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WDC474- Step Back and Allow Spiritual Insight

2004-10-11.  Step Back and Allow Spiritual Insight

Woods Cross #474

Topic: Step Back and Allow Spiritual Insight

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am joy-filled this evening and I thank you. I am honored to be a part of life’s sharing. Your open and honest willingness to be present in this moment is touching and inspiring. It is beautiful to see the unraveling of mortal confusion woven into the tapestry of divine understanding, a blessing indeed.


Last week we had discussion on tuning the evolving instincts. You are each realizing this is mostly a matter of allowing. Too much consciousness is sometimes detrimental. It has been said many times that during certain circumstances Jesus seemed to be beside Himself. Many times in some instances you can be too emotionally invested or perhaps too close to allow for a smooth flow of divine communication. When it appeared back in the days of old that Jesus was beside Himself, it simply meant that He was detaching from His human perception to a higher perception.

Mortals are emotional creatures and that is as it should be. As you mature you do not simply become hard of heart, no, but perhaps a bit more wise, with a broader perception, hopefully in spiritual maturity, a perception that embraces truth, beauty and goodness. In today’s world of quick fixes we are prone to go for temporary satisfaction. The Master has taught us that some detachment from certain situations allows for the spiritual intellect to bring interpretation.

To sharpen those divine instincts we will find a great many benefits in patience. Let us be spirit connected enough to rise above emotional animal interpretation, to seeing the spiritual light at the end of what seems to be a long mortal tunnel. Many individuals act on impulse for they fear for their good standing, their reputation. Their rash actions are covering for what seems to be their inabilities or shortcomings.

As we have each come to understand, Jesus cared not what people thought of Him. This freed Him up to make thoughtful, spirit-led  decisions. When He did appear to be beside Himself, He was communing with the Father. He was allowing the spiritual intellect to take Him to a higher perception. Emotions are natural, but they make not a strong foundation for decisions to be built upon.

I realize in your hurried world your slow but thoughtful response to circumstances may not quite be accepted among your fellows, but trust me, in time many will come to see your spiritual hesitation is for a good cause, indeed for a higher perception. As you were discussing, the more you understand—the easier it is to make decisions and act upon those decisions.

Last week I requested that you ponder your love for the Father and His love for you. I well remember the notion of love being quite  emotional, bringing feelings of comfort and warmth. I would ask you to ponder the intellectual side of God’s love, the strength and power, the companionship when you seem so alone, the ability to comprehend certain situations that take you one step closer to Him.

Also this week think about the Master’s ability to step back from situations to have a more broad view. Think about His freedom He had to commune with Father in His own time. The Master was indeed a Creator Son, but also was He a mortal of the realm. He indeed understands all the aspects of life on an experimental planet such as this. Feel free to consult with Him.


That is all. Know that you are each a beautiful lamp upon my path. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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