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WDC379- Emotions

2002-10-06.  Emotions

Woods Cross #379

Topic: Emotions

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. With each week we are to meet I am with more love, hope and inspiration. Your spiritually daring ways are the catalyst to change, for not only yourselves, but the many who know you. Yes, the spiritually courageous are helping to move the masses forward into Light and Life.


Courage does not necessarily mean strength mindaly or physically. Courage more so means the endurance to carry on–no matter what. You, my children, coworkers, friends, definitely draw me out to be spiritually daring and bold. Being divinely outgoing is not a matter of force, no, but a matter of recognizing opportunity to do the right thing. It is opportunity to drink from the Master’s living well, to become empowered and inspired to be about the Kingdom business.

Of the Master’s many attributes, I so admire His self-forgetfulness. During His Mission on Earth He worried not about Himself, for He fully trusted in the Father’s watchcare. In this state of mindal freedom He could grasp the Father’s living will and move about with that spiritual courage that set in motion a great many changes on the planet. The Master sought not fame nor even personal well-being. In this there was His divine power, His ability to work with the hands of God. In keeping with the theme of mastering the self, we will this evening discuss emotions.

Jesus knew full well on the day of that momentous wedding at Cana that His many associates, family and friends expected a great occurrence to take place to prove that He was indeed the expected savior. Fully trusting in Father on that day, He set out to join in the festivities. The Master’s heart was light. He was looking forward to a day of joy and fellowship. His joy lied mostly in the trust that His Father would be in full control. He felt burden free, even knowing full well His family and associates expected Him to perform. For a time the Master was indeed safe within His divine mind. He expected not His human emotions to have such a heavy hold on His desires. His desire was to always do the will of the Father.

Human emotions are indeed a mystery to me, for one half of emotions lies within conscience and the knowing of good and evil, while the other half lies within the ego and the need to preserve personal well-being. While emotions are certainly a part of the human experience and the divine plan, they do tend to interfere with the attainment of self-mastery. As a man thinks, so it becomes his reality. Your emotions have helped to shape where you are now.

Even the Master was drawn away for a time by emotions. The compassion He bared for the women who raised Him was enough of a window opened to allow His own desires to override the Father’s will. This is not sinful, no, not iniquitous, no, just a portion of the mortal experience. The Master does quite understand the power of human emotion. He knows your discomforts that lead you to react without allowing the God-mind to participate. Without a firm spiritual diet the emotions become stronger than the divine mind.

Emotions are similar to the domino effect–one always leads to another. Even the Master, upon realizing His emotional side led to the production of the wine, He then was somewhat angered by His seeming weakness. He was also saddened by His associates needing to be shown in a material way, instead of simply practicing faith. Those with a firm spiritual foundation can arrest these emotions before they take a firm hold and cause more drama. The story of the wedding at Cana was a prime example to mortals that the Master truly understands the mortal makeup, our mental and emotional systems.

Children, if you can truly feel the love of God, that is a need that is truly satisfied and there is really no need for extra drama in your lives. It is understandable that life can sometimes be mundane and the smallest things are enlarged to make life appear more exciting and productive. This is however not much more than an emotional roller-coaster ride. This does not assist in attaining self-mastery. Granted, Urantian’s are emotional creatures, but they are also spiritual and have within their grasp self-mastery.

This week think about if you are driven by your emotions. Contemplate the sides in which the emotional system lies–the conscience and the ego. How did the Master’s emotions serve at that eventful wedding? What the son desires and the Father wills–is. What lessons were learned out of this particular story? Contemplate your dramatic levels. How do they serve? How can you determine  the difference between feeling passionate about something versus emotionalism? A few questions.


SIMON: Abraham, this lesson brings up a myriad of questions relating to balance and using the faith time intervening between applying faith and the balance of just letting go. Maybe not even caring until the Father’s will is done. Sometimes I seem to feel like–okay, whatever–letting things happen and planning those layers and being too busy or escaping from the faith process altogether. Is that escaping or applying faith? How best to see the balance of it all?

ABRAHAM: In my understanding I see ideas as perhaps a seed, and you being the gardener, tend to the seed with  good soil, water and sunlight. The seed either sprouts or it doesn’t. It takes root and grows or it doesn’t. You exhaust your human resources and yet remain flexible to the Father’s will. This is where mindal reconciliation will come into play. Father knows of the seed and He can see it in it’s full potential. If it is to produce good He does aid in its growth. At times the growth is delayed to another time for greater impact to be made. Yes, my answer is exhaust your human resources and remain flexible to the will of God. Does that help?

Simon:  Yes. Thank you.

AZSURAY: Abraham, in my journeys since I have been studying the Urantia Book many, many people ask me, and which I ask also, how do I know I am doing the Father’s will. Must I be directly in contact with my Thought Adjuster to tell me when I am doing the Father’s will? Could you give me some type of examples or statement on how I can be sure I am doing the Father’s will.

ABRAHAM: First: What the son desires and the Father will–is. If your efforts come into fruition, then that is good indication that you were well within the will of God. Second: I do truly believe that most children of God have a soul-knowingness if they are self-serving or God-serving. Of course, Father wants you to be happy and He considers that in His divine plan. Many mortals go to great lengths to convince God that their personal happiness will bring about great things and certainly that is not necessary, but if you are feeling an imbalance toward working for self, then yes, that is an indication that you are leaning away from God’s will. Is that helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You’re welcome.

RITA B.: Abraham, am I known by any other name and what can I do to help my grandson, Samuel, who is five, who is very afraid to  make friends with anyone?

ABRAHAM: My daughter you are known On High as Madaline. I am understanding Samuel to be within a growing phase that he will surely pass from. He is on the verge of receiving his Father-fragment and this will surely aid in the opening of his personality to share with others. My recommendation is to allow him freedom. Do not force, but show him examples. Show him your willingness to make friends, your joy to be among your friends. Your show of love will be a great stepping stone for him. Yes. Well done, Madaline.

DAVE: Father Abraham, I am having trouble with my ability to listen. Might I have a personal assessment and my spiritual name also?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My son, you are known On High as Lanceson. My son, I see you as an anchor in a stormy sea. It seems that many things are drawing away your attention and it would seem that you are somewhat slipping in spiritual connection. I say no, this is the building of spiritual muscle. You believe you are expected to be this pillar of strength and you are wanting to be more expressive of your feelings, and yet you feel not welcome to because you fear the repercussions therefrom. You have a gifted way with words and should assert yourself a bit so others can better understand you, and realize that you also become exhausted and need rest and space. To be a bit more assertive with your words is not cruelty, but expanding understanding. You have a gentle heart indeed and have worry that others may not have understanding. A good focus for right now would be to find that courage to be your complete self. You know very well what is right and you sometimes hold back that light that you could shine forth. Overall, Lanceson, my son, you do well. Have not worry. One more question.

ANTHONY: Abraham, I guess I would like some words of encouragement and guidance about being patient with our friend, Oriah. You know she is very trusting and confident in her personal meeting, but she is a little fence-sitting as far as reading the Book or participating. Do you have some words for her or guidance about patience for me?

ABRAHAM: Let her be. The decision is hers and one size does not fit all. She has had a great deal of turmoil and must go slowly. You however, my son Anthony, are a well of enthusiasm for the Urantia Book and the spiritual life. You are overflowing with desire to be helpful and this is to be commended, but certainly we remember our brother Ham said, “too much light can be blinding.” A plate of food is more appetizing when offered than when forced–ask any child. You are a wonderful friend and helpmate to her, my son. Yes, well done.


With that I will take my leave. Know that as each week goes by my love grows for you all. Look for me during the week. I would enjoy a moment with you each. Until next week, shalom.

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