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WDC374- Self Mastery Part 3

2002-09-02.  Self Mastery Part 3

Woods Cross #374

Topic: Self Mastery Part 3

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I love these small, but intimate groups. Our association becomes much closer and our connection is with a little less static. I remember those warm summer months and especially it being a time of great activity. A time when the daylight hours are longer made it possible to squeeze in more to life.


With the serenity of Fall approaching it seems that the mind becomes more clear and concentrated to learn and grow more. We all know  some individuals however who dread the approaching change, as if their anxiety will cause it to slow down. As we keep with the topic of self-mastery, it becomes more understandable on how individuals with anxiety will practically lose all their energy in fighting against the natural flow of life, as if it were custom made for others, not particularly themselves.

Children are quite prone to that anxiety when their needs are not immediately met. They are easily gripped by the spirit poisons. We  all hope that in time we can learn to be more patient and more appreciative when our efforts produce gratification. This time span between child and adult is filled with the experience that would help one to increase in human and divine levels. Without this time span there is no experience that produces meanings and values that takes one to their present destination.

Life is a series of stages and all the requirements of each stage is important in building who you are becoming. “When I was a child I had the things of a child. When I became a man I put childish things away” is a noteworthy saying of old. Without experience how would one know that the childish things are not serving anymore without that valuable life experience.

Children always appear to desire to speed through the growth process because there seems to be more benefits. Adults seem to slow down the aging process because there seems to be less benefits. There is not much appreciation of each stage of life. There at times only seems to be the urge to hurry through it and get it over with. In this experience is lost, lessons are postponed, life is seeming to not hold too much meaning.

It really does take a mature individual to appreciate and be really present within each stage. Life’s lessons are more meaningful. There are always new tools to be had. There is a real focus on what life occurrences and Father are trying to teach you. In hurrying through life there is a great deal of value overlooked and you are not equipped with the tools that aid you in attaining self-mastery.

We can learn a great deal from the elders of your world, some seem so peaceful and appear to enjoy every moment. Some of your elders also seem to be embittered by past events and in a mode of self-protection, in which they take any means to control life’s circumstances. Their  mind is always in that state of “if only I had another chance.” One, who is a young adult, is not going to handle life’s circumstances like one who has had more years on the planet. It seems common for those who have had experience to judge those who have not.

Each stage of life is important–to really be present and learn what you can to move onto the next stage. There are no shortcuts. One who  is anxious will find no joy in their present stage. It is common to feel disappointed in yourselves when the spirit poisons have overtaken you, but you must agree that you deal with difficulties now in a more advanced state than you did a number of years back. This brings me to the parable of Job.

In this [[Book of Job|story Job] is somewhat blinded by what has befallen him and acts from a state of anxiety. He is not equipped to see the real meaning and value that can be found within his circumstances. It is not until he is quite disappointed in himself that he receives that spiritual ministry. Do you see, in his surrender he acts not from a desperate, anxiety-ridden, spiritual-fruitless place?

In embracing the animalistic tendencies there is no ministry from those On High, no. It is available, yes, but one caught up  in emotional animalistic behavior is not able to receive. In your times of so-called weakness, when the spirit poisons have overtaken you and you have that disappointment in self, focus on that surrender that takes your mind from reacting with animalistic behavior toward listening and receiving information that promotes self-mastery. This week make effort to slow down the busyness of living to enjoying those educational moments of whatever stage you are at now. Look not that time controls you but teaches you. Take all the time you need to completely understand those lessons that your experience teaches you now. There is tremendous joy in that because therein lies the presence of God–there is your strength, there is your map to self-mastery.


Also, this week think about instant and delayed gratification. Ponder the multi-level lessons that teaches one who is willing to wait and  really understand. Read the story of Job in your book. It is filled with meanings that will all be different to you each according to your various stages of life. Then have discussion. What a treasure for me to be with you each week. Next time our lesson will be kept short to take questions. Know that my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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