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WDC373- More on Self Mastery

2002-08-26.  More on Self Mastery

Woods Cross #373

Topic: More on Self Mastery

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. The more I am with you the more I learn. I express to you my gratitude to your willingness to have me as your friend and teacher. I am always moved by Father’s children putting forth all their effort into wanting to do His will and be as good as they can be. What a show of faith and trust in one that is not visible to mortal eyes. I am especially inspired when I view those individuals who have had such a difficult time keep fighting the good fight of faith. We shall continue to pursue the lessons on self-mastery. I give you EMULAN.

EMULAN: Greetings, friends. Although I have not interacted with you too much lately, I always am up to date on your ever expanding education. I am with such gratitude to work with one who loves you each so much, yes, my brother and mentor, Abraham. Most of you know my mortal history, but I will refresh your memory anyway.


As a mortal on an evolving planet such as yours, I experienced a tremendous loss when my wife and daughter were taken from me in a  terrible accident. My spiritual foundation at that time was not all it could be, in fact I quite cherished the material life. I had the average appetites of a mortal and found that my greatest happiness came from satisfying those appetites.

It is easy to understand that when the tragedy struck I had not the spiritual cushion to help absorb life’s seemingly cruel blows. My treasure lied in the material world and in that I had absolutely nothing left of my loved ones. I had no spiritual tools to cope with my despair. I had no hope of ever regaining what I had lost. Of course, I was overtaken by the spirit poisons. I had severed any chance to be comforted from those On High.

The more poison I allowed to control me, the more lost I became. I did, of course, have the battle with mental illness. In the depth of the spirit poisons I could see no reason to embrace anything good. I put out negative and therefore I received negative. I was definitely was a broken man.

In my broken state I had completely surrendered all I ever knew, felt, thought and loved. This was God’s doorway. This is where He stepped in and reached beyond my material body, my spiritually poisoned mind, my blackened heart. It was not until I knew total darkness that I could finally understand that the darkness served no one; it held no value, meaning or purpose.

The spirit poisons was a prison that kept me from all good things. I imprisoned myself. In my anger and despair I so much wanted revenge for what had occurred to those I love. I so much wanted to be compensated for what I had lost. I could see no positive way I could be actively involved in overcoming what had befallen me.

In my surrender I could hear that voice who loved me beyond my own comprehension and understood all that I had ever done. Father  understood my pain, and yet in His love for me, He could not simply take it from me, for where would the value be in that. I took a step toward surrender. Father took a step toward me. I stepped forward to embrace Him and He stepped forward to help me. I could see that the spirit poisons were keeping me from finding meanings and values, and in order to literally survive, I had to have those meanings and values.

Although the time seemed so slow, I began to handle life’s events with a positive outlook, as if I were looking through the Father’s eyes. In my willingness to be active toward a Father directed path I discovered the fruits of the spirit, the very tools I needed to not merely survive, but find the meanings and values that would take me into my eternal career. I was not only healed and made whole but filled with the desire to do Father’s bidding and help others who were with my same experience.

You, my friends, need not be broken to find that place of surrender. Surrender is not weak, but truly the action of the courageous. I did have fear Father would take me where I did not want to go. I at times would share only bits of my life with Him. Still my life was so chaotic. It was not until I trusted that Father wanted for my highest good that I allowed Him into all of my life. In the surrender I became  spiritually empowered. I became equipped to handle any and all things.


This week think about the meaning of surrender and what you are allowing Father to participate in. Remember it is the mortal child who must take that first step of faith and have trust that Father will step toward you. Think about your output of negativity and its repercussions. How does this keep you imprisoned in the spirit poisons? To rise above the spirit poisons toward embracing self-mastery you must take that  forward step in Father’s direction, keeping a positive focus and an observant mind open to learning new meanings and values.

Ponder on the fact that surrendering means not giving up what you truly desire, but more so focusing on what Father may desire for you. The universe desires your abundance in all ways, especially your eternal experiential education, and embracing that fact, you have available before you endless possibilities. With that I will close, but not without expressing to you my deepest love and loyalty. Until we meet again, farewell.

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