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WDC364- Perspective On Life

2002-06-24.  Perspective On Life

Woods Cross #364

Topic: Perspective On Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to view you, my friends, dealing with human matters on a divine level. You are like the rocks in the river of experience becoming more polished with time.



As you can see in the world today how differing perspectives has led to either destruction or advancement. You have also  experienced differing perception on personal levels that has led you to positive or negative action. It would seem that man would fight to the death to uphold their perspective, and yet when worldly catastrophes occur, personal perspective is set aside in favor of the wellness of the whole. It is sadly true that some devastation must occur to affect the masses before they can be open to new perceptions.

Regarding the question: What is it that you soulfully desire? How does your perspective on life in general help you to attain that desire? What limiting perspectives may keep you from finding that one thing you so much desire? Some hunger for freedom, and from their perspective, they can see no way to attain that. Some desire peace, and get the exact opposite, because of how they perceive the happenings of everyday life and the meanings and values that come with it.

True perspective comes from knowing the personality of our Father, yes, the true nature of God. Knowing Father brings you to a place in your own thinking where self does not come first, but the will of God does. To truly know Father, Mother, Christ Michael and their numerous associates, there is a growing knowledge within that indeed all is well, all is taken care of. There is found trust in our divine Overseer’s abilities. There is self-confidence in our own abilities to perceive with the freedom  of clarity. There is not the past painful experiences to color your perception. There is not that place of unforgivness that makes individuals strike out to receive the affection they have so long sought after.

I believe, for myself personally, my soul desire is to understand the Father and to do His bidding. Putting that theory in the forefront of my thinking–all else comes to me. I want for nothing. With that I have everything. I can have anything. I am  a trusted child of God, who finds it most joyful to serve and be in the presence of my First Source and Center. I can see with His eyes. I can hear with His ears. I can love with His heart.

Father most definitely makes me more than I could ever conceive of being. In Him I have power to fulfill my eternal career by and through joy. Of course, I have sorrow at times, but I can now perceive with the understanding that Father has. I feel good about who I am and where I am going, and believe me, it took a great deal of time and experience for me to get to this place.

Perception is a window. Emotions may act as a screen. Judgment may be a shade pulled down. Personal self-loathing may be drapes completely covering my window of perception. Do you see, without the closeness to Father there is not that Parent/child closeness; there is not that feeling of well-being on any level, spiritual, mental, emotional, no.

Without the feeling of that ‘belonging to your universe family there is always a searching for that feeling in other avenues,  empty, temporary avenues, yes. Without that child of God security there is the self-perception of feeling inferior, so there is every reason to loathe the self, lose confidence and distort perception.

What are those things that lead you to that closeness with your divine Caretakers? Are you allowing time to nurture  that relationship? Journal, if you will, on low self-esteem issues. What avenues are there to turn the perception of weakness into progressive possibilities? A few questions.



SIMON: Abraham, I have been very interested in seeing mentioned this week your comment about having to go through  the difficulties, stress and strain of wanting to be better, to be something more, sort of spiritual pressure, and then having it open up to fruits of greater patience and so on. I don’t feel like I have been very patient lately. I wonder about your analysis on that balance or if I am just trying too hard?

ABRAHAM: Mortals for the most part are ever striving to progress, and when this progression does not appear to bring any fruit, there is disappointment and impatience, excelled determination to do more. Doing more does not necessarily excel you in any direction except for possibly frustration. Simon, you have various stressful things occurring in life that you are  having doubts or impatience because you are uncertain about the outcomes of these situations. This is natural, of course. I see you as always putting forth great effort. Your reasoning however may not align with what you have been trying to learn over the years. You can only have so much control in life, and if you can accept that, you will indeed live a less stressful existence. Impatience almost feels like you are being ignored or are unknown, and there is a fearful loneliness in that. If you can think back over your life how Father has always given you what you have truly needed you can re-ignite the flame of faith, which should help you to have feelings of being watched over and you can relax and allow the unfoldment. Is this helping? (Yes, thanks.)

MIRIAM: I am really full of gratitude tonight. It has been six years since Don’s accident and it is really profound for me this year because this Saturday is the anniversary of walking through that experience. I have been so overcome with lessons of heartfelt desire because without Father being there for me I wouldn’t even have any heartfelt desires. If it were what I think is possible and what I want and what I need, it is no where near what Father has in mind for me, each one of us. So I just wanted to thank the helpers, Father and everyone for knowing my heart and allowing my life to unfold like it is. It is just incredible. Another thing too is having huge things that you can reach to Father in might seem easier to some people than just the day to day life reaching to Father. Now I am learning in a softer, easier, kinder way. I can choose to put my head on Michael’s knee in the middle of the day. Just a huge thank you to all of you that help each one of s that get to discover what our hearts desires are. I wouldn’t know what I am capable of having in my life. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Beautifully said, my daughter. Out of this tragic event we have found each other and I have been most honored to be your friend and teacher. It has been beautiful to behold your growth. You learn a great deal through our  softer countenance these days, but also are you a wonderful teacher to those who know you. I am also overjoyed at this time of anniversary. Give my love to Don.

Miriam:  Thank you. I will.


AZSURAY: Abraham, you gave me my spiritual name, Azsuray, and you said the meaning of my name was one with  many burdens. I would like to ask the question is it because I have many burdens my name is Azsuray or is because I am Azsuray that I have many burdens? I am living up to my name. I would like to know how possibly these names come about, because really that name is my namesake.

ABRAHAM: There may have been some confusion. The name is more akin to one who has become more enlightened because of the burdens of life. No, no, you are not one with many burdens, nor do you draw those to yourself, no. I am certain that you are like a diamond becoming more perfected through the pressures of mortal life. You have remained faithful in many of  life’s uncertainties and that is quite beautiful. I can say this about the names, although my knowledge is somewhat limited. Your Indwelling Adjuster, upon realizing your first conscious thought of Him, bestows upon you your name. These names are chosen to reflect the budding soul they have come to know. Much like mortal parents giving names to their own children, names are chosen out of that parental love your personal Fragment has for you. Is this helping?

Azsuray:  Yes. It is beautiful. Thank you.


With that I will take my leave. Know that you each are with God-given gifts that lead you closer and closer to Him. Your closeness need not be found through me or any books or other outside sources. You each can trust in yourselves to find that God within who loyally strives for your wellness every minute of every day. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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