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WDC378- Spiritual Scaffolding

2002-09-29.  Spiritual Scaffolding

Woods Cross #378

Topic: Spiritual Scaffolding

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with such gratitude each week to share in the building of our spiritual scaffolding. With each new piece of learning we rise to new levels of understanding. I thank you for your assistance in the building of my own understanding.


As a man thinks–so it becomes his reality. Last week our lesson assignment asked you how you would perceive yourself as one who is skilled in self-mastery. Many mortals, being so grounded in the material life, think not to take the time to envision a new and better way. Life simply happens to them. They seem to be not aware that they can make life happen. Past experience may lead one to believe that they are destined to live and be what they have been taught from a mortal standpoint.

One who was perhaps living in war time would live their life as if it was still war time. They would perhaps have fear of being poverty stricken and would be quite selfish with their material goods. They could possibly live with the fear of personal safety and be not trusting of  their environment. It does take some mindal work to surpass these limitations, but the expansion in mind and new possibilities are well worth the effort. A child who has perhaps grown up in a loveless home, would certainly as an adult have difficulty for seeing or envisioning having a love-filled home.

This is all simply an obstacle to use to transform into those spiritual materials that build the scaffolding to higher understanding. If you cannot envision yourself as one who has attained self-mastery and even perhaps know not the meaning thereof, then this will certainly cause you delay. Not to worry however–delay is simply delay–only temporary. You indeed have all of eternity to experience everything to its fullest.

Michael said self-mastery is the door in which enables Him easier access to you. He also spoke of co-creatorship with His  children, meaning that you have ability to make what you can envision a reality. Michael and Mother bestow upon us that Parental love that makes us feel secure in our status as a child of God. They love without condition or judgment and seek to help us to become more and to get closer to them. This is quite empowering if you can allow it to become a realty for you. This takes our minds from a limited mortal place into a place filled with divine possibilities. With their faith in us, we can have faith in ourselves. We can move beyond that mortal veil into an ever expanding horizon.

Father can bring you the lessons you need to find your way to Him. I can teach you what I have been taught, but children, you are the ones who put the fittings of the scaffolding together. This is your responsibility as children of the Most Highs. We cannot force you to climb to what you are not ready for. One who has been ease-seeking in their efforts to build will find an unstable foundation in which to climb to new levels.

I say, children, have not anxiety. Enjoy the spiritual labor and build your levels with integrity. Commit to the work. Commit to truth. As the Master’s mortal mind was divinely challenged, yours will be also. Take on the attitude of an observant scientist, not a tightrope walker. In all your building ask yourself with each piece you are preparing to fit: Can I envision a completed work? Can I work with the integrity of the Master?


This week keep with the theme of being mindful of how your actions serve. What past experience may keep you from envisioning an unlimited life? Is life simply happening to you or are you in co-creatorship with the divine Parents? I’ll take not questions this week, perhaps next. I would have you know that I feel deeply for you each. It is such an honor to serve in our beloved Brother/Father’s Mission. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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