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WDC384- The Art of Living

2002-11-10.  The Art of Living

Woods Cross #384

Topic: The Art of Living

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always made joyful when I listen in on your new discoveries and interpretations therein. What beautiful group unity when ideas and concepts are built upon and enlarged. To those sincere seekers the wondering mind is perhaps like a blank canvas that has great potential to be filled with grand spiritual understanding. Keeping with the theme of self-mastery, we will have discussion on the art of living.


It is well known and understood that many mortals day after day live to merely survive. Much of the time their attention is focused at surface level thinking. It is somewhat easy to become blinded to the beauty in life because there appears to be a great deal of negativity. Many mortals simply live to battle this negativity. The beauty and the art of living become practically lost.

Many live to strive instead of strive to live. Much of the energy is put into mundane mechanistic doing. If within that center of the brain that concerns material well-being or survival are imbalanced they are closed off to other cerebral connections to the divine mind. We are each endowed with mindal ability and to become so focused, so ingrained into things material or trivial lessen the ability to utilize those parts of the mind that concern creativity and beauty.

With the practice of self-mastery we can find it to our great benefit to forget not to see the beauty in all Father’s creation. Life is ever changing and there is not any one way to live. Mortal life is an ongoing creation that you and your divine Caretakers create.

Imagine yourself after having a rather difficult day where it seemed as though everything was so negative, so undermining of your  good intentions. After this difficult day you settle down to mold a sculpture. After having had the imbalanced day, how would the sculpture appear? There is not the joy and beauty wherewith to create what you had desired. Imagine yourself having a spirit led day where you felt Father with every step. You literally see His hand in your daily activities, even though the day has been long and exhaustion has set in, you set out to create a sculpture. Thinking about how Father had walked you through your daily dealings, you have that trust in Him that He is still there. His hands are in your hands. Your mind is opened to higher levels of spiritual possibilities. You are within that creative mind. Your sculpture is with beauty and it is a source of joy for the many who chance to look upon it.

There are many techniques to live the mortal life. Those that stay spiritually connected are open to new techniques and solutions. Life becomes a work of art. There is beauty found in the repetitive old daily chores–the average becomes a work of art. In your attempts to see the beauty in all things, and live an artistic life, you really are living fully in each moment, definitely appreciative of Father’s hand in all things. This is certainly improvement for the attitude and strengthening your ability to fully appreciate even in times of difficulty.

In enhanced attitude, self-mastery becomes a natural part of your daily living. Your awareness is magnified beyond a material level. A true artist always takes notice of those details that are not usually noticed. The artist sees with the divine eyes. The artist comprehends to the soul level. Any good artist knows that the creation cannot be rushed or hurried through. Where is the joy in that? Where is the beauty?


This week as you go about your daily happenings make effort to make contact with our divine Parents to open that creative mind. If your present life was a work of art, how would it appear? Where would you see Father’s hand working with yours? What can be arranged in your daily living so that you may see the beauty and feel the joy therefrom? Do you live to strive or strive to live? We will end here. I thank you each for your ongoing faith and support in our Brother/ Father’s Teaching Mission. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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