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WDC475- Intentional Living

2004-10-18.  Intentional Living

Woods Cross #475

Topic: Intentional Living

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am always pleased with your welcoming attitudes. You make me feel at home. I realize that your attention or energy put into this meeting has been the very reason why we carry on. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family.

Over the last few weeks we have had discussion on evolving instincts. With the Correcting Time and the opening of the circuits, you and your world are becoming as if there were no Rebellion or Default. It is good to recognize and fine tune your evolving instincts. This is mostly an exercise of allowing. It is an exercise of spirit listening and the courage to take action. This evening however I would like to discuss intentional living.


We have learned over these many years that we have little control over the world and its people. We have come to realize our behavior and attitude is the only thing under our control. Many times you are stern with yourself, saying ‘I will complete this project or set up a goal to reach for.’ Intentional living is not so much about controlling or even self-mastery. It is about following your inner drive. It is about having courage to go forth with those ideas that seem to hold truth, beauty and goodness.

‘One moment I may be extravagant in spending money and in the next moment be fear ridden of my debtors.’ Is this common sense? Is this responsible thinking? How many individuals do you know that on living on purpose, that are brave enough to follow through with their internal beliefs? You say ‘the spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak.’ I say not so for those who are driven to be spirit-led. You have access to the most intelligent, powerful, dedicated and loving Source. How much more could you do with Father than you could alone?

Intentional living is a life without fear, without what if’s, without dread of what tomorrow will bring. As a child you were more influenced by adults. Now you are spirit children and you can be influenced by the Father of all fathers’. Intentional living is to live out what you believe to be true—spirit wise. I believe the Master is an important part of everyday living, therefore I will act as if He is always by my side.

We all know those who can indeed speak of things larger than life, but when it comes to action they are easily discouraged or distracted. Intentional living is not having fear of what others may think or what is popular. It is living as you would out in the open as you would behind closed doors. To adopt this behavior is to indeed request spirit assistance at all times. It is to live with a freedom and bounding joy.


This week ponder on these things:

  • Life drives me to be a certain thing.
  • The spirit drives me to live a spirit-led life.
  • Adversity drives me to become better.
  • My spiritual freedom seems to be more of a burden than an actual freedom.
  • And last I fear not to be the creature Father meant for me to be.

Life is not to be a continual burden, no; it is a fine balance of work, play, rest and education. Be not afraid to live as you truly believe. That is all. Know that my love is growing with you. Until next time, shalom.

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