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WDC472- Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

2004-09-27.  Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Woods Cross #472

Topic: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I almost regret disturbing this serene atmosphere with mere words. I thrive on that feeling our fellowship brings. I enjoy your discussions on worldly issues, as well as the personal. I love the reality you reach for.


I do remember as a man the wheels of my mind never stopped turning. There were always issues to be resolved, always new battles to conquer. In the work of life I many times forgot how to have enjoyment. The small things that bring joy seemed to be buried by the burdens of my world. It was through my good friend and mentor that I learned enjoyment was a gift for us to have, guilt free and always uplifting. Rest and reversion are very cleansing to the busy mind, very balancing to overall living.

One thing that I do so admire in children is their ability to take joy where they see it, to laugh as often as possible, even if its inappropriate. The happy child is a free child, free to enjoy life, as well as know the hard truths. Our last lesson was concerning the maturing spirit and we would always want to have balance by remembering the free child within.

You have your text book information that for the most part describes the life of the Master. As you would well guess, there are many details the writers left out, but are just as valuable as anything you may read. While the Master was a sincere, strong and caring soul, He could also be found sharing jokes or witty stories. At events He could be seen dancing and laughing. On a quiet afternoon He could be found gathering wild flowers.

He did have His personal time with the Father, but He also had His human time with His human associates. He could be an inspiration one moment and silly the next. He was many times serious, and yet not too serious to the point of losing out on the abundance of joy Father meant for us to have.

While we would like to mature in spirit, we must balance that out with that youth within. We may be appearing to be older on the outside, and yet within we still can laugh, play and find balance in a world that seems to be so harsh. Your mission is one of importance and sincerity, and yet your tasks may be to bring a smile to others, perhaps to show a lighter side or be an example of balance with humor and logic.

This world is indeed experiencing serious issues and believe me when I say the knowledge of what is occurring is casting a horrible shadow over the minds of men, women and children. Said Jesus, “Let not your hearts be troubled, let not your minds become weary. An ultimate good will come to pass.” The events in the world today are truly unifying. People cling to what they know and when they learn more, they want to be better. Michael’s Spirit of Truth is a blanket warming the world from the coldness of falsehood.

Think not of the world as an obstacle to overcome. Make not it your stumbling block. Remember your posts in this Correcting Time. Just as there are soldiers protecting your material freedom, you are soldiers protecting spiritual freedom. Lose not sight of the Mission ahead by the accounts of your media. Michael, Mother and their associates know full well what occurs in the world. Nothing is overlooked. Nobody is forgotten.

While your positions seem somewhat mundane, remember it is an important part of the world’s growth toward Light and Life. This week find time to feel joy, be joyful. Remember to balance the harshness of the world’s reality with goodness, laughter and a banner that shows your faith in those who hold much higher positions than man.


That is all. Have fun this week, children. Find rest and reversion. Know that my love is ever growing with you each. Until next time, shalom.

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