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WDC385- Inner Knowingness

2002-11-17.  Inner Knowingness

Woods Cross #385

Topic: Inner Knowingness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: Greetings. I am ABRAHAM. How wonderful it is to know that each week we will be together as a family group. I have come to expect this energy upliftment each week when I return. What a source of joy and comfort to know we have one another, and that reassurance that our faith will strengthen and our outlook will become fresh.


As I view the world I realize that a great many misconceptions come from lack of knowingness, not so much basic knowledge, but inner-knowing. A large percentage of the world’s mortals live their lives from a place of fear due to lack of unknowing. You involved in our Master’s Mission are quite fortunate, not set apart or chosen, but fortunate to have had this experience, this live contact, as also am I and my associates on this side of reality. Over these many years you have had opportunity to become with increased inner-knowing, increased faith, increased comfort that God is real and in all that we do.

With the planet being brought back into the fold of Nebadon all mortals have opportunity to have this spiritual contact that they should have always had, but because of the isolation due to the Lucifer Rebellion, did not. What a blessing however to have had access to the Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission participants and the combination of intelligence and love that true spirituality can bring. Many of you have that divine assurance, or that inner-knowing that whatever shall befall you, you will be care for by Father Himself.

Everyone is not born with the faith that is acquired only by trusting in Father and having a well rounded experienced life. When a child visits a place for the first time he is loathe to leave his mother’s arms. As the place is revisited by the child he is more daring to discover what he can, yet still having that comfort of knowing that his mother is close by. The child is developing a knowingness that creates confidence that enables him to do more, learn more and grow more. There is no longer that fear from the unknown. Tonight I speak on inner-knowingness as it relates to self-mastery.

When we view the state of the world today we can practically see how increased fear has become. The weapons of protection that countries manufacture to secure safety are a good idea of how much fear there really is. Most of that fear is based on practically nothing,  unknowingness. Lack of communication, varying beliefs, tradition bound ideals are for the most part are a leading cause of fear between nations, much of the same is true with individuals.

One can have a great deal of faith in our Father, and yet attempt to hold control over daily destiny. There seems to be a fear of what God will place in front of them. As mortals you are many times unsure of Father’s will and that is as it should be. You are perhaps like the child who is still discovering, but sometimes forget that your Father is nearby. He is there to help, to bring meanings and values–not to increase your fear so that you will be forced into doing His bidding. No. He is here to help.

What is the measure of your levels of inner knowing? How do you handle daily conflict? How affected are you by your fellows who perhaps wound you in one way or another? As you have experienced this life at this point in time, can you see how Father has been there for you always? That is inner knowing. That is having the confidence to go forth and bravely face life’s challenges. As you have learned throughout your spiritual education that trust plays a huge role in being able to discern the Father’s will, or receive divine information and even comfort. How can there be a confident inner-knowing when there is not trust in our Supreme Caretakers? How can you cope with some of life’s harsh realities when you have limitations that decrease your levels of inner-knowing?

Think about those moments when fear is present, and returning back to the artist’s life, how would a work of art look having been produced out of fear? There is no direction; there is only limitations; certainly there is no joy or comfort from having that inner-knowing. As you mature in spiritual levels you come to depend on that knowingness and you live your life according to that belief. Your faith becomes stronger and you are with an open ear for direct divine instruction.

Think about fear, and next time you are in the midst of this experience, find out where it originated from. It will most likely be from that feeling of not knowing, not having that trust that Father is always there. He loses not His children at any time. Most likely you lose sight of Him. This is completely natural, of course. Lack of inner-knowing in relation to self-mastery would put most mortals into a heightened emotional state. In the midst of such emotionalism the light is cast off of self-mastery or even the intent to do good.

This week during your moments of discomfort or fear think about where these feelings originated from. Go to the very root and ask yourself if this is a valid concern? Is this real? Is this magnified only within my own thinking? Does this fear come from lack of inner-knowing, lack of trust in those who love us so much? With God all things are possible. What does that statement really mean? In your moments of worry, conflict or fear, ask yourself why you believe in our Father? How do you know there is life beyond this life? Your answer should guide you back to that confidence of inner-knowing and belief that you, with Father’s help, can do all things.


I will stop there. No questions. Know that you each are a beautiful light that casts an unlimited view of a new and better age. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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