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WDC473- Evolving Instincts

2004-10-04.  Evolving Instincts

Woods Cross #473

Topic: Evolving Instincts

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderfully natural feeling we have here this evening. We each are simply following the flow of the spirit, nothing is forced or fake. Our fellowship is a light to go by. In the absence of rules and dogma or doctrines, we are free to be at one with the spirit. What a feeling of freedom and a boost for our spiritual nutrition.


Over these few weeks we have discussed maturity in spirit and maintaining a joyful countenance in everyday life. As our Correcting Time moves on with its realness, we are finding our basic human instincts to be evolving or changing. Of course, with every growing spirit there is a humility to be maintained and perfected, but this evening I would like us to focus on evolving instincts.

As mortals grow in each stage of life there seems to be things or situations that say ‘we are inadequate or behind, do not trust the self.’ There are also individuals who rise on the ladder of education and have a great deal of self-esteem, but still never really have that fulfillment they have so long searched out. Evolving instinct and mortal education are completely different things.

To trust that you are a capable son or daughter of God, able to seek His directions, is perfectly acceptable. Certainly if one should become imbalance with the need to be superior, then surely the instincts that should be maturing and evolving are simply leaning toward the animal. You have your desires and Father knows them indeed. The maturing spirit is willing to wait upon the guidance of God, rather than move toward temporary satisfaction.

As our Correcting Time evolves, as you evolve, does life’s priorities change; the physical make-up in the human body changes. What used to be common place is no longer common. These are new areas of growth for those mortals who work toward Light and Life. It is not mystical or wishful thinking. It is not new age rhetoric. It is simply a strengthening of bonds between you, your Thought Adjuster and new reality.

Take intuition for example: You could have an experience that says ‘God has spoken to me. I am allowed to know certain things aforetime.’ You could go to your fellows and exclaim ‘God has chosen me and I have a gift.’ Of course, that is the immature soul at work. The evolving or maturing spirit believes that intuition is simply a part of everyday living. It is communication that helps one to expand the Kingdom of Heaven or perhaps in some small way contribute to the Correcting Time.

All of Father’s children have equal opportunity for gifts of the spirit. No one person is chosen as exceptional and has special tasks to fulfill, no. We are simply foot soldiers for those who are helping us move into a new and better age. Don’t misunderstand me, you each are gifted. You each have important tasks to fulfill. I am only stating that this time and effort we have each put in–changes are inevitable. This is not cause for fear or apprehension, no. I am simply reminding you that you will change on many levels. As one changes, the whole also changes.

Perhaps you have an inner desire to call a friend, but then the busy mind talks you out of that. Maybe the mind says ‘my friend has not time for me. My friend cares not to hear from me. I will postpone this particular task.’ Perhaps your desire to call this friend was indeed an idea whispered to you directly from the mouth of God. Every day in the busyness of life it is easy to overlook these small directions. Father’s directions could be saying to simply check in with a certain person, not to spend hours or to take anything away from you or your life.

You each have devoted yourselves to a Correcting Time ministry and your instincts or certain desires are many times directions or tasks that Father would have you complete. This week let us ponder those fears that keep us from following through with our evolving instincts. While man searches for true companionship, it does indeed live right within him.

With these fast paced times we are to be trained for the new changes. Your spiritual education today is the action of tomorrow. Also find time to think about that entity you know as God. Ponder your love for Him. Think about His love for you. See yourselves as a moving and integral part of the whole. Trust yourselves enough to follow through with your instincts. Beware of the egos designs.


That is all. Know that I am honored each and every moment we spend together in this our wonderful family. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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