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WDC383- Integrate Divine and Mortal Worlds

2002-11-03.  Integrate Divine and Mortal Worlds

Woods Cross #383

Topic: Divine and Mortal Worlds

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Always is it a great blessing for me to meet with you. I have come to look forward each week to seeing your faces and hearing your stories. I truly feel I am in the presence of family when we gather. I am inspired to go forth boldly into the week with renewed energy.


From where I am at now, the spiritual life is quite integrated into my existence. I am without the earthly form and I am able to live with the spiritual reality, as if it had always been. I do however remember a time in the earthly form when the human and divine worlds  seemed separate. Most of you would certainly understand that one moment you could be happily within the Father’s presence, and in the next an upset can occur and you are feeling quite alone. It was then, as I am sure it is now, to combine these two worlds to create a balanced life.

I can assure you that the more you strive for the spiritual life, the more natural combining the two worlds will be. In working toward  mastering the self, the struggle to integrate the divine and mortal worlds seems to be more confusing. Your intentions to do good are certainly there. You even put forth great effort to set the ego-self aside. Mortal history has taught us a great many spirit poisons that would block you from what you desire to attain. For example, when you have had an angry outburst, you might feel guilty and disappointed with yourself, therefore believing you deserve punishment or Father might perhaps withdraw His love.

It is well known that you each for the most part have wonderful intentions, and yet when mortal circumstances arise there are still  those animal tendencies that would separate you from the divine world. There is really no separation however; it is only within your own understanding. This difficulty of combining the divine and human is obvious when attempting to attain self-mastery. Mistakes you might have made may cause you to feel unworthy of good things–Godly things, yes. In this unworthiness there can be found self-punishment or neglect of personal needs. This is further causing separation from the divine and feeling rather stuck in a powerless mortal world. Father asks not that you suppress your anger or hide your fear.

He only asks that He be included in everything. Spirituality is not so much about feeling worshipful or pious, as feeling that true spirituality is in every moment of everyday existence. Anger is a part of your mortal makeup, a necessary experience for attaining the higher life. Some believe if they are to suppress this anger they will appear to have mastered the self, but this sometimes is only suppression, only hiding a part that you feel is from the lower animal side of life. Self-mastery is not suppression. It is not burying that experience you need to have to advance in spiritual levels.

In today’s society you are finding out the close connection with mind and body. Pushing down or hiding true feelings will most likely appear on your physical being. To have faith in our divine Caretakers is first and foremost important in the well balanced life, the integration of  the material and spiritual. Trust in that He is always there also opens your minds to that literal circuitry that holds solutions to apply in any situation.

Friendship is important when one is troubled and has that open and caring ear to hear and even assist in seeing a more clear and  positive light. This weekly group and your friendship is a well-spring of healing that can help to re-center you within those to seemingly opposite worlds of the mortal and divine. To meet with one another somehow makes the coldness of the mortal life not so cold. To be with one another reinforces faith and reminds us of who really takes care of us.

In your open forum there is a comfort to be who you truly are, where that may not be quite true out in the world. Your friendship, your fellowship is an arena to put forth those feelings that perhaps need a little extra light. To suppress is not self-mastery–it is a path to illness. To be in denial of everyday reality does not make reality go away. To honestly share your heartfelt feelings with Father and your trusted  associates is an avenue to wellness, where things are brought out into the light for further understanding, which leads to self-mastery.


This evening I would recommend to those who are not journaling to begin. This is also a wonderful avenue in which to vent and lay out  your feelings, disappointments and understanding. It is a wonderful way to clear the mind, perhaps to empty the mind to be open to receive divine instruction. This week make effort to journal. Contemplate those issues that you may have suppressed and those ailments they may have caused. Be not afraid to look honestly at your disappointments and express your feelings. Be an open ear for your fellows to find greater understanding. Be watchful of judgment. Dare to share your own thoughts and be prepared to receive a wealth of information.

Father gave you one another so that your lives may be more full, more balanced, more meaningful. This is a gift–receive it gladly.  No questions. This week I would express to you my deep and abiding love for you each. Feel free to contact me during your journaling. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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