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WDC363- Expanded Perception

2002-06-17.  Expanded Perception

Woods Cross #363

Topic: Expanded Perception

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. There is an interesting feel in the atmosphere here this evening. The things discussed took you each to a place of realness. There is a tendency at times with mortals where they might talk from a surface level. There is something to be said for the shock value of reality that makes people really turn inward to find their true beliefs, not just words, but a moment of internal reflection that makes all true things rise to the top.


Perception, my friends, is the doorway of your thought processing. How you perceive things will determine what you will learn. Much of mortal perception is somewhat of a trap, in that from whatever emotional or mental state you are at the time of perception will determine how you understand things, and find the meanings and values therein.

I can remember a time where my surface perception drove me to strive for worldly things. I wanted what others found valuable. I wanted what was popular at the time. To have all of life’s things that others found valuable made me think of myself as also valuable. How grateful am I to have had the company of my mentor, Machiventa, for his teachings greatly changed my perception.

Certainly from a very young age is our perception always leading us toward various things. With life’s experience our lessons come and our perception changes. While it is true that the educated of the planet are quite fortunate in the ways of the world. That does not imply that their way of perception is unlimited. Much of the time are the so-called intelligent plagued by an over abundance of logical thought–cause and effect, needing to be proven, results only by  extensive observation and experimentation. Where does their faith lie? Where is that sense of something greater than themselves?

Citizens on worlds settled in Light and Life do have great advantage, where they are taught early on the true and living values of life experience.

Early on they are not judged, therefore they are not taught judgment. They are not ridiculed, made fun of or labeled, and  therefore they do not incorporate any of this behavior into their personality. On these worlds all of life is of value. There are not some individuals better than others. There is no thought to being more of a valued person because of years labored in education. Their seniors are not less valued because of age or infirmity.

Children, it is all a matter of how you perceive. Would you be overcome in thought by an automotive breakdown? Would you look to the heavens and ask ‘why me?’ Compared to that situation–how would you react to your own child suffering with  a terminal illness? Is there cause for alarm at the petty annoyances in life? Is it worth raised blood pressure and other physical ailments anxiety can bring.

Perspective, children, life is just life and it is just happening. How is your perception of it affecting you? Any aspect of life is  especially difficult for those who make not time for moments alone with Father. Yes, the petty things of everyday living can certainly burden one who finds not time for rest and reversion. There is not the coping skills for one with imbalanced perception.

I am sure that each of you, who has seen a homeless man on the street, has had at least a hundred questions run though  your minds. The questions range from compassion to harsh judgment. With the new morontia benefit of mindal connection we can understand how he feels, but for the most part we cannot have any idea of what he has experienced, therefore our perception must be neutral.

Should I give him the money he asked for? Will he use it to further feed his addiction? Is he really even homeless and not some sort of a scam artist? It is not really necessary that you do anything. A prayer certainly would not hurt, but to perceive him in any light could only cause you to place upon yourself the same sort of judgment.

Take personal appearance for example. To age is not what others find valuable, as far as aesthetics go. A great deal of time  and money is spent on buying personal value. It really only takes a small number of individuals to help create a change in mass perception.


Again this week, taking on the new challenge of expanded perception, again answer the question of what it is you  soulfully desire. We will discuss this further next week. No questions. Know that myself and others are available to you each on a daily basis. We would so be honored if you should call upon us. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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