had the courage to stand up for justice, and yet He could be found playing among the children.

While He paid no mind to finances, He was generous beyond measure. He gave of Himself. In that He gave of Himself, He truly believed He gave God. The Master saw past social status, financial status, skin color, even deeds done in darkness. He saw  that soul within, whom that was a potential eternal link, bound for Paradise. Never for one moment did Jesus ever think that He was above His fellows, and was dutifully dragging along His fellows behind Him, no. He sincerely believed He was one of them, one with God, yes, one with the universe. Our Master knew that His fellows growth was His growth; their sorrow was His sorrow; their joy was His joy. He was, and still is, an excellent example of the true nature of God.

I also believe that as you journey Paradise-ward will you also view those God aspects within our local universe Mother Spirit. While She is the embodiment of grace, also is She with the strength of a universe. While She is beauty, also is She  with intelligence. While She is with the instincts of a Mother, who fiercely loves Her children, She is capable of understanding what they truly need. She is not blind sighted by Her love for them, no. She longs for their health and well-balance.

Perhaps your earthly parents fall no where near this example of Michael and Mother, you can very well this day take Michael and Mother in as your own. They do have the power to heal, to correct, to guide, to bring you to your true self. They each love you as if you were their only child. In this renewed relationship with our universe Parents we can find  healing, forgiveness and understanding for the past. We can be strengthened, inspired and encouraged to move toward the future. In a healed perception of parental care-taking you can find yourselves to be better parents to all children.

You can be a source of inspiration to those who also feel that un-fulfillment that comes with lack of parental influence, yes, love.

Our lesson will be kept short to take questions. For this coming week study the Master’s life. Ponder the responsibility that our universe Parents have. Think about how they know you, how they love you. Look within to be sure you do not feel unknown. Find time to be alone with your universe Parents. Are there questions?


ROBERT: On a moment to moment basis how may I know the Father’s will?

ABRAHAM: This is difficult to answer even for me now. I can say that some acts of following God’s will happen out  of natural desire to do right by Father, by your fellows and by yourself. Decisions to follow the will of God most of the time are just done without too much thought interfering into the natural flow of it. Of course, as one begins to know Father, one desires to do good. To contemplate too much on following the will of God regarding some situation can allow openings for the ego to underhandedly find ways to take credit or be the hero, yes. In your learning to be within the will of God your best bet is to work on self-mastery, to sharpen the skills of the spiritual life, one being to take time for stillness practice, another being prayer, another perhaps being study. A mind stayed on God is more likely to follow the will of God. You see, it is difficult from moment to moment to know if you are within the actual will. Your best focus would be to nurture that relationship between you and Father and following His will come naturally. Is this helping? Another question?

CALVIN: You said, Abraham, that the Master paid no mind to finances, and yet generous beyond measure. I guess you are talking about His adult life. It seems like we learned in the Urantia Book that He carefully calculated the structure of the financial needs of the family. Could you clarify that a little? My big concern is daily finance struggle.

ABRAHAM: How many years have you inquired on this topic Calvin?

Calvin: All of them.

ABRAHAM: You tell me what you have learned.

CALVIN: Very good. Laughter. Experience has taught me that things pull through, but its always right to the barely, barely, to where I can test it again next time that seems to somehow pull though to the barely, barely. I would just like to move on in life. Of course, I have bigger needs in life, more responsibilities than most. I would like to be free so I could do what I love doing in life, this Mission work and not have to be so held to this. Maybe it is like Jesus being held to His responsibility and then He transferred that to James so He could be free. I can’t transfer that to James. What have I learned? Next month it is going to be there again. I know there is a bigger picture than that.

ABRAHAM: The Master’s Mission out among the masses did not really begin until His family’s well-being was secured. You still have great responsibility to provide for your family. This in itself is a Mission. To feel materially taken care of as a child brings them security. To know their father cares for their needs makes them feel valued. This is a Mission. To bring the good news to your co-workers is a Mission. To arrange your finances with a loan officer is opportunity to show aspects of the true nature of God. That is a Mission. When all is said and done you know that finances can be handled by you more  efficiently. Preparation for a rainy day is not sinful. I cannot ease your anxiety or guarantee you will be able to pay your debts. All I can do is reaffirm what I have said over the years, that trust Father to guide you toward opportunity. With worry and anxiety how can He possibly get through? When I spoke of the Master’s generosity I was referring to Him giving of Himself, not money and surely all else was given unto Him, yes. Is this helping?

Calvin:  Yes it is. Thanks.

ABRAHAM: You’re welcome. Another question?

CAROL: Abraham, I am curious to know if there is a spiritual name the angels call me?

ABRAHAM: Do you already know this?

Carol: Possibly.

ABRAHAM: I am told you are already aware of your name. I can confirm that much. Are you understanding?

Carol:  Yes. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: You’re welcome. Another question?

ROBERT: I am interested in knowing my spiritual name also.

ABRAHAM: One moment. My son, you are known On High as Amrolane–A m r o l a n e. Last question?

LUKE: Abraham, I miss you. Back to Calvin’s question–I got a lesson the other day that if I will seek spiritual  growth over material growth then I will find my successes in all aspects of my life. I know that the truth is there. It is hard to accept that when your needs are in your face like they are. My question is can you tell me if my lessons are coming through all right and what I can do to be more clear?

ABRAHAM: Yes, for the most part, but you would do well to confer with your close fellows. You are feeling some  misunderstood disappointment–unnecessary, my son. You may at times measure your worth as a man by monetary means. You are overlooking, possibly even misunderstanding some things. Conference with your fellows should clear this right up. Have not worry. Do your best for the next few weeks to be here with the group. They bring balance and clarity. Have not worry, my son.


With that I will take my leave. Know that you are each unique and distinct personalities with immeasurable value. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom

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